Monday, April 07, 2008

Thank goodness, not that bad.

So, I went to my "new gym" today and walked two miles.

{I'll wait just a moment so that those of you who read that sentence and then fell out of your chairs in shock and amazement can get back up and join us again .... no, really, I'll wait.}


As you might remember, I've not had good luck with exercise programs in the past. To say the least.

The. VERY. Least.

Needless to say, my expectations for today were extremely low today, considering what colossal disasters some of my earlier attempts have been.

Anyway, the indoor track at this church gym is one of those little ones, that takes twelve laps around to make a mile. So I checked in at the desk, and got my little lap-clicker counter thing-y (why yes, that is the technical term .... I happen to know that because I am an exercise-professional) and took off walking.

I was feeling pretty good about myself at first because I lapped two ladies, then I realized that one of them was one of my high school friend's 80 year old mother, so really? Not so much with the feeling proud.

Then two of my new local friends (other school moms) came in and started jogging together, and lapped me pretty consistently, but I couldn't even be jealous because I know they are training to run a 5K and I have to admire their hard work.

But then, this college-age chickie came in and started running. Lapping me, lapping me, lapping me ..... when the track is only 1/12th of a mile, and you are a chubby walker, you get lapped fairly often by the runners. And every time she went by, with her slim, muscular legs, and small waist, and very un-bouncy rear end (much unlike my own, I can assure you) I started hating her a little more and a little more.

I tried telling myself not to feel bad ... she had obviously never had a kid, or had to deal with an old-lady-metabolism like mine .... or had probably never eaten an entire bag of Oreos at once, if we're being honest. But the cold hard truth is, I know plenty of moms my age who are in great shape, so my only real excuse is that I love food much more than I love exercise. On a scale of 1 to 100, it would be food = 100, exercise = a negative number. Some kind of very low negative number that they haven't even invented yet in the math world.

So I just kept walking, and grumbling to myself, and hating her more and more every time she lapped me.

Finally, my little click-y thing showed the magical number 24 which let me know I was done. I was sitting on a bench, sucking air (yes, simply walking two miles left me sweaty and breathless .... and I wasn't power walking either, but more of an ungainly striding motion) when Little Miss Skinny Pants jogged by, looked me right in the face, smiled, and said, "Hi, Kristie!"

Yep, it was my hairdresser. A sweet, friendly, cute young lady who I simply adore. The kind of person everybody just loves because they are so genuinely good-hearted.

And apparently she's athletic, too.

Man, I HATE when I can't even be mad at the skinny people.


Anonymous said...

Hey! At least you were walking!!! I also hate cute skinny people that I just can't hate! We had this BEAUTIFUL girl in my nursing school that we all just LOVED to hate (she was also a stripper in Atlanta on the weekends to boot!) but by the time of graduation, she was one of my best friends...but I still secretly hate her...;)

Meg from GA

Lorna said...

Oh, my goodness. You just put into words what's been true for me all along. Why I pay for a gym membership, but haven't used it in almost a year (fortunately, my husband does). Why I just can't seem to lose the extra weight. (It might be that I'm not really trying.)

Food = 100, Exercise = negative #

Yep, totally me.

Grandma J said...

The word PROUD just isn't strong enough. You ROC...that's all I have to say....because my ice cream is melting.
tomorrow I turn a new leaf.

Owens Family Adventures said...

I took a sip of my coffee right at the moment you made the comment about the 80 year old and coffee almost shot out of my nose!! hahahahahahahahaha tooooo funny!

Kelly said...

A "Chubby Walker"? I LOVE IT!!!

I used to jog but had to stop because my pantyhose kept catching on fire.

Marsha said...

Another funny post Kristie... I really enjoy your blog. I'm not sure how you feel about awards, but I recently received one that I want to pass onto you.

You can find it here:

Just Some Thoughts

Stephanie D. said...

LOL - I feel your pain - really I do.

Keep up the good work and you will see results in NO time. Just stay away from the M-n-M's....oh wait that's my weakness. ;)

JoAnn said...

I am the all or nothing type person. Either I am eating well and exercising 5x a week or I am eating like crap and barely moving. Currently I am in the eating like crap and barely moving phase. And I am not happy since I am packing on the pounds I fought so hard to lose- so its time to get back at it. So good for you! The hardest part is getting started. But I am with you- food is my thing! Exercise, only because I know I need to. Oh, and those skinny mom's- I'm so jealous!

The Running Girl said...

