Monday, July 27, 2009

The beginning, middle and end. And by end, I mean END.

The beginning of summer, we spent our time sitting and watching this:

The middle of summer, we spent our time sitting and watching this:

And now, can you guess how we're going to spend our time the END of this summer?

(this was that jumping-and-rolling-over-your-teammate exercise, which as far as I'm concerned, they all looked a little like Tuck and Roll from the Bug's Life movie, if you ask me. Kellen is in the red shirt, and I can't decide if he's getting the hang of diving over his friend, or if he's having a seizure.)

I'm not complaining, I'm really not. Kellen is fit and healthy and happy and loves it. And to be completely truthful, I was born and raised in Oklahoma, where football reigns, and there is no better Friday night past-time. It's the sport I love most ... its the one sport where I actually understand all the rules. Quite frankly, I'm GLAD he's finally playing on a team, even if it means we do have to take a break from his beloved soccer. Football feels right ..... it feels like home.

Of course, I'm also fairly certain after all these months of sitting and watching my son play sports, although HE will be in great shape, I will probably acquire a wretched case of permanent chair-butt, and my END will have to be explained on my headstone some day .... as in, "Here lies Big-Butt Kristie Escoe, who needed two spaces in the graveyard just to fit her rear end ..... but by golly, she never missed a game."

Although ... wait. What's that? Do you see?

Do you see the one thing that might get me through the rest of this summer and fall ???? Ahhhhhhhhh, that's why I love my hometown. At least it will be easy to get my DDP fix while he's at practice.


Kelly said...

That's just hilarious. I can SO relate.

Love Being a Nonny said...

I laughed OUT LOUD when I saw Sonic in the background! Too funny. Don't get mad, but MAYBE you could walk to Sonic AND back...maybe??????? :)

I loved that my boys played every sport. It kept me crazy busy, but in the end, they loved it and so did we! It bonded us as a family and whether we liked each other or not, on that particular Friday night, we were together.

Anonymous said...

Or you could drive to Sonic and still see the field from your parked car. That's what I would do.
Sheila in MN

Anonymous said...

We experienced our very first Sonic this summer when we went to the Outerbanks! It was fun and because you have spoken so highly of the slushes I felt the need to try one. Very good! It is probably best that they do not have them here in Ohio where we live. I might not be the same.
Tammy in OH

Anonymous said...

So, I just moved to Arkansas 2 weeks ago, and I thought of you when I noticed that EVERY small town including ours (population 2 thousand) has a sonic. I LOVE vanilla Dr. Peppers and think I may need a 12 step program for my addiction, or I could just go into denial.
Mesha-- in Arkansas

Trish in Leesburg, VA said...

What a perfect spot for a football practice- hopefully the games will be at that field too?

The Running Girl said...

Dang, Kellen has some long legs!!! I think it's great that Kellen is well rounded. Living here in Texas I've always dreamed about having a son who is the star quarterback for the football team. Unfortunately for me, Dalton is a one sport guy right now and that sport is soccer. Maybe he can be a kicker one day? Glad to see there is a sonic so close to the fields. That always helps.

Anonymous said...

I always look at the pictures before I read...for whatever reason I scrolled to the bottom of the entry first and I thought...OMG I wonder if she noticed the Sonic??? Funny...enjoy!

vgsmom said...

I love your posts. Thanks!

Stacey said...

Sonic is what gets me through my two boys practices. I get a route 4 diet coke with extra ice. It usually last the entire practice. I don't think I would survive with out it. The Texas heat has been horrible this summer!

Anonymous said...

Glad he is enjoying the summer...he is like my boys. They like to be busy all the time.
On an unrelated note: Can you please explain how and where you store your pictures?
Mine are all over the place and on flashdrives and I am totally overwhelmed and need to get it all organized. HELP!
Thanks. :)
Milford, CT

Cate said...

Somedays the cure for everything is Happy Hour at Sonic.

Dianna in Louisiana said...

I hear ya Kristie....

"I was born and raised in [South Louisiana], where football reigns, and there is no better Friday night past-time. It's the sport I love most ... its the one sport where I actually understand all the rules."

Ditto, Ditto, DITTO.....I LOVE football and can't wait for the season to start.

I think that it is AWESOME that Kellen is so physically active, especially considering that the vast, vast majority of similarly aged boys that I know are major couch potatoes.
A question though, are you even a tiny bit freaked out when seeing him get pummeled by other boys? I ask because it is rather painful for me to watch my nephews during their wrestling competitions. I'd imagine football would be even worse.

Geaux Tigers!!!! Who Dat!!!!!

Ang said...

I near jumped out of my chair when I saw the Sonic sign in that last pic!! Woohoo!!
I'd have to walk there and back and lap the field a few times after a round of tater tots and Sonic#1 with a large sweet tea...maybe a cherry limeaid.

Hey Tammy in OH..they DO have a few Sonics up here now!! Athens, Streetsboro and Canton! Ok that doesn't cover any of the central or western half of the state, but one can always hope for more!!

Anonymous said...

Here's one for those question/answer posts Kristie:

You have mentioned that Kendrie and Kellen are in the gifted program at school. Their school seems so neat already, I'd be curious to know about the setup of it's TAG program. My child was labeled profoundly gifted last year by the school district psych and social worker. However, the TAG program here is terribly underfunded (1/2 hour pullout every other week) and parents in my state are in no way organized. Do you have any experience with the national TAG organizations?

Laura in Michigan said...

Can you hear me sing.... Michigan is getting a SONIC, Michigan is getting a SONIC. Finally..... I can't wait to get one of those slushies with the icecream!! Woo hoo.

Alisa said...

oh the end- oh I hear you- maybe we could get plots together so that we could share that 1/2- I am sure our families would not mind.