Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quote of the Day

Mom: "OK, you kids realize that since Dad is still .... um .... "indisposed" .... (ie, puking his heels up) that we're going to have to fake these pictures again later with him in them, right?"

Brayden: "What do you mean? There's only one first day of school."

Mom: "I know, but we always take pictures of you guys with Dad on the first day of school, so we'll have to re-do them."

Kellen: "How can we re-do the first day of school?"

Mom: "Well, it won't actually BE the first day of school again. We'll just put the same clothes on again, maybe this weekend, and PRETEND it's the first day of school so we can take the pictures."

Kendrie: "That's ok, Mom, you can just photo-scrap him in."


Marisa said...

Love your writing. Hope Blaine feels better soon (so you can have the house to yourself)!!! Just kidding. Hope he really does feel Nothing worse than the pukes.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Photo scrap is my new favorite word!!


Anonymous said...

Hey that Kendrie is one smart cookie, such a good idea. Truly hoping Blaine feels better soon.

Grandma J said...

That girl has a bright future in comedy, ala Tommy Smothers. I think he was the one who had a way with words.

Danielle said...

I totally love it when the kids come up a new word by accident. Funny!

Jennifer M said...

That better than what she could have said - Photo-crap

Laura said...

My husband took off my son's first 2 days of school. I feel your pain. I was looking forward to the quiet of the 1st day also. Hope your hubby is feeling better.

Michelle Byrd said...

How funny is that!!!! We miss you hear in GA.