Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An Open Book



Natalie, Marie, and anyone else who hadn't read HP7 before reading this journal entry .... um, my bad. I'm really sorry. I was so careful previously, and then just PLOPPED that information here without any kind of warning. Please, please, please don't let it ruin any part of the book for you .... and if anyone else is reading, but hasn't finished the book yet, for goodness' sake, skip the next few paragraphs!


One of the really cool things I enjoy, a lot, while blogging about the mundane parts of my life, is that some of you actually care enough to leave comments and ask questions. Which I think are fun. And interesting. And which lead me to believe that you and I have an honest rapport going here, and that you’re genuinely curious and caring about the sometimes boring and sometimes not-so-boring things that seem to happen to me and my family …. That, or I’m doing a really crappy job of explaining things and you have to ask me for clarification on a lot of things.

Um, either way’s good with me.

So, as I gab here about all our happenings, and for the most part, lay it all out there like an open book …. here are the answers to some of the recent questions:

Speaking of open books, yep, I read both HP6 and HP7 last weekend, and I’m so glad I went back and reviewed, otherwise I don’t think I would have understood, nor enjoyed, HP7 as much as I did. And let me just say, I DID. As it was, I had to go back and re-read the last few chapters again, just to make sure I fully understood every bit of the ending. My I-told-you-so was in regards to me correctly guessing that Snape was a good guy. Although technically, I don’t think he was a good guy, just that he *was* aligned with the right side, although they sure left you wondering until the very end, didn’t they? And can I just say, you GO, Neville, with your bad self, and the snake, at the end of the book!

Kim, you said you stopped at HP4 and wondered if it was worth going on. Well, my knee-jerk reaction, after I finish gasping in shock and wonderment and picking my jaw up off the floor that you actually STOPPED half-way through the series ….. is ….. OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO KEEP READING …. But, much as I hate to say it …… perhaps I should admit that if you had no desire to go on to HP5, then maybe it’s not the series for you. I can tell you that of all the books, 4 was my absolute favorite. The International Quidditch Cup, the Weasleys trying to get past the underage rule on the Goblet, the Triwizard Tournament, the Hungarian Horntail, Victor Krum and the Yule Ball, that awful Rita Skeeter, etc, etc. So the thought of stopping there and not having any curiosity about what happens next, well, that’s foreign to me. But I can also tell you that of all the books, HP5 was my least favorite. To me, it was the darkest, slowest, most plodding of the stories. But 6 and 7 were both wonderful, so well worth reading 5. I’d be curious to hear from other HP fans about which they liked best and least out of all of them, and why. Anyone? Anyone?

KimB, I’m envious that both JimMac and Betsy were fighting you for the book. My three all like to read, but none have gotten into HP like I have, despite my urging. Our rule here is they can’t see the movies until they’ve read the books -- and for the record, especially after watching HP5 in the theater last week, let me just say that the movies, wonderful though they are, cannot even begin to hold a candle …. not a flame … not a teeny tiny flicker of a flame … not the sulfur at the end of the match … to the books. Anyone who skips the books and just watches the movies is totally, 100 percent, without question, cheating themselves.

Also KimB, the days of my dotphoto white border glory are behind me. It suddenly stopped happening so I called to ask why. They said they got a new system for developing and the border was no longer an option. The csr did say they had had complaints so hopefully they would change it ….. still stinks, though. Big fat frown-y face.

Three handprints, I use Photoshop to edit my pictures. It’s the photo editing program that came with my camera, and it’s the cheap-y Elements version. I keep intending to upgrade to the “real” Photoshop, but never seem to get around to it. I crop my pictures more than I do anything else, and lighten occasionally, and sometimes will straighten or color-ize if a picture needs it … but for the most part, as far as what I consider “manipulating”, the pictures that you see on this site are as-is out of my camera. Of course, I only put up the pictures I like best, and for every good picture, I’ve probably taken twenty or thirty or a hundred crappy ones. That reminds me, it’s about time I re-sized those Alaska pictures and shared them! ::collective groan::

