Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Blaine is home from work today and after the kids left for school we went upstairs to do the last bit of work in Kellen's room. He helped me re-hang the shelving, put the clothes up, put the furniture back in place, and clean up the painting supplies.

He was clearing Kellen's desk, which I used as a work station while painting. I heard him mumbling under his breath, then he asked aloud, "Just how many Diet Dr. Peppers did you drink while you were up here?" as he surveyed the empty cans.

I paused.

"Blaine, what is next Saturday?" I asked.

"Our anniversary" he replied.

"How many years?"


moment of silence to let the gravity of the matter sink in .....

"And if you want to make it to 24, you'll get off my back about the Diet Dr. Pepper", I said ominously.

I think he got the hint, as he cleared the rest of the desk in silence.

Ahhhhhhhhh, marital bliss.


vgsmom said...

Doesn't Dr. Pepper claim to be the unique blend of 23 flavors?... so I think 23 seems like the perfect number of Diet Dr. Peppers to devour, may be even on any given single day.

Jan said...

To Funny!

Alisa said...

oh- make my mouth water-
I accidentally drank out of Jay's sonic cup this weekend. I seriously think that Dr. Pepper tastes better now than when I stopped drinking it 9 years ago!
I can just see you looking at Blaine and saying what you did- and it makes me laugh. I don't know Blaine well enough to picture his reaction. I bet it was funny though.

JoAnn said...

ZZZiinnggg - good for you, girl. You hold your ground.

Happy Pre-Anniversary.

Nate's Mom said...

Happy Anniversary, a wee bit early. Our ten year anniversary is tomorrow. I stole you idea to make a scrapbook for him. Unfortunately, it's not done yet (those darn finals this week). I will blog it when it's done. Thanks for the great idea! I've been reading (stalking) for a long time now, lol.
Sheri in CA