Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SPT Challenge May 26

Self-Portrait Challenges for the month of May from Lelly of Lelly's Musings:

"tuesday, may 5 something old
tuesday, may 12 something new
tuesday, may 19 something borrowed
tuesday, may 26 something blue

take it literally, take it figuratively, but by all means, make a commitment to complete all four challenges for the month of may!"

And so, without further ado, here is my final SPT Challenge for this month, "Something Blue":

Me and Kellen, who is looking handsome, and way too grown-up, in his new BLUE blazer, on 5th grade graduation day last Friday.

Now my middle child is headed to middle school.

And my heart is breaking with the knowledge that before too long, he will be driving and growing muscles and becoming interested in girls and (most-likely-although-I-really-hope-not-because-its-so-extremely-pathetic-looking) trying desperately to grow some scraggly-ass mustache which will be nothing more than peach fuzz but I suppose its a rite of passage for boys, is it not?

And then he will go away to college. Where he will be exposed to people and situations that I will not be around to supervise and all I will be able to do is sit back and pray we've taught him well. And a whole new world will open up to him ... one where he will be old enough to gamble, buy lottery tickets, buy cigarettes, buy porn, (gasp!) vote, and register for the draft (sob!)

And probably after that he will live in an apartment or house with a bunch of other stinky, sweaty guys, who drive beat up cars and wear their hair too long and don't mow the lawn enough. And they will listen to loud music and drink cheap beer and probably ogle tramps young women who wear their shirts too tight. And at some point along the way, there will be a conniving little wench who will break my baby's heart and I will have to hate her for it.

And then at some point after that, he will meet a wonderful girl and get married and I will truly be replaced. At least until they have children of their own, at which point I will become the wise old grandma who is (hopefully!) available for babysitting.

Oh my goodness.

I've gone from having an elementary school graduate to being a grandmother, all in this one post.

Excuse me while I go weep for a while.


JoAnn said...

My thoughts exactly as my 5th grader makes the right of passage next Friday. You've summed up everything I've randomly thought about this past year. We can only hope we've taught them well and they learn from their mistakes. He's a very handsome young man!

vgsmom said...

It's a great picture. I'm sure he will be an upstanding young man. Don't push the Grandma thing yet.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful picture. You look so pretty and your son looks so handsome! It does go fast and I had to laugh as my 21 year old son just finished up his 3rd yr. of college and everything you described about the future years is kinda true haha.


Anonymous said...

He,he, I don't think you have to worry about the long hair thing, Kellen already has that covered:)

Lovely pic of mother and son. Here elementary school goes to sixth grade, so my own boy just graduated and will be going to Junior High.

I wonder where the heck time went. I remember putting a kindergarten boy on the bus and watching the sun shine through his blonde hair while Winds of Change by Scorpians played on my van's stereo. (yes, I drove to the bus stop!) I swear that was just yesterday:(



What a great pic!

Not sure if the "blue" though was Kellen's jacket or your mood after seeing him in it! LOL

Karen - Mommy to four sweeties said...

What a great picture!

Bonita in Az said...

My grandson, who lives with me, just graduated high school and I have been and still am thinking and picturing everything that you said! Must be universal for us Moms and Gramdmoms of boys! I must say since I raised two girls its a slightly different emotion. Im sure you know, as you are an active military family, but I thought they discontinued the draft? Do I have to worry about that too?

Stefunkc said...

From laughing to crying. You get me every time.

And I can't believe how good you both look in that picture.

Alisa said...

You two look like you are modeling. Seriously.
Kellen looks so good- His hair! Oh how I love long hair on guys when it looks good!
I am cracking up at your list of all the things you have to look forward to. I am choosing to not go there. Nope -not going to think about the future.

The other me said...

I used to feel the same way, mother of 5 sons and 1 daughter, I would look at my boys as they grew and wonder who they would ove and dread those women not liking me, of being replaced....who ever imagined that the first boy to meet his true love would meet and love a woman who likes me! She loves me even and I was even able to be there when my grandson was born, she calls me to see if we can go out for the day, she comes over to see me just because....OMG I never even thought of this senario, it is WONDERFUL! I hope you get to say the same when your boys bring home girls you coulsn't have imagined would be that perfect!

Jeanette in GA said...

If Nicholas is marrying Kendrie, can Lauren marry Kellen? :)

Guess what? Remember Jordan L.? This year...(gasp) SHORT hair. Maybe now he won't have to walk down the halls with his head cocked at an angle to see.

Renee said...

I play that same story in my mind constantly!! Kellen's hair looks AWESOME - I love it! He is so handsome!

The Running Girl said...

I feel your pain. Dalton will graduate from 5th grade next Thursday. Yikes! And I took him shopping this past weekend and he wanted a certain kind of shorts because they were "in style". Since when does he care about being in style????? "Because I'll be in middle school next year." OH, we need help!!!!

lizinsumner said...

My son is just finishing up his freshman year of high school. So - here's my advice: stock up on zit cream, lots of hair products, and LOTS and LOTS of food! Oh, and make sure that your cell phone plan has limitless texting. The best thing so far?? Now that he's almost six feet tall (I'm 5'3"), he can reach things for me. The worst? I'm buying new clothes and shoes for him every other month as he outgrows them at a lightening pace......

Cozyflier said...

All of us with 5th graders seem to think about all thses things and you summed them all up.

But don't despair. My 21 yr old is in college, has his own apartment, works full time, does not drink, does not ogle, and comes by to help out the family on projects!

So all your work right now will be worth it in a few years!

TheBMillers said...

what a great picture - he is a cutie


donna said...

what a sweet post! Such a cute picture. :)

Bahama Shores Mama said...

my middle child graduates 5th grade next Tuesday, so I'm feeling your pain. However, I have to block the computer screen so my 5th grade daughter doesn't see your extremely handsome son. I don't want her becoming the wench OR replacing you :)

mamajul said...

Hannah has her 5'th grade award ceremony next Tuesday. Middle school here we come! And she's only my FIRST. But Kristie, if you really want to WEEP a while, go see the movie "UP". I wept throughout, but consistently through the first half hour or so! Who would have thunk it??