Pam in Michigan, so AWESOME that you’re getting a Sonic nearby! It will change your life like nothing ever has. I rate it up there with indoor plumbing, the discovery of electricity, and the birth of baby Jesus. A few of my menu favorites? Well, to be honest, 90 percent of what I buy there are drinks (one very specific drink and you darn well know what I’m talking about) but as far as food items ….. they make a very good egg and bacon breakfast burrito, the mozzarella sticks are pretty good (but make sure you get the marinara sauce, they seem to forget it a lot for us) and their onion rings are fabulous! I don’t think their grilled chicken salad is that great, and I'd much rather have an order of Tator Tots, which is to be expected, considering it’s more of a greasy spoon, and which explains the size of my ass. The kids love the Slushies, Kellen’s personal favorite are the fruit smoothies, and Brayden gives the Reesee’s Blast two big thumbs up. Be sure to let me know what you have first, and how you like it --- enjoy!

Sarah, yes! There is a Sonic close, perhaps not walking-distance-close, but within a mile or so of our new house. Although not as big a criterion as the school itself, I won’t pretend it didn’t make me happy to know that. Alas, it's a fifteen minute drive to Target, but I guess we can't have it all. (sigh)

Snappz, your comment about personally driving up my site counter was funny. To be honest, the site counter is moving more slowly, and I’m getting fewer comments these past few weeks. Either everyone else is busy reading HP7 as well, or I’m antagonizing (or boring) people much more quickly than I used to.

And finally, thanks to all of you for your well-wishes and congratulations on the house. I’m still holding a little bitty tiny part of my breath until the final “t” is crossed and “i” is dotted and we’ve signed on the bottom line, but I suppose this is the part of the process that seems to drag on the longest, isn’t it? I just want to finish it and finalize it and know that it’s mine, mine, all mine, and as soon as we sign the papers, I can go over and dance naked in the living room if I want to because it’s ALL MINE! But of course I won’t do that because the renters will still be living there, so they might see me …. And … just, ewwwwwww. But you know what I mean.

I probably do sound a little OCD about this school district, don’t I? I’m sure part of it **is** sentimentality, seeing as how pretty much every single person in my family for the last three generations has gone there, so I want my kids to go there, too. But I think also, the proof is in the pudding, in that if so many people are transferring their kids into the district that they had to shut down the transfer program to control student population, that just shows that either we’re all a bunch of idiots, or it truly is a good school and lots of people recognize that and want in.

Yes, George, you must physically live in the district, owning a rent house doesn’t count. (Don’t think we didn’t try that route!) And yes, you’re correct, those of you who mentioned my kids won’t be in elementary school much longer, so why am I so uptight about it? This year will in fact be Brayden’s final year of elementary (5th grade around here). The beauty of where we’re going, or at least what *I* loved about my old school, is that it’s what I call a stand-alone school district. I’m sure there’s a more scientific-educational term, but what I mean by that is there are no “feeder” schools. The elementary school is next door to the middle school, which is next door to the high school. At the end of the school year, the outgoing 5th grade students simply walk across the street and start middle school all together. Same thing for the kids starting high school. It’s not like most places, where you have two or three elementary schools merging together for middle school, and then two or three middle schools merging, and then high school graduating classes with three or four hundred people. Around here in Georgia, depending on district zoning, you might go to elementary school with this group of kids, and then they can re-zone the district, and you start middle school with a bunch of kids you don’t even know. Plus, the area is developing so rapidly that they're building new schools and constantly re-zoning, so kids who were zoned for our elementary school one year are re-zoned for a different elementary school the next, even though they live in the exact same house. It's happened twice to kids in our elementary school in the five years we've been in Georgia.

The school our kids will be attending in OK, you start at, and stay at, unless you move or decide to transfer out. The majority of students, however, once they start, stay there until they graduate. It even has something called a “Twelve-Year Club” for the kids who’ve gone to school together from the first through twelfth grade. And, the class sizes are small. Not Amish-school small, where the entire school fits in a one-room schoolhouse, or anything like that, but about a third or fourth the size of your average high school. My graduating class had 70 kids. Of those 70, 20 of us had been together since first grade. Of the remaining 50, probably half had been there since some point in elementary school. I don’t think there are many opportunities in life to forge those kinds of long-term friendships …. I’m 40 years old, and I love that some of the coolest people in my life, besides my family, have known me since I was five or six years old. Some kids hated it, to be sure, but I loved it and hope my kids will love it too.

