Sunday, July 08, 2007

MLCV - Day Arrival in Seward

Reasons I was sad today:

1. The cruise ship people made us get off the boat in Whittier this morning ... something about a whole herd of people getting ON the boat, going the other way, and how we had only paid for seven days in our cabin and now someone else was getting it for a vacation of their own, so we had to vacate the room, yadda yadda.

2. When we went to lunch today, no one put my napkin on my lap for me.

3. When we got to our hotel room this evening, the bed wasn't turned down and there were no little mints on my pillow.


Reasons I was happy today:

1. We arrived in Seward and still have three days of Alaska vacation left!

2. The weather here is unbelievable and sunny and beautiful and even local people are commenting on it and it makes me feel lucky and blessed and like God himself is smiling on us.

3. I hiked to a glacier today! (OK, yeah, the hiking part not so much .... but if you overlook my sweaty flushed face and panting and gasping for air on the trail, and holding my hand to my side and pretending to stop and enjoy the view when really I was just trying to work up the strength to keep going, well besides that, everything else was beautiful.)

4. I had lunch in a town called Moose Pass, Alaska. MOOSE PASS --- does it get any more Alaska-ish than that????

5. Best of all, for the first time in three days, we had cell service and could once again call home and talk to the kidlets. Despite the novelty and bliss of seven whole days, with no one tattling or whining or crying (unless you count me on that glacier hike today), I still miss the little rugrats. Not so much that it's going to spoil the three days we have left, but I admit that I am getting excited to see their shiny little faces again, and hug them and squeeze them and tell them how much I love them and missed them.

Anyone want to take odds on how many minutes pass after our airport reunion before one of them ruins it by complaining about the souvenirs we brought?

Updated: OK, so maybe it took 24 hours to actually update this site .... "wireless" in Alaska is not quite as dependable as "wireless" anyplace else in the world. Or at least as dependable as my office in Georgia.


Shannon said...

I can't believe that I am the first to post! :) Lucky me! Your trip to Alaska sounds fabulous! I am sorry that they made you get off the boat (how rude! I mean, really...just because you only paid for seven days..couldn't they see that you were having fun?) I know how it is to miss the kids...vacation is great, but kids are kids, no matter how much they whine and complain! Have a great last three days on your vacation! :)

Shannon from Oregon...

lizinsumner said...

Are there any "men in trees" up there??

Deborah said...

I am so freakin jealous you and Blaine got to go to Alaska. I want to go too! Have a great 3 days left, then back to reality.

The Running Girl said...

Enjoy the last few days of your vacation. You do kind of get spoiled on a cruise, don't you? It took my kids a while to realize that we weren't on the cruise anymore and, NO, they couldn't have dessert after every meal! They keep asking to go back.


Sherri in NC said...

Wow, it sounds like you have had so much fun on your vacation. And after the tough times your whole family has been facing, I'm glad you were actually able to get away. I'm jealous that you got to go to Alaska, as I've always wanted to go there too. Maybe one of these days. Till then, I'll just enjoy listening to your stories about it.

Quilter Kathy in Alaska said...

Hi Kristie,
I am thrilled to hear that you made it to Seward. You are only a couple of hours from my house ! OK... it's cool to know that you are in the same state that I am in for once.
Ohhh... and the "wireless" thing...
yea... good luck with that one.
It is more like "no wire---no connection" Ha!

Have a great rest of your trip.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to give them 4 1/2 minutes ~ if they were my kids it would be 2 minutes but your kids are way better mannered than mine! Glad you're having a wonderful vacation, enjoy your last few days....:)

judi mitchell, Franklin, MA

Tammy said...

again, sooo jealous here.
(got my husky puppy yet?! LOL)

cant wait to see your pics of the trip!

Anonymous said...

I took a cruise to Alaska a few summers ago (it was 10 days and the mean people made us get off). I wasn't too upset since I was walking around with a concussion after a rafting accident.

Is the motto still: "Everything is shittier in Whittier?"

This is my first post!

Jodi, IL

Anonymous said...

Hi - glad you are thoroughly enjoying and appreciating ALL your wonderful - long anticipated Alaska vacation. BUT - BEWARE - you are a viable/likely candidate for the dreaded PTVSB - post traumatic vacation syndrome blues. The only true "fix" is to plan your next adventure of fun on the long plane ride home. Have a safe - uneventful return journey.