Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Maybe, Sometimes

You know how maybe, sometimes, your mind wanders?

You get so bored with what you’re doing that you totally start to daydream?

You know how maybe, sometimes, you’re daydreaming so much that you just plain forget where you are and what you’re doing?

You know how maybe, sometimes, if you’re not careful, you can act in an inappropriate manner? Not necessarily anything *BAD*, just not necessarily proper?

You know how maybe, sometimes, if you’ve been sitting at your kids’ school for three hours on a hard metal chair, cutting two-hundred and fifty monkey faces out of brown construction paper, by yourself in the teacher’s resource room, for three never-ending hours, with no one for company, except your iPod, and the voices in your head, and so then when a really jamming song comes on ….. oh, I don’t know, like THIS ONE THAT IS PLAYING RIGHT NOW …. You might maybe, sometimes, decide to join the voices in your head with the voice coming out your mouth and start actually singing along and chair dancing because you are OUT OF YOUR MIND WITH BOREDOM CUTTING OUT THESE FLIPPING DAMN MONKEY FACES and so you start grooving and chair-dancing and waving the scissors around and you’re so into your own American Idol performance that you don’t even notice the teachers who come into the room and see everything you’re doing?

Um ….. no?



You know how maybe, sometimes, you’re not allowed to volunteer in an elementary school with small children anymore?????

I’m just saying.


Dawn said...

Okay, usually I just lurk but this was too much. I am a teacher and, quite frankly, that would have made my day...at least you are not a middle school teacher jamming to her ipod during her prep period (because no one can hear you b/c your portable classrrom is out in the ghetto part of campus) when a group of students finds you...and you don't notice because your back is to the door...math was never the same after that. At least you have the option of not going back...although you should and you will but the OPTION is there...unlike the poor jamming teacher...

Kathy (in Alaska) said...

Kristie... I have only one thing to say.

"Blessed are the cracked, for we let in the light."

You light up so many lives, especially those of us who do not have one of our own!

kim said...

For now, all I can even think of to say is this beats the whole karaoke thing. And also, I don't understand WHY they would ban you from the school unless, of course, it had something to do with the scissor-waving and a zero-tolerance policy...hhhmmmmm?? As usual, HIL-FREAKIN-ARIOUS!!!

Sherri in NC said...

You just crack me up, you are such a hoot! ..... wait a minute.. am I dating myself by using the word "hoot"? Does anybody even say that anymore?? Am I just moments away from yelling "turn down that damn music, why, back in MY day we had REAL music, not the crap these kids listen today, and we had to walk 20 miles uphill to school and cars only cost a nickle...." ACK!
Whew, I digressed badly there for a moment, where was I going with this..... oh yeah, thanks for the laughs!

Laura in Michigan said...

Wait, if you had only done that while driving your kids, with their friends in your car...... see, I can teach you how to torture your pre-teens!!

Kristie said...

Dawn, glad to know the entire teaching profession doesn't think I'm cracked, even if Kathy does (see below)

Kathy, I like your attitude!

Sherri, I *totally* say hoot! :)

Kim, oh, if I could ever do this version in kareoke, I would SO rock the house! (ha ... Kristie + karoeke = really ugly sight .. but fun!)

Laura, I practice already; gotta be ready when the day comes, ha!

Anonymous said...

It all sounds positive to me, and look at the calories you burnt.
Let me date myself and say "feelin groovy"!

Sue said...


As a frequent school volunteer, I had to comment! 50 monkey faces would drive anyone to the edge of insanity! You are lucky to have had your ipod with you - I should get one for the times I have to copy the 10-page double-sided reading unit tests from he**, or for the 40 mittens that needed to be laminated and cut out! I'm sure they won't kick you out. They need you to entertain them; who else can do that and is willing to cut out 50 monkey faces?

Sue from ALL-Kids

Abigail said...

I hope this means that the fam is better?


Anonymous said...

I wish I was there I would of been there keeping you company. This school is just not the same. Miss ya,
Rena' (the one in 27 degree weather in TN)

Anonymous said...

You seriously need your own TV show, Kristie. That is good stuff. LOL

I haven't commented at your blog yet, but I've been faithfully checking in!

ATL, metaphor82@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Been a lurker for some time now and I just had to comment ... you are freakin hilarious! The image made me laugh out loud and my husband gave me a strange look! HA!

Sarah said...

I have only been lurking here on your new blog, but have been following you and Kendrie for a couple years now since Bananaville... but just wanted to let you know that your music you pick out for your posts totally rocks! Who is singing the song that is playing tonight? I have to know since my son got a new iPod for Christmas and "I" get his old one!

I just love tuning in here every day to totally crack up!