So, blah blah, enough about that.

Oh, but Rita, you were right on about the cost of real estate in that part of the country. If you combine the total cost of our Georgia house, plus the cost of the yellow OK house, PLUS the cost of the house we just bought … it STILL wouldn’t be as much as what our friends recently paid for a single family home in Northern Virginia. So it’s all relative, right? And I’m sorry you feel stuck there, but we visited on Spring Break, and it’s really a lovely part of the country you live in. (Does that make you feel any better? At all? No? Well, sorry, I tried.)

Ok, so, I think that’s it. For now, anyway. No more open-book baring of my soul, at least until I feel like sharing a little bit more. Unless the site counter and comments continue to go down in the meantime …. Then I’ll know .. Sharing = BAD.


Julie H. said...


I don't think I've ever posted on here before, but HAD to let you know how much I look forward to reading your blog! My husband has actually caught me laughing hysterically at some of your entries... and thinks I'm nuts for reading a perfect stranger's blog every day!! I'm hooked on your "down to earthiness" (nice grammar)...and I share your need to have everything spelled correctly! I'm thinking that the "lack of comments" is because everyone's on vacation. Don't worry, girl.....you still ROCK!!! Great house story...so happy you got into the district!

Marcia said...

I can understand what you're feeling about your kids going to your old school. One of my 5 kids goes to the school I went to. Our fairly small town has several elementary schools and 2 highschools. The kids all went to our neighbourhood school for the first several years, until one transferred. She moved to be in an Extended French program, which started in grade 5. As long as they all stay in the program, she will be with the same kids until she graduates from highschool. The rest of my kids will go to the same highschool, but like you said, kids from many other schools will join them. They will all go to the highschool that I went to, and they will have some of the teachers that I had so many years ago. My sister's kids, and one of my brother's kids have all gone to the same schools, too.
Congrats on the house deal!

Natalie said...

ACK! ACK! ACK! You need to put "plot spoiler" on the top of this post, too! I just read something I shouldn't have about Snape. I'm still re-reading #6. I know, I KNOW!! I need to move it along! So just put a heading on the top of any HP posts or I'll have to tell you who Rosebud is in Citizen Kane. I'm so threatening. . .

Anonymous said...

I decided the other day that you definitely need to put your stories into a book. I'm serious. I'm reading a book now called Eat, Pray, Love. The story is nothing like yours but the writing style reminds me of yours. And - this is a New York Times Bestseller. So, you could be famous someday and we'll all say we knew you when.

I love the Harry Potter books and agree with you that #5 was my least favorite. I have to say that #7 was my favorite. And, I agree that you have to read the books and not just substitute the movies. My 14 year old read the latest book for 12 hours straight on Saturday. Unfortunately my 12 year old isn't into them. As long as some of the books are you definitely need to be "into" them.

Thanks for always sharing with us.

Lisa C.
Cheshire, CT

~*~Snappz~*~ said...

Can I just say, you *totally* made my day by mentioning me in your blog. You made me clap, laugh and smile! (I know that probably says something about how sad my life is, but oh well ... :-P Ha!)
I love reading your blog, but I don't always comment. I have no doubt there are so many others like me out there who love to check NQWIHP several times a day, looking for a new update.
Anyway, have a great day/night (whatever time it is over there!).

Leeann said...

Hi Kristie,

I am an every day reader and I know there are others out there just like me!
I've been following Kendrie's story for a long time from Caringbridge.
I don't know what school system you are referring to but it sounds like a total winner. I'd move there!

Pam Doughty said...

Hmmmm.... I was looking at my Harry Potter books today and wondering how many people bought Book 1 for their kids, and how many bought Book 7 for themselves. Book 1 is this tiny little thing; very entertaining and on a child's level. And Book 7 (and several before it) are dauntingly thick, with convoluted plots, a few "mature" words and situations, and seemingly well above the target audience for Book 1. I don't know that you can compare them; they really are like apples and oranges (and plums, and peaches, and strawberries, and blueberries...). All in all, I think I like the first 3 or 4 books the best. I have to wade through the later ones, and the older I get, the harder it is to wade (or dog paddle, when needed). But, in the end, I love Harry.... and for now, I'll leave it at that! :<)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so why not mention *spoiler* before mentioning anything from Potter 7??? I've been avoiding your blog, if you must know, until I've read the book. I thought it was safe today, silly me, and then wham! here's another Potter entry.

