Sunday, July 05, 2009

Vacation Day Seven - San Juan

Photos of the Day:

Ocean Park Beach, San Juan.

Kellen's best comment of the day, in the water, while squealing like a girl: "I just stepped on a log! Or it might have been a shark!!"

Brayden's best comment of the day, also spoken while in water: "The ocean is ok -- I like swimming in it. I just don't like the salt water. Or how gritty the sand is. Or the waves."

Kristie: "So basically you would prefer a lake?"

Brayden: "Um, yeah."

PS. And I realize that is not a photo of Brayden, but she wore a 2-piece today and the teeny tiny part of me that is internet-savvy-protective-mother-beware didn't see any on my memory card that would be appropriate to share with the internet .....

Is it completely obvious that I photoshopped some wave-action over my butt? To cover a large portion of it and make it appear smaller? No? Good, I was trying to be discreet.

This picture explains a lot. Ever since we got on the cruise people have been approaching me, asking for my autograph and to have their photo taken with me. I simply *assumed* it was my fame from this blog ... I mean, I have at least a dozen loyal readers, so CLEARLY that's where I was being recognized from, right? Then, I saw this picture, and it dawned on me ------ people are obviously confusing me with Bo Derek. I mean, have you ever seen a person look more like her in that movie "10"? Coming out of the water? In that bathing suit?? I mean, sure, I don't have the cornrows, and my suit isn't shiny or anything, but beyond that, the resemblence is uncanny. Almost eerie. I'll probably have to hire bodyguards and a PR team soon.

More Photos of the Day:

OK, seriously. How many people can say they've toured San Juan? In the rain? On segways???? Despite the humidity, and the bats, this totally rocked, and my kids gave it two thumbs up, so I am feeling quite smug about my performance as tour planner this evening.

"Look Ma, no hands!"

Total, best, funniest, most hysterical moment of the day:

During the segway tour, when a bat shit on Blaine. I mean really, does it get any funnier than that?


Haley said...

I totally feel for Brayden. I grew up at the beach and HATE it. I don't mind the salt water, but the sand, sharks, and jelly fish are not my friends.

Enjoy the rest of your trip! I am living vicariously through your updates. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand Ocean hating at.all. The ocean never fails to heal my soul, not matter how bad it feels. Oh how I wish I could spend even just a few days there this summer. Unfortunately, I don't think it is meant to be. So thank you for letting me live vicariously through you, lol.


Natalie said...

There is no way I could balance on one of those Segways. Very impressive!

lynne said...

I think your great :)

Jen said...

The segway tour looks awesome...I know what I want to do next time I'm in San Juan!

Cathy said...

So jealous of the segway tour, how fun!

Leeann said...

Great blog post, all the way around.
I laughed, I cried. lol
No really, it was funny. :-)
And you look good!


Anonymous said...

It looks like everyone is having a blast. Everyone looks so relaxed and happy. And you look great! Have fun!!

Gayle in AL

Marisa said...

I am enjoying the vacation!!!

vgsmom said...

I am loving the updates it's almost like being there. Did the back of your knees hurt after the segway? When I tried it, it was great but I must have been really tense, the muscles in the back of knees killed. Be Safe.

Kelly said...

The Segway tour thing is AWESOME! I'm so jealous!! Looks like you guys are having a blast! ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, i just realized you guys are on the same cruise my 14 year old son is on with his friend. If you run into 2 14 year old boys named zach and AJ, tell them mom said hi!

The Professional Bag Lady said...

Wow...looks like a great time... the last comment though brings to mind old Batman and Robin comics... "Holy bat sh**!"

The Segways look way fun!

Alisa said...

Oh the segways! In the rain? And bats?
With poop?
I can't wait to hear the behind the scenes story on that adventure!

Anonymous said...

Does Blaine know that birds crapping on you - and that must include bats - is "supposed" to be GOOD LUCK???

Enjoy your vacation...enjoying it vicariously with you - or at least most of it...And, hope YOUR hand doesn't get tired from signing too many autographs and that ALL the paparazzo doesn't intrude on your privacy...enjoy the fame though! Happy Family Bonding...Randy

NeverEnough said...

I'm a fan now. San Juan looks heavenly!

Anonymous said...

Is bat shit as gross as it sounds? How does it rate say compared to seagulls on a messy hard to wipe off scale?

Anonymous said...

By the way, I thought that was a really good picture of you in the water with your kids. I wasn't even noticing your butt at all, just thought it was a sweet picture of mom and kids all holding hands splashing in the waves.


Anonymous said...

BATS?! Really??? Yikes. I don't wanna go there.

Abbie D