Friday, July 20, 2007

Congratulations, Matthew!

Straying for just a moment from the beaten (like a dead horse) saga of our new house, I'd like to ask all of you to pop on over to Matthew's Caringbridge Site and offer him your most heartfelt congratulations ... today is the day he has officially kicked cancer's butt -- not once, but twice!

Pediatric cancer treatment stinks; relapse protocols do more than stink. Matthew (and all the relapse kids just like him) have an amazingly tough row to hoe, and sadly, not all kids make it, as we were unfortunately reminded this week over at our All-Kids family.

But today is Matthew's final day of treatment, and he's going out on a high note with good blood counts, and an appropriately tearful mom (Nancy, you know I'm just like you, so it's teasing with love!) :)

Please hop over and leave a note of congratulations for Matthew and his entire family.


The Running Girl said...

Consider it done. I still keep up with several caringbridge sites, although not as many as I once did. It was thanks to you and your "100 list" that I found many of those sites.

Anonymous said...

Tammy from Fort Worth, anything for you Kristi, my pleasure, what a cutie pie! Count me in, another caringbridge pray warrior, thanks to one little angel Allie Scott, what over 2 yrs ago. I fell in love over a strangers baby, and have been hooked on so many since I consider family!

Becky, in N. TX said...

What an inspiring journey for one so young.