Ok, so now you know why the blog counter is down...


kim said...

Hey! I, too, feel honored that you answered my question--seriously, thanks! I LOVED HP 1-4, and looked forward to continuing right on until the end. But somewhere in between 4 and 4, that menopausal mind that I mentioned kicked in, with resultant lack of attention span. I, who have always been a voracious reader, am taking a week and sometimes two to finish a book that used to take me a DAY or two! It's disconcerting. Then, too--and this is gonna sound really strange, but SERIOUSLY--I do a lot of reading in bed before I go to sleep, and the hardcovers are so huge and thick that they're a little hard to maneuver. I know, I know...whaa, whaa.

I also agree the reason your site counter is slowing down is because of summer and vacations. I've even noticed the same thing on CaringBridge sites I visit--less frequent posts, less guestbook entries. Which, for CB, is a good thing that the families are enjoying summer! So, please, don't ever think Sharing = Bad! I know I speak for more than just myself when I say that, here, Sharing = VERY GOOD!

The school I graduated from was a Junior/Senior High School, grades 7-12 all in the same building. It was fun because we got to be more involved in school things like homecoming, pep rallies, etc., at a younger age, and the older ones looked out for the younger ones in many cases. My graduating class had 188, which was the largest class at the time. In that town, there are now four middle schools and two high schools--a "North" and a "South." I don't know exactly how or when but the little town that I found so boring became cool. Go figure. I couldn't be happier that your kids will go to your school. They may not appreciate it fully for many years, but eventually they will. And to live around their cousins? Nothing better!

Don't ever forget--YOU ROCK (site counter be damned!). :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie, trying to get the number of comments up and therefore you motivated. I'm reading every single one of your entries and enjoy them all. Your family is just great with everything you have been through. I'm just too lazy to comment a whole lot. I'm still waiting for my Harry Potter book, the Amazon page has an arrival date of 21st August and I really hope it will get here sooner. It's not like I couldn't get the book here, but I really like the Scholastic Edition and have the previous 6 books from them. I know the main outcome already because they mentioned it in a newspaper article and as I said I read your blog. However I can't wait to finally read it all and might even have to buy the book in addition to the one that is probably somewhere on the Atlantic on its way to me right now. I guess if I do that I could have just paid for faster shipping which I was too cheap to do. I really liked book 3 because I loved the characters of Prof. Lupin and Sirius Black and therefore I hated book 5 when Sirius died. I loved the movie though I've seen it last week and thought especially the character of Prof. Umbridge was a great cast. Keep your fingers crossed that the international shipping is a bit quicker than Amazon believes right now and then I may not have time to read your blog for a day or two. As always, thank you for sharing. Greetings from Germany, Candy

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a school system much like you described. Unfortunately the education went downhill and I am not comfortable putting my kids in that same system. I'm glad you are able to make your dream come true and send your kids to the same school - small classes are fabulous. Keep us updated on the house!


M said...

its so funny to me that you are so hyped up about this school because I feel just the opposite about it! I didnt get the greatest education there and neither did Derek, AND they kicked him out! Just pulled his transfer right out from under his precious little butt when he was going into the 6th grade and had been there since kindergarten. (which still really pisses me off!) But I am glad that you are happy. Oh and nice house, I drove by the other day and yes, that is a huge improvement! I especially like that you can walk to the corner and just watch your kids walk in the door to the school.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy your family has the opportunity to be "home" where you want to be. Being with the same group of students/friends would have its advantages because if you go through a geeky stage in third grade the kids can see that by fourth or fifth grade you've snapped out of it (let's not even mention junior high awkwardness) and they can see that you've developed into a normal human being instead of being labeled "weird" forever.

So how long until you get to make your home...YOUR home???

Claire in Indiana

Anonymous said...

Goblet of Fire was my favorite of the HP books. Order of the Phoenix had important elements in it that connected to DH (i.e. the locket - which I had figured out in Book 6. My son & I went to the midnight book sale at Barnes & Noble (it was my birthday afterall).. I'm 46 - he's 17. We're total nerds... lol

Anna said...

