Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Pet Scan

Kellen: "Mom, have you seen my pet scan?"

Me: "What?"

Kellen: "Have you seen my pet scan?"

Me: "What are you talking about?"

Kellen: "Have you seen my pet scan? We watched it at school the other day. It was really good."

Me: "You watched your PET SCAN at school? You've never even had a pet scan."


Clearly, my brain doesn't work quite like other people's.

PS. The team mom e-mailed to let us know we would, in fact, NOT be taking a break between seasons, and practice would take place as normal next week. I e-mailed HER back to let her know, in fact, that we would NOT be there.


Lollyblogger said...

When did kids sports get this cutthroat? Yikes! I'm glad you guys are taking some time off--- army men on steps is a requirement of a great summer!

Anonymous said...

I had to chuckle at that one...My daughter plays (hubby coaches) U6 soccer and we lost about 3 girls from our team last year because their parents hired a PROFESSIONAL coach! Man - youth sports can get crazy!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is an awesome, superstar soccer player. She plays on an elite travel team. Her team was ranked #1 in the nation at one point to give you an idea of the level of competitiveness. We take 3 months off in the winter and one in the summer. It has actually made her a better player. She comes back refreshed and eager each time.

M said...

Ha ha ha! My kids wanted to go see "Spike Heads" at the movies...and when it came out on DVD I found out it was "Spy Kids!"

Alisa said...

Clearly your hearing has been compromised from all the crazy yelling soccer parents at all the practices and games. You need the break just as much as Kellen!

René S said...

Way to stand your ground. Sometimes it is hard to do what you need for your family when your whole team is doing something else. We've struggled with this at times, and there is always the fear that the decisions we make as parents might jeopardize our child's play time or even participation on the team. But, our team does take some time off, and our practice schedule is less rigid -- rain and field availability stop our team! Enjoy what ever amount of time you get!