Thursday, July 02, 2009

Vacation Day Four - Baltimore

Response of the Day: Yes, we were on Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Forest. Which I **think** was beautiful, but I couldn't be sure, what with the pouring rain and all.

Photo(s) of the Day:

"Look! We made it onto the ship without anyone killing anyone! It's a true vacation miracle!!"

"Moooo-ooom, I thought you said this trip was going to be fun and exciting .... this life jacket drill thing is stupid and boring ...."

"Shut up kids, we paid a lot of money for this trip and you're going to enjoy every minute of it, even the stupid muster drill. Now zip it and smile for the camera."

Why yes, of course, we always find a way to combine learning opportunities with our fun ..... here are the kids in the Science Lab in the Kids' Club on the ship ... learning .... expanding their little brains .... growing intellectually ..... oh, who am I kidding? The worker guy said he was going to blow something up and the kids wouldn't let us leave.

Comment of the Day:

Kristie: "Yes, Kellen, I understand the Kids' Club is a very cool place, and you can come back later. But now it's time for dinner so we need to leave."

Kellen: (long, exasperated, weary sigh of a person who is tired of traveling: "Ugh, how far do we have to drive to dinner?"

Kristie: "You do realize we're on a ship, don't you?"


Alisa said...

So how long of a walk did you have to take to get to dinner?! Loved that comment btw.
Glad you made it to the boat.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see Kellen is wearing pants in every picture, lol.

Nate's Mom said...

Hope you are having fun on your cruise. We just returned from Alaska on Monday. LOVED IT! I think you've started something...

Sheri (back) in CA

Tina S said...

Have a great time! For a week after our cruise Bryce(7) kept asking me why weren't we going to eat dinner's 5:00!

vgsmom said...

So what did he blow up? Was it worth it? Thanks for the updates.

Kelly said...

Adorable pictures! Looks like you are all having a great time. Your kids crack me up with the things they say!!


Trish in Leesburg, VA said...

looks like everyone is having fun! loving the daily updates! You'll have to revisit skyline sometime when the weather is better.