Wednesday, July 04, 2007

MLCV - Day Skagway

What I have done today:

Watched a 4th of July parade in small-town Skagway, Alaska, complete with bagpipe pipers marching, and home-town floats, and kids on bikes with streamers, and veterans and color guard, and the firefighters flinging candy to the kids and squirting the crowd from the parade, and snow-capped mountains in the background ... about as Northern Exposure-ish as you can get. Fabulous way to start the day.

Then, I rode in a HELICOPTER, to the top of a GLACIER, where we went DOGSLEDDING, across the GLACIER, did I mention in a DOGSLED?!?!?!? Pulled by actual SLED DOGS?!?! Then, we got to hold one of the puppies at the dog camp, before flying in a HELICOPTER back down. One of, if not THE highlight of the entire cruise. Pictures, including one of me and Blaine and Renee, all with big goofy smiles on our faces because we are having such a great time, being pulled in a DOGSLED, across a GLACIER {in case you didn't catch that part about the glacier} to follow.

Then, ate fish and chips in an Alaskan bar.

Totally. Perfect. Day.

Dear Post Office Man, please forward all my mail, and personal belongings, to Alaska. I will be living here from now on. Thank you.

That's what I've done today. What have YOU done today? Ten bucks says I had more fun.


Kathy in Alaska said...

WOW... Kristie, Shall I get a bed ready for you? Did you know that there are MANY people up here in Alaska that did exactly what you are doing and moved up here that way? Yep, I am one of them. It quickly gets in your blood and before you know it, you live here. And the longer you live here, the longer you live here... it is next to impossible to leave here.

I came up for a vacation in March of 1994 from Florida. I stayed for 3 weeks. Went home, packed my stuff and came back up ! Never looked back. Still don't.

You hear that story all the time .

So, this is wonderful that you are having all these great experiences.

Seward ought to me a hoot this weekend !

Kathy (in Anchorage Alaska)

lizinsumner said...

The dog-sledding?? Pretty awesome, and maybe good enough to entice me to go up there. The helicoptor ride?? Not so much (of an enticement, I mean - yikes!!). But since kathy in Alaska has left a spare spot down in Florida, I might just think about going there......sure sounds like you're having fun...will be looking forward to the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Hands down, your day was way better!

About your move to Alaska, should we, your friends in the lower 48, make arrangements to help Grandma raise those three darling abandoned babies you left behind? Or have you forgotten about them?

Dixie in CA

mamaerin said...

MaYou brat! You're right - you are having more fun. Miss you guys

Tammy said...

will you bring me back a husky puppy?!!!! Remember our dog? That was what she was, we got her right from a dog sled yard when we lived there.
Have i mentioned how jealous i am?!!!


cakeburnette said...

Mark wants you to bring back all of your planning info. Me, I'll just enjoy your tales. We're pretty much in agreement that the only part of your helicopter/glacier adventure that I would be able to stand would be the puppy part. I actually told him that I don't own enough clothes to go to Alaska, even in July, if there is enough snow for sled dogs.

The Running Girl said...

10 bucks says you're right, you did have more fun. Our 4th of July consisted of rain, rain and more rain. The helicoptor/dogsled ride sounds like SO much fun. When we do the Alaskan cruise thing (one of these years) we'll make sure to do that one. What a great way to spend the 4th. Glad you are having fun.

Jeanette said...

Our fun consisted of spending the day with Ray, Susan and Nicholas, then watching the always impressive fireworks display that your neighbor always has! It was a little sad seeing your house all dark and empty....but I know you are having a BLAST!

PS-If you get a chance, check your's about Will's birthday party Aug 4th. Can yall come?

Anonymous said...

Tammy in Fort Worth, Kristi, I'm sooo frickin jealous!!! Keep the posts a coming, feels like we are right there with ya'll!! Did you pack up that little puppy for the kids??? lol

Anonymous said...

Hey glad to hear that you guys are having a great time. So much better than in my dream last night. I dreamt that we were there with you, and so were your kids (not ours...sorry my dream) and so was my grandma and her two big dogs (which she does not have in real life). We had to share a cabin in the ship that kept switching to a motor home, which was ok, but they kept extending the dining room into our cabin and blocking the closet with people and tables. Quite inconvenient. But in that closet was packed with hundreds of your kids books, all of their toys, and video games that you made poor Blaine pack up and cart across the country. Then the kicker was your very large selection of racy lingerie...lots of red and strings. I guess that is why Blaine was willing to pack all that kids crap. Interpret that one for me...must have to be jealousy! Keith really did not give into the dog sled adventure??? I can't believe it. So glad it is even better than my dream. Can't wait to see all the pics. Have fun! xoxo Kim and the boys