Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SPT Challenge May 12

Self-Portrait Challenges for the month of May, as per Lelly of Lelly's Musings are as follows:

May 5 -- Something Old

May 12 -- Something New

May 19 -- Something Borrowed

May 26 -- Something Blue

So, in keeping with her theme, here is my "Something New":

I know, right? Are we crazy? Did we not learn our lesson the last time?

No, it appears we did not.

This time around, however, it's for our personal residence, and not the rental property. After living here for a year and half, and complaining every single solitary day (hey, at least I'm consistent!) that the green paint color on the walls, combined with the total and complete LACK of natural light in the house makes me feel like I'm living in a cave --- a dark cave, with moss-covered walls -- well, it's time to put up or shut up. Wish us luck. Our marriage has survived the military, infertility, and cancer. I don't know, however, if we'll survive another painting project.

Ironically, when the PTO moms were here last week for the dessert party, one of them complimented the "nice, green color" in our living room.

"Thanks," I said, "I like it too, but its just too dark. We're getting ready to paint it yellow."

"Really?" she asked, "My living room is yellow, and I'm fixing to paint it green."

I laughed and said maybe we should just trade houses instead. It would probably be less work than painting.

No, really. I'm serious.


Anonymous said...

I just read through your old links you posted about the previous paint jobs and have to say you are CRAZY for not taking Blaine up on his professional painters offer.

As someone who painted our ENTIRE rental house HERSELF (because my husband had to do real "work" of course and travel (eyeroll), I can tell you just the mere sight of a can of paint and paintbrush sets me into a psychotic state of flashbacks that leave me blubbering in a corner crying "No more paint, oh please dear GOD, no more paint" and singing crazy style, "ain't gonna paint no more, no more, ain't gonna paint no more..."


Rhonda said...

Too funny. You may be on to something with this trading houses thing. Keep us posted.:)


Date Girl said...

Yikes, is painting really that hard? I'll take your word for it! Good luck with it. Hope you post some before and afters. Although, if you did trade houses, that could be your something borrowed ;-).

jenn said...

good luck painting....i hate painting, so much that i will just learn to live with the colors i dont like!

TheBMillers said...

Well I have to say painting can be fun... at first! lol it can end up being a long job (as you know) but so worth it in the end. My husband painted our current house when we were building and he swears to never paint again.. lol

And don't forget you will hurt in places you forgot could hurt..


P.S - keep us posted :) Oooh if you go blue you could have your SPT for next week LOL

Lene said...

I. Hate. Painting. With. Every. Fiber. Of. My. Being.

So good luck with that.

Alisa said...

I too, like the current color. But it is always so fun to change.
I like painting. I just don't like finishing it.

Cathy said...

I like having a freshly painted room, I just do not do it well. I usually beg and whine and my husband does it all for me. My living room is yellow. Good Luck. The experience will give us some good reads too, I am sure :)

Alisa said...

I think I answered your sausage pretzel question. (in my comments)
Or I made it more confusing.