PS... My word verification tonight was "hunka"... you are hunka hunka burnin' hilarious!

jadine said...


See, for me to sing this song (and, like Sarah, I'm wondering where to find this version of this song --- which I love, btw) I have to do a weird and uncomely falsetto sort of thing with my voice, you know, to get the pitch right. Not good for the ears of others :) but most fun for me!

Just sharing.

Lisa said...

It's 7.58am where I am. Thank you for the first laugh of the day Kristie. Praying for Blaine.

Kristie said...

Sue, not that I'm being persnickity, but let me clarify ... not 50 ... 250! I want credit for everyone of those damn monkeys!

Abigail ... um, yes, if you count Blaine throwing up in the Eckerds parking lot yesterday. Apparently the bug didn't quite sneak past him. Also, fyi, it comes on really quick.

Rena' .. you have no idea. I miss you, too. Tennessee sucks! Pennsylvania sucks! Why do you all keep moving away???

Sarah ... hunka? Ha! I SO feel an Elvis song coming on!

Sarah and Jadine .... Toco International .. Toco Dance Party ... D Code .... Note-oriety ... dance version ... extended dance version .... just do an iTunes search for "My Immortal", the choices are many! PS I spend way too much time browsing at iTunes.

Renee said...

At least it wasn't Baby. Got. Back. That makes me laugh. You are too funny, girl!

Pamela Earley said...

Okay - first I laughed out loud at the vision of Kristie singing and dancing whilst using sharp objects, then I laughed AGAIN at Kathy in Alaska's comment about being cracked. Lucky (for me) there were no students in my classroom yet.

However, I was not so lucky a few years ago when I came in to school VERY early to look for something that I had worked hours on and then misplaced. After finding it and dancing around in circles singing "Thank you thank you God, I found it, I found it, uh-huh, uh-huh," I then noticed the guy that came in to clean the carpets before school was standing in the doorway with his eyebrows raised. Yeah - that was big fun. So I can totally relate.

Take care - wishing you all a week of calmness and peace.


Ann said...

Are you kidding me? How many other parent volunteers does this school have? Yep - you are going to have to exhibit much stranger behavior than rocking out to get off the "volunteer" hook - sorry! Wish I could have seen you...

Amy from St. Pete said...

I took my dog for a walk yesterday around the neighborhood. Of course I was listening to my ipod, and when Kirk Franklin's "Stomp" came on; I was singing away and dancing like a crazy woman. I got a few strange looks to say the least!! I totally forget that nobody else can hear what I'm hearing. If they could they would be doing the same thing!!

Cathy Morrisey said...

Too funny and I soooo wish I could have seen you!! Wow 250 monkey heads! Did you have to laminate them as well??
As you know I run the clinic at our school (shudder!!!) and I wipe noses, catch vomit, and clean boo-boos on a daily basis. Last week I was tending to a first grader with a horrific/traumatic scraped knee (it actually did look like it hurt!) who was screaming in agony. So, like the most excellant care giver I am (pat on back) I started to sing in a very soothing voice to try and calm said child......her tears/screaming abruptly stopped (smiling to myself...I am so soft and soothing)and she said to me....Ms. Cathy I would feel so much better if you would stop singing to me....so much for the "soothing voice treatment".
You are a HOOT and probably the best darn monkey head cutter outer in all of Georgia! I am glad you are done with the tummy bug...you ARE right it does come on FAST!!! Trust me, I have seen WAY too much of it this year! I hope you get some news on Blaines shoulder soon!
Take care and keep singing!

Jen (WI) said...

I can so relate. A couple days ago I was doing the same thing at work, but it was to Akon's "Smack That".
You make me laugh! Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

That is to funny!!!! sounds like somthing I would do, Better yet Paxton would do


lisa56 said...


What will you say next cant wait


Anonymous said...

You always make me laugh...

Any news on Blaine??

Mary in Albany NY (where it's four degrees... yuk)

Tracey said...

Two songs that I find it IMPOSSIBLE not to move to...'Busta Move' and 'Swing, Swing, Swing', it's really embarrassing (for my family, not me! ha ha ha!) I can't wait for the beach in Kauai with Steve's iPOd, ha!
Thanks for the visual, too funny!

Pyar said...

Ok...I have to admit...I have never left a message before but I have to let you know I am ADDICTED to your blog!!! You rock!!! Making a long story short, a friend of mine's daughter was diagnosed w/cancer several months back and I became a caring bridge junkie and somehow....thank goodness....found Kendrie's site. I ALWAYS save you for last when I check up on several endearing little people because you always crack me up! (sometimes I laugh so hard I pee myself....just a little....don't tell anyone!)