Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This hurts you more than it hurts me ....

It's never a good sign when the conversation with your eight-year old starts out like this:

8-yr old: "Mom, I'm not saying you're not smart. Just that doing it my way makes more sense."

It's even worse when you realize she's right.


mom25in5 said...


My husband and I realized that at 3 years old one of my girls was already WAY smarter than we will ever be. Yeah, we're pretty much doomed.


School-tomorrow-whoohoo! Mom to:

Daniel-Grade 8 (yikes!)
Scott-Grade 6 (yikes x2!)
Bryan-Grade 4 (yi...you get the point)
Sarah-Grade 3
Dana-Grade 3

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I have teens. They are quite convinced my IQ goes down each year they get older. It's exasperating ... aren't you looking forward to the teen years? :)
I'm having a contest this week with a $50 prize. Why don't you swing by and enter?!

Anonymous said...

We went on a trip to ride bikes Friday (my 50th) bday, out of state to a place we had never been. As we get off the interstate I say "we need to turn right and start at that end" the other three with me say "no we need to go left and start from that town" okay, we listen to everyone else. You guessed it we rode 17 miles pedaling, if we would had went my way it would have been 17 miles coasting! The kicker, my 19 year old says "I'm really sorry mom, but nobody expects you to be right" OUCH!!! That one goes in my book and they will never forget it. The upside, we got plenty of exercise, and I made it;)

Anonymous said...

One of our sons is freaky smart in science and when he was six years old he was talking about the chemicals in smoke (or fire...I really don't know) and I was amazed at what he was talking about because he certainly didn't learn it in school. Then he looked at me and said, "Mommy [still called me Mommy], why is it that you're so old [ouch] and I'm so young but I know so much more than you?"

And it's true. :-(

Anonymous said...

Your 8-year old is extremely tactful.


Haley said...

I agree with Cheryl. Can she come teach some of my seventh graders a lesson on tact? They could learn a lot.

Wendy said...

Ooooh scary! She's growing up and getting smart enough to know it!