Monday, July 09, 2007

MLCV - Final Day in Seward

I had one of those life-altering moments today ... you know the kind, a once-in-a-lifetime-moment, when whatever it is you are doing or seeing or hearing all comes into focus, just swings around and comes clear and sharp in your mind, and you realize you are experiencing something that not everyone has experienced, or at least that you yourself have never experienced before. And you want very much to commit that moment to memory, to sear the colors and sounds and images into your brain, since you also know there is a very good chance that even if you repeat the scenario, you might never be able to perfectly duplicate this exact situation, no matter how hard you might try.

I had that moment today on the back of the sightseeing boat upon which we were taking a tour of Resurrection Bay in Seward and the surrounding glaciers, fjords, and wildlife. And although the weather today was overcast, and a little misty, we actually had a brief second where the sun shone through the clouds, and I was watching the ocean spray up on the craiggy rocks, with the dark green trees coming out the tops of the rocks, and there were hundreds of white gulls circling in the sky, and puffins in the water, and the spray from the boat was splashing up alongside us .... and I had my iPod on, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Beethoven's Last Night" was playing, the most heartbreakingly beautiful music, and I realized that this, THIS, is one of those moments. One of those moments you need to take a deep breath, and close your eyes, and say a prayer of thankfulness for this amazing scenery and the opportunity to visit it firsthand ..... that God himself put such beauty on this earth for us to ......

OK, who am I kidding? You want the truth? You want me to say it out loud? ----

I was SO out on the back of the boat because so many of the weak-stomached land lubbers who had booked the same tour as us were getting sick all over the boat, and vomiting over the side, and anyone who knows me knows that I am a sympathy-puker, and there was NO WAY I was going to sit there and watch it or listen to it and perhaps even wind up needing a barf bag myself.

No stinking way.

But the first two paragraphs of this journal entry are completely true. So in a sick and twisted way, I suppose I should also be thankful to the pukers, who with their gagging and ralphing, drove me out to the back of the boat, so I could peer intently at the horizon so as not to see them barfing, and put on my iPod with the volume turned up as high as it would go, so as not to hear them retching, and who made the whole spiritual moment possible.

Plus, the seas were so rough they had to re-route our tour, so we actually got a very decent refund from the tour company, and the four of us treated ourselves to a fabulous seafood dinner tonight with our unexpected cash.

Surprisingly, we didn't see any of the pukers in the restaurant. Guess maybe they opted for the Sprite and Saltines dinner, instead.


Anonymous said...

I was in such awe of the picture you were painting with your words, had a phone call then came back to finish reading and your post cracked me up;) It sounds so beautiful though. I would also be one to puke just listening to others so I can totally relate. I hope you plan on journaling on all of your activities so you can give the rest of us some ideas. Waiting for more and can't wait to see the pictures. Oh by the way I am going to be an optimist and give the kids 30 minutes before they start grumbling.
Bubbles in NC

Anonymous said...

I probably should have stopped reading after the third paragraph because I am a very sympathetic puker! But...then I would have missed the comedy! I feel like I'm traveling vicariously....and loving every minute!

Dixie in CA

Anonymous said...

Ok, how pathetic am I, as soon as you said, "puffin", my mind went straight to The Girls Next Door (ok, Im admitting watching it, maybe *once) because Hef's girlfiend (one of them) calls him "puffin", that sort of ruined the pristineness of it all for me....but your trip sounds amazing and Im so glad you are enjoying the vacation...and pray that Blaine is feeling good. Also, glad I wasnt on that boat, as I got nauseaus just reading about the rough waters....hugs, Kim

Rhonda Crehan said...


I must agree with you...there is a difference in cheese. Just watch
The Food Channel....which I love! I would cancel my order if I wanted "real" cheese". I would want the Cinnabon warmed too! That is the ONLY way to eat it anyways, otherwise, not worth the calories! My husband would simply run the other way if I sent anything back...but...he will eat anything...even off the floor! Glad you are having a great time on your trip

Rhonda Chrean said...

PS....I am a HUGE sympathy puker too. I would have jumped off of the back of the boat if anyone was puking....anywhere!

Becca Parra said...

You totally make me want to go to Alaska. I mean, I always wanted to, but now, I'm dying to go!

Connie F-G said...

I spent almost every boat trip we took with every friend and relative who visited on the back of the boat out of Seward to avoid the sympathy pukers and because I was sea sick as well. Never got sick but I sure enjoyed the view from the back of those boats!

I wish I had known you would be in Seward. There was a great bar, not far from the Sea Life museum where we always went for AWESOME halibut after the boat trip! LaRae still remembers that halibut. She would eat an adult meal of halibut then the fries and let me tell you this child of ours loves her fries so that halibut was even better.

Thanks for the trip updates. We enjoyed our time there but we were also ready to move from there. A little too isolated for us.