I have to agree with you about the HP books - 4 was my absolute favorite and 5 was probably the hardest to get through. I spent the better part of yesterday finishing # 7 because I was paranoid about going online and accidentally finding out something I didn't want to know yet. And I'm glad for the happy ending, but the 19 Years Later part was just a wee bit cheesy, no? Not that I didn't like it! And I'm such a sap, I teared up when I read "Albus Severus."

Anonymous said...

Kristie -
Although I am an avid reader...I must admit that I haven't read any of the HP books. For some reason, I have not been interested. I hadn't posted before regarding this, because I was afraid I wouldn't be "allowed" back on your site.. I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I look for an update!

Brookville OHIO

Anonymous said...

Sharing equal good.. I know that I'm visiting when I can, but with summer here and the kids home from school, and running here and there.. it's harder to get my required internet reading in!!!

How's Blaine feeling these days?

Rosemary in Albany NY

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made it back from your cruise - did you see on CNN.com today that 5 people died in a plane crash near Ketchikan? How sad! They were on a Princess Cruise, not sure what you were on.

Elena said...

Hey, Kristie! My husband just finished reading HP7, and my daughter is still reading it. She's avoiding him like the PLAGUE so as not to spoil any parts of it for her. He wouldn't tell her anything, but he thinks it funny to watch her scream and run when he threatens to! I think the reason the site counter *may* be down, in my totally UNscientific opinion, is that you haven't been blogging every day. For instance, generally, I check your site several times a day. Not JUST for a good laugh, but because I can so relate! Lately, every couple of days is good and keeps me caught up, though I'd really like to see more. I LOVE hearing about the Escoe household. Do people ever shake their head at you and make comments like, "Only you...", or "Does your life ever get boring?" I get that all the time!

Anonymous said...

***spoiler alert***
Don't read this comment if you haven't read HP7 yet and plan to!

I loved it, but am now sad for quite a few reasons. My 20 year old son has been hooked since the first book and my 11 year old daughter has been hooked since we read her book one in first grade (she wanted to be like her big brother). She started reading on her own by the end of that book, and I no longer had the pleasure of reading them to her, BUT it was so wonderful to be able to discuss and wonder and anticipate each book as they came out as a family. How often will a series captivate this many different ages?? Anyway, I cried during HP7 not only when emotional events occured, but because I knew it was the end of a very special era.... Also, Snape IS a good guy...he just had a very hard time showing it. His unrequited love for Lily messed with his head as did his unhappy childhood. :)

Mary in Illinois

Leesa said...

spoiler warning :)

I totally LOVE the Harry Potter series, and read 7 on Saturday, I had just reread the whole series on vacation, so everything was fresh. We went out at midnight to buy our copies...three so we don't all fight :)
Book 4 was my fav too.. It was action packed from beginning to end, and I loved the World Cup and Triwizard Tournament! If I had to pick a least favorite, I would say 6 just because the death of Dumbledore was extremely tragic to me. I still haven't recovered!
I was looking forward with trepidation to book 7, scared about who would end up dead, and how J.K. would end the series, plus knowing no matter how well she ended things it would be a bittersweet ending because we have to say good-bye to Harry and his world.
I think she did a great job of wrapping up and things turned out better than I expected.
I made a prediction after reading book 5 that Snape was in love with Lily and that was why he was Dumbledore's man, I was happy to see that I was right :) but very sad for poor Snape.. a feeling I never thought I would have.
It is such a great series of books, I don't think we will see anything like this again any time soon.. So what to read next?

Anonymous said...

I am always reading... just don't want to bore you with my silly comments But, I also grew up in a school district like you are speaking of right outside of NY city. As a matter of fact I never knew of anything else. Most of the kids that I went to Kindergarten with also graduated with me. My grandfather, Father, and myself all went to the same schools. I still have younger cousins in that district. Our elementary school (k-6)was on the same street as the High school (7-12). Not to mention a college a few miles away that many kids continue on to. We graduated with 62 kids. There were two other similar school disctricts nearby, small graduating classes around 100 kids. I never knew about these BIG schools that we have here in Pa. I always have to ask people which school their kids will be going to for Kindergarten- how weird! So I kind of get what you are talking about. Fortunately, my old school district didn't have many "bad sections" it was too small. I would love to go back there but, it is so over crowded and so expensive it wouldn't be worth it. My family is ALL still there, no one ever leaves, so at least I get to visit often.

