Monday, July 02, 2007

MLCV - Day Ketchikan

Well, just a quick update while we actually have cell service here in the port of fabulous Ketchikan. Wireless internet service here on the ship is something like 75 cents a minute, so I'll have to update whenever I get a quick, free minute. One in which I'm not busy at the sundae shop or buffet, which is where I seem to be spending most of my time. I guess it beats the bar.

Things have been great so far:

dolphins- check
bald eagle - check
seals - check
whales - check
bears - check

However, you people who said it would be warm here .... who mocked me for searching for ear muffs and bringing a winter coat because "it's summer here in Alaska, for goodness' sake" ... well, either my Georgia blood is thin, or you've never stood on the front of a cruise ship traveling across icy waters pretending to be that chick from the Titanic.

So, send blankets. And money for internet. Otherwise, I fear you might never hear from me again.


lizinsumner said...

I have some good friends who left yesterday for an Alaskan cruise - I didn't know until last Saturday that they were, I wonder if you're on the same ship??!! If you see a "middle-aged" couple with 2 little girls, ages almost 13 and around 5 and you hear their parents address them as Rachel and Amanda - then, you're on the same boat!! Wouldn't that be a hoot??!! As for warm - honey, it's Alaska!!! That's why I'll never make that cruise - there's no palm trees, sandy beaches, warm water, and tropical drinks with little unbrellas at the end of Alaskan cruises!! But, I WILL think VERY WARM THOUGHTs for you.....

DebH said...

Alaska...never been there but is'nt that close to the North Pole? Just kidding I from Minnesota so I know what "north" is. (but seriously, if you see Santa, be sure to tell him I have been a good mommy. Not a blogging mommy yet but thinking I so need to be!) As for Seattle I LOVE IT!!!

kim said...

A sundae BUFFET? Who cares if there's no internet; who cares if the waters are icy...there's a sundae BUFFET, for crying out loud! I am so envious of your MLCV; being part of your Minnesota fan club, I'd probably be one of those telling you not to bother with the ear muffs!

Oh, and you're not fooling me for one second! If we never hear from you again, I'll KNOW it has more to do with the sundae BUFFET than blankets or internet money!!!!

Have a GREAT time and belly-up to the sundae BUFFET for me once, would ya? HA!

Marci Connell said...

I can see you and Blaine now mocking TITANIC, lets hope the ship doesnt sink, just kidding...!!!!! I have totally missed my Kristie fixes in all my moving and no computer access..I am so happy I got it back.....Will pray for safe travels and some beautiful pics when you get back..Love, Marci The Prayer Bears

ProBagLady said...

I loved our Alaskan cruise last year, we had a terrific time... I loved Ketchikan - it was our last Alaskan port on the 7 day cruise... it was the ONLY rainy day on the cruise... but it was still beautiful. We were extremely lucky - weather-wise, it was sunny and warm everyday, but the last.

I hope that you are enjoying the shore excursions too... Hope you get to Sitka - that was my favorite city on the cruise - loved the view of the "Volcano" as we pulled into port.

Donna said...

Thirteen years ago today the Mighty Hunter and I were in Alaska too!!! No budget, married four months and in graduate school. So the cruising was limited to a tour of the Kenai Fjords. I still have the souvenir thermal mug.

Fourth of July fireworks aren't quite the same when it doesn't ever really get dark. I think we were still able to see the landscape clearly around midnight on July 4.

As for warmth in the Alaska summer? Maybe, maybe not. But all that ice tends to chill things a bit. But when we were inland it was close to 80 degrees and of course there is no AC. So the cold is better IMO.

Have a wonderful time. We want to go back when the boys are old enough to enjoy and semi-appreciate the experience. Can't wait to hear more about the trip!!

The Running Girl said...

Sounds like a great trip so far. Hope you find some extra blankets soon. Being from Texas, I know I'd be freezing right about now.

Jeanette, in warm, humid GA said...

Ummm....did Keith see the bears too? I hope it didn't confirm any fears he had about y'all being eaten alive by polar bears during your trip....:) Have a great time and eat some crab legs for me!