Monday, May 19, 2008

Track Meet 2008, in Pictures

You know, I started to apologize for this photo-heavy entry, to anyone who still uses dial-up because I know what a bear it can be to load photos that way .... then I got to wondering ... does anyone still actually *use* dial-up? Or hot rollers? Or liquid eyeliner??? Just wondering ...

Track Meet 2008, in Pictures:


and hurdles,

and long jumps, oh my.


and long jumps,

and dashes, oh my.

Tug of war,

and long jumps,

and relays, oh my. (With Aunt Kelly standing next to you, cheering you on.)

And more tug of war,

and more tug of war,

and even more tug of war, oh my.

Now we're back to hurdles,

and dashing,

and hurdles again,

and more dashing,

and another long jump,

and oops, one final long jump, oh my.

And posing for pictures,

with mom,

and grandma, who really didn't feel very good, but came to root on her grandkids anyway,

and mom, again, oh my.

And lastly, lining up for the 800 meter dash (although only a few of the kids actually dashed the entire way, and many jogged, and a few did a brisk walk near the end because they were really getting tired 800 meters is two entire laps around the track and that is a damn long way, did you know that, and there were even a few kids who gave up and just walked the rest of the way, some even holding their sides very dramatically for good measure,

and actually running the 800 meter,

and still running,

and finishing in second place, which I thought was great, considering Kellen was one of the few who managed to run the entire time, but what we won't mention is that the kid who won first place lost a shoe on the first lap and still wound up beating Kellen even running in one sock, whatever, it doesn't matter,

Oh, my.


Anonymous said...

Kendrie looks AWESOME in her glasses!! :-) (I was going to say cute but knew she would hate to be called cute!! :-) )

Looks like ya'll had fun on Field day!!


lizinsumner said...

Uhmmmm......{{{I still use liquid eyeliner}}}'s Almay, and it comes in this little pot looking thing (shape, not substance!!) and the applicator is, like, a sponge - at least not a brush....sorry......and hey, when did Kendrie get glasses??!! They look great! Welcome to the land of the near-sighted, Kendrie! We're happy to have you on OUR side!

Anonymous said...

OK....that was exhausting! I need to get a drink and take a nap.

Go Escoe kids! I wish I had an ounce of their energy!


threehandprints said...

On the on all 3...thank goodness!

Kendrie is growing so fast...Love her hair :)

katy said...

Dial up is all I can get....unless I want to pay 400.00 sign up and 70.00 a month for satellite internet...which would be crazy just to read blogs.

Anonymous said...

ok I still use hot rollers but never used the liquid eyeliner so i'm not going to stop now....and i would go insane if i still had to use dialup!!!

Lisa from Texas said...

Hi there,
Kendrie's glasses are precious. I guess I missed her even getting them. But, they are oh so cute! By the way, I so wish I could have had you as a parent on my child's teams. What a sweet labor of love!

Leeann said...

Looks like fun! But more importantly, Kendrie looks great in her glasses! Lucky girl!


Nate's Mom said...

I still have dial up, because I am a (nearly) starving college student. SO, I will just let the page open while I make dinner, bathe the children, get them in bed, then watch dancing with stars... all to see your awesome pics:-)

Sheri in CA

Cathy in MI said...

Fun! Kendrie's hair has gotten longer and she got glasses!

Dial up? Does anyone even provide dial up anymore???

jadine said...

Great pictures! :)

I've never seen your mom before --- Hi, Kristie's Mom!

High-five to your kids for their fantastic efforts ... and to the one-shoe-on race winner :)

Kelly said...

Oh my is right! I'm tired just looking at the pictures!! Your kids are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Did I sleep through the glasses announcement. They look good on her.

Looks like the kids had lots of fun.

I just say no to dial up, liquid (or any other kind) of eyeliner and hot rollers. Elaine


Best liquid eyeliner known to (wo)man, by
L'Oreal! LOL

Looks like you had a great day! Beautiful weather and Happy Kids and Mom!


Anonymous said...

We use hot rollers and liquid eye liner at our house....but only because it's required for dance recital and competition! I'm more of a short hair and just a little makeup myself.

Looks like you had a great day! Love to see those smiling faces!!


Patty House said...

Yes. Some of us still have dialup. (Lord help me!). Although I have to admit that since I have dial up, I read your blog when I'm at work...on a T1 line. I live too far out in the country for DSL or cable modem and can't afford sattelite (yet)?

Love the pictures though!