Kathy in Pa

Anonymous said...

Kristie - I read your blog all the time but don't comment often. I agree with you the importance of a small school. There was 18 students in my graduating class in '91. Kindergarten through high school is all in one building and class sizes average 25 now. My daughter started in a big school and we moved to a much smaller school district before we had more children so we could have that small school atmosphere. Some people will argue about the class offerings not being as great but nothing can beats small schools.

Nancy in IA

Anonymous said...

I just had to let you know how much I enjoy reading about your family. You are very funny and I enjoy your writing style! I argee 100% about the type of school that you want your kids to attend. My children (8, 6, and 5) are attending the school that my husband went to. Thanks so much for sharing!!!


Carol F said...

I'll visit more often and leave more comments if it means you'll keep sharing! I'm another stranger who loves your blog and laughs out loud at many of your stories. Keep writing......we love it! Oh, and as for Harry Potter...........I've picked up ther first book probably 5 or more times and can't get past the first 10 pages! Totally.Not.My.Thing. But I love to read about YOUR love for it and everything else you write about. Can't wait for your next post. -Carol F (married, mother of two, full-time homemake in Greenacres, FL)

P.S. I almost forgot...we got our first Sonic recently (South Florida, outside West Palm Beach) and I absolutely LOVE the Diet Limeade with the ice pellets! YUMMY! I can't find a food item I really love though. I laughed when you wrote that you love the onion rings. I think their onion rings are close to the worst I've ever had! I ordered a large order recently, ate one, and threw the rest away. Oh well, I'll try the tater tots next time!

Anonymous said...

hey Kristie,
I haven't made your counter go up as much lately just because I've been very busy but things have slowed down now and I can get back to checking in more often! (I did send you the mail about soda's though!) :) I only saw the first Harry Potter film, I work in a school, teaching English to 3 to 11 year olds and last year I let the older kid's watch HP just before the summer for a treat, they had to watch it in English and I translated some and made them repeat phrases! Poor kid's still enjoyed it and I loved it, I had never seen HP before! My daughter has the first books, the trouble is I always have a pile of books to read and though I read every night, I think I fall asleep too soon and drop the book so don't get through the books very fast!!!
Great about the new house, good luck with moving and stuff!
Take care,
Love Angela

Anonymous said...

When I posted earlier, I forgot to mention that my husband and I went to the same grade school and high school in our (previously) small town and loved it. Our son's in college now, but he took the same path...and our daughter is following is following in all three of our footsteps. It's not for everyone, but we love it.

Also, regarding HP7....my daughter left for camp on Saturday morning and we made the decision that she could not take the book with her. She was very, very unhappy with our decision.....we were anti-literature...all she wants to do is take a BOOK...she could understand why that would upset us so....she thought book banning was a thing of the past....we heard it all! :) Anyway, she will find out how sweet delayed gratification can be!!

Anonymous said...

Oops...it's Mary from Illinois who was the mean mom who is anti-literature!

Anonymous said...

I really thought I saw "Spoiler Alert" on the top of this blog. I can't figure out why everybody's saying it was spoiled. I haven't read any of the books yet. I absolutely love to read, just never got into HP. My little sister has all the books and Sunday she skipped church to read HP7 (you bad girl you). Just kidding. She was reading it when I went by for lunch though. She just loves HP. Perhaps I will borrow them and start reading. Hopefully, I won't remember all the details from comments when I get around to them. I love hearing about the Escoe-world. I, too went to a small town school. Still live here. My kids go to the same schools and I wouldn't have it any other way. HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!

Wendy, Winder Georgia

JMR said...