Congrats on walking the 2 miles. It's a start, right? If it makes you feel better, when I first got back into running a few years ago, I couldn't even run half a mile without stopping. Just keep at it and it will get easier. And then you can eat that whole bag of oreo's without feeling guilty - because you are exercising. :)

Trish in Leesburg, VA said...

good for you on getting out there! I wish I could find the motivation, I seriously NEED the motivation. I even have a reason- I am in a wedding in October- but I still can't seem to get off my butt!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie,

I "ran" (meaning a few times during it I ran for a few feet, but mostly I walked) a 5K one time not long after the birth of my 3rd child. I came in second to last, right ahead of an 80-something guy who'd had a bypass. My friends were all on the sidelines, cheering for me, which was sooo embarrassing. So, I was feeling pretty down about it, when my one friend said to me, "Yeah, but you *did* it. We just watched."

Puts it in some sort of perspective, eh?

GOOD FOR YOU! Keep it up. You're inspiring me that I should be doing it again, too.

--Patti in NJ

Mrs. Who said...

Ooooooh, I can SO relate. I have been lapped many, many times. Keep it up and update us on your progress. Maybe you will inspire me. Unlikely. But it could happen.

Sherri said...

I've been trying to do a two mile walk at a greenway near my house. I say "trying" because I have these really good intentions of doing it every day, but its amazing what kinds of things can stop you. You know, things like, there's a cloud in the sky, it might rain, better try again tomorrow. Or, that TV isn't going to watch itself, you know. Sigh.
Plus, I take my 3 lb Chihuahua. Louie the wonder dog, with me and so many people stop to ask about him because he's so tiny, that I just can't get a good continous walk in what with all the interruptions, so why bother. Right. That's it. ha ha
(Seriously though? I actually had a grown woman ask me if he'd just been born. Uhhh, yeah, this morning. And look how well he walks on the leash already!)

Sherri in NC

CAT said...

Hey Kristie,

Good for you for getting into that gym! I think that is the hardest step to take.

Seriously, you have given me some motivation, I am going to get my butt outside for a walk this afternoon. I, like you will be dying from exhaustion when I am finished (I have never been this out of shape in my life) but hopefully will feel gratified for making the move.

You should start some sort of weekly challenge with all of your readers, maybe a whole bunch of us can get into shape and become some of "those" skinny people that others just can't hate!

Thanks for your post today and for taking that first step!

Have a great day,


lynne said...

Kudos for exercising!I know it's hard to fit it in. If had all the yummy snack food available to me in the UK as you do in the US, well I think my bottom would be wobblier than it is now. I love going going to US supermarkets especially at Halloween when you get those ready to bake cookies in rolls with pumpkin faces. Wow I wish we had those over here.

katy said...

Two miles is great. I once bought a tae bo (however you spell it) video and ate an entire chocolate Easter bunny while lying on the couch watching it.
I bet the cute jogger had great hair too....some things just aren't forgivable.

Marie said...

I also love food more than exercise, but I was cursed with a hyper metabolism, and can only keep weight on when I'm pregnant. Like now (I'm up to 110! Woo-hoo!). I have therefore been mocked and hated my whole life purely for being thin, and have wasted a lot of time trying to make overweight people realize that I'm no different from them. So thank you for not hating on the skinny people. Some of us can't help it!

Anonymous said...

I think exercise in any form, but especially walking, is highly over-rated. My best friend was out walking (for exercise) a few nights ago. She fell, split her forehead open, had to go the ER, got stitches, and has 2 blackeyes. Really....who needs that?

And, one other piece of advice...forget Oreo's. Have you had Lofthouse cookines? So superior!


Sara said...


Dumb question from someone who doesn't have her own blog, not related to today's post. Are you notified each time someone comments on your blog? I am working my way through your archives cuz I'm the best employee on the face of the earth ;) In my defense, my boss is kinda an ahole so I dont feel guilty browsing your site while I eat lunch. I just commented to your post on May 2, 2007 regarding your kids justifications....Love it!!


Natalie said...

a) I huff and puff while skiing--downhill. Aren't the skiis doing all the work? What's my problem?

b) I don't recall eating any processed food at your house--I remember good burgers. But if you did offer me processed food, I would eat it, and like it! Just because I try not to eat it, sadly doesn't mean that I don't like it. It's an uphill battle. And I'm better at downhill.

Sara said...

Another dumb question...why does my picture not appear even though it has been uploaded to my profile? Thanks! Sara


Your gym sounds something like mine 2 years ago. I was the youngest person there (oldest 89) if you didn't count the gorgeous tanned young thing who could bounce quarters off her abs. And she was real nice too.

Then the gym folded.

Good excuse as any to not do any more exercise, right?


Dianna in Louisiana said...

Wow, Two Miles?????? GREAT job Kristie!!!!! Kudos to You!!!!