Friday, July 03, 2009

Vacation Day Five - At Sea

Photo of the Day:

You know you're officially on a cruise when .....

...the towel animals start showing up in your room at night.

Comment of the Day:

Blaine: "So, you think a whole Dramamine was maybe too much?"

Kristie, two hours later: "She's still sleeping, so I'd say yes."*

Most annoying moment of the entire cruise:

Right now, with this group of obnoxious teenagers who have come into the library where the rest of us are either reading silently or working on our computers, and they've parked themselves in the comfy chairs and are having a grand ole, NOISY time, talking and laughing and being stupid and one of them (honest, I'm not even joking) just announced very loudly that "The Butthole Surfers are, like, a LEGENDARY band!" They're rudely interrupting my peace and quiet .... for that?!?!?

*Thankfully, the whole Dramamine seemed to work, as she woke up and hasn't had any trouble since.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how grown up Kendrie looks in that picture!

Anonymous said...

Totally loved the towel animals. I took pictures of each of them. They had a "how to make towel animals" presentation on our cruise. Somehow, I missed it. I must have been at the chocolate buffet...

Sheri in CA

Jen said...

I was embarassingly amused by the towel animals and have taken way too many pictures of them.

Melissa in CA said...

I too LOVE the towel animals! I bought the book on how to make them...yeah, I know.

Tracey in Calgary said...

I was so thrilled with our towel animals....I think we should all send you photos of our towel animals (Facebook?) and then have a contest on who has the best towel creature/animal :-) Fun!

ps I know teenagers are such a pain, since I now have one, but soon you will too and you will have a whole new patience for them, as do I.... :-)