Well, Kristie, I HAD to comment just so you don't think you bore us! I love coming here to read your entries! I'm sure your lack of comments is just because it's summer and everyoe is on vacation! The new school district sounds wonderful - and very much like the one in our town. We moved back here before my youngest started kindergarden just so she could attend school here, so I know exactly what you're talking about! I was a K-12 year student here and LOVED it. It is a little weird seeing those kids you were in kindergarten with working at 'grown up jobs' like police and teachers and EMTs - I still think of them as the goofy little kids they used to be! Hope your kids get all the pleasure out of the new house and school system that you're hoping for - I'm sure they will!

Anonymous said...


I think you site counter went down because I was on vacation for two weeks without computer access. Not to worry, my next purchase will be a personal laptop!

I am so happy you found a house you love. Don't forget I will need your new address when you move.

Postcard Cindy

Phyllis said...

Kristie -

I've only commented a few times but I feel the compulsive need to comment on the Harry Potter-ness. I was one of those "freaks standing in line" to get the book at midnight...have been since book 4 came out when I was 14. In some ways, I grew up with Harry as he was my age when I started reading the series.
In my opinion, the Phoenix movie stunk more then a diaper pail at a daycare.
My favorite book...I'm thinking was 6. followed by 7, then 3, then 5/4 (can't decide). I honestly loved the whole series and had a really hard time picking a favorite, but I think it would have to be 6 or 7. The thing with Phoenix is, that even JKR has admitted that it's a tad too long, but that there is nothing that can really be cut.

But Hallows definitely blew me out of the water. I read it all in one sitting (took me from about 1230 am to 645 am), and bawled the last...oh 3 or 4 chapters. And I too had to go back and read the last chapters. And then I sat there and cried because I knew it was all over..haha!

Rachel K. said...


I really enjoyed the final HP. I thought it was exciting from moment one. I was pretty impressed at my ability to predict but I thought there were only supposed to be THREE main characters who die???? What happened there?

I just knew the entire time that Snape was going to end up being a good guy. I kept thinking in my head "Oh COME ON just reveal it already!!!" and finally they did. Never really expected it in that manner though :O)
And Neville, I knew he was going to do something impressive!

The only part of the book I didn't like was the very end... that was in my opinion, unbelievably corny. I mean I think there could have been a million better endings.

Daisy Duke said...

Just had to say as far as Harry Potter went-
- 4 was my overall favorite. Triwizard Tournament! Quidditch! Yule Ball! The Weird Sisters!
- 5 was my least favorite. They were in that house for.ever.
- 6 & 7 were great in character development, etc.
- 1 is just great becuase...well you learn about the whole wonderful world of Harry! Ollivanders! Diagon Alley! Gingrotts!

And on a side note, I grew up in an Air Force family and went to a zillion different schools and I still talk to some of my friends from those first assignments- and made even better friends in just 4 quick years of college. So while I'm totally jealous of your kids- I think I turned out ok with 4 different elementary schools.

Bob the Blob said...

I believe that your choice to return to the school that you attended is a good one (now that I understand the reasons). The middle school years will soon be upon you and a small, nurturing community will be an asset -- and the other kids will be "known quantities." So I wish you luck with the move.

Never read HP.

Tracy said...

Alright, you are NOT OCD about the school district, because if YOU are, then I am....which I am not willing to admit!!!

My daughter (and in 2 years my son) attends my old elementary school. It was the best and still is the best. It is small and you feel like you have walked into a family when you walk through the doors. The best part is I just got the new kindergarten classroom, so I will be teaching in my kindergarten classroom I attended 31 years ago...oooo, I mean 21 years ago! ;o)

I am thrilled and my daughter is thrill. I am just hoping my son will be thrilled when I drop him off at his full day pre-k class 4 minutes down the road from me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristie!
I finally finished HP7- I know it took me sooo long! lol! but with a 2wk old baby (she's 18 days today! egads time is going so fast!) I have to read during the off chance she naps! Anyway, missed visiting your page all this time but saw the spoiler notice and figured better be safe! What an ending!!! WOW!!!!!!! I too am still picking my jaw off floor. So much excitement! But now, are you as sad as I am that it is over? Cause I am really gonna miss the gang now that the final book is done! Oh, and noticed your comment about Northern Va. housing costs- you are right, it is crazy!!! We rent a house there, and love it, but could never afford to buy- at least not in Loudoun County where we live now. But you are also right that it is beautiful!

Leesburg, VA