Sunday, January 21, 2007

I am leaving today to drive to Savannah for Catie's visitation and memorial service. People are traveling from near and far, both driving and flying, for these events. Please keep everyone in your thoughts for safe travels. Please also continue to keep Catie's family in your prayers during this difficult time.

Please also remember Baby Donovan's family, as Donovan earned his own angel wings last night. Donovan was a leukemia patient; I only knew his family online through my leukemia support group, but I'm sure they are in need of our thoughts and prayers as well.

Two beautiful children, received in Heaven, healed and perfect, but missed beyond anything by those left behind. I hope they are playing together. I hope Donovan is telling Catie all about the Indiana Colts, and Catie is introducing Donovan to all the cute puppies she has already met.

I hope their families find peace.


Anonymous said...

Please be safe on your trip. This has been a very sad month or so. Too many children being healed, but not in this life! Thank you so much for your beautiful words and kind heart! Please give Catie's family a special hug from her cyber fans that can't be there. Cancer SUCKS! ~ Kristin

Anonymous said...


Praying for safe travel for all, and for these two beautiful families. What a hard week this has been for them, and all that followed these two wonderful children. Your tribute to Catie was beyond wonderful.

Postcard Cindy

kim said...

Kristie--My prayers will be for safe travels for you and all of the others heading to Catie's services. Extra special prayers for Catie's wonderful, loving family, and also Baby D's as they begin to handle what Catie's have just weathered. This makes me so, so sad and I will never understand--but I do know they are in a wonderful place and that they will both always still be with their families. Those that are loved are never lost. Kristie, I am also so sorry that you have to see your friends go through this, but I just know how much your presence will mean. I agree with Kristin--cancer SUCKS. It goes beyond sucking. But friends? The really good, genuine ones that will weather any storm with us? They are what get us through the things that suck. Travel safe.

Marcia said...

Kristie, I have been on both sides of this coin, and it sucks both ways. You have no idea what your presence will mean to them. Be safe.

Marcia in Ontario, who is mom to 7, including 2 beautiful angels

Lisa said...

I'll second all of the above. Love and prayers.

Kristin Hicks said...

My thoughts are with you as you make the difficult trip to Savannah to say goodbye to sweet Catie.

Baby Donovan was being cared for at Duke, only a mere 20 miles up the road from me.

My thoughts are with Catie and Donovan's families as they have to bury their babies this week. May God shine down on them all.

Kristin in NC

Jeri from Hawaii said...

May you have a safe journey to Savannah. This can't be an easy trip to make, but your being there will certainly mean a great deal to Tre' and Jenny.

The world is full of too much pain and suffering. Sadly, all we can do is to reach out and support those around us and keep the prayers going. Please know that you, Catie's family and Baby Donovan's family will be at the top of my prayer list today.

Marci Connell said...

Kristie, Praying you have a safe trip. I pray that Tre and Jenny both know that so many people just couldnt be there like they wanted and are there in spirit. I myself tried every way possible to be there but my husband had to have the glory of getting KIDNEY STONES on me, so I am home literally babysitting a BIG BABY!! I know you understand that...All my love and many prayers. Love, Marci The Prayer Bears

Pamela Earley said...

Kristie, your dedicatiohn to Catie was breathtaking. You guys were so blessed to have each other.

My prayers are with you all.

Cathy Morrisey said...

Stay safe, stay strong, and be Blessed.
Heaven gained 2 beautiful new angels this week....(2 too many).

Michael @ Macys said...

Thinking of you this morning.

Ellen said...

Kristie, I think one of the saddest things I've ever seen was the end of Jenny's post where it was just signed, Tre' and Jenny.

Your tribute to Catie was wonderful. I hope you had a safe trip.


Anonymous said...

praying for your family , friends, and your safety as you make this journey.

(Long Island, NY)

nancy irving, toronto, ontario, canadea said...

Kristie, what an amazing tribute to an amazing little girl. The picture you posted couldn't be more beautiful. It's wonderful that you are able to be there for Trey and Jenny (and for catie) thinking of you all and weeping along with you. wishing you a safe journey

katy said...

Hope your (and everyone elses) travel is easy and you can help ease their pain just a little bit.