Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rolling Along

The first few months of the pregnancy were text-book. Just like my own pregnancies, I felt great, had a huge appetite, and no complications. Not even any morning sickness (touch wood, rub a lucky rabbit’s foot, throw salt over your shoulder, whatever, I’ve never had it and never want it.) I found an obstetrician in Montgomery, Alabama, who had never delivered a surrogate baby but who viewed it as a positive, exciting situation, so that greatly eased my mind about the process. His staff was open and encouraging, and I enjoyed my monthly visits to see him.

As I started to show (which considering how much I EAT when I’m pregnant, doesn’t normally take too long) more and more people starting asking if I was pregnant, hence more and more people were learning about the surrogacy. These were all new friends and acquaintances, since we’d only lived in Alabama a few months. Luckily for me, I didn’t meet anyone who wasn’t interested, and kind, or who didn’t approve. At least not openly. There was even a mom in my new playgroup who had used a surrogate to deliver her own twins, who were now two years old. She and I were able to bond over this and it was fun for me to get her take on the situation, Her own surrogacy relationship had been a very healthy, successful one, and I think it was fun for her to get to re-live some of those memories through me, as well.

In the meantime, I continued to get better and better acquainted with my IM through telephone calls. We didn’t talk every day, but probably once or twice a week; maybe more if it was a week I had a doctor’s appointment. The more I got to know her, the more I liked her, and the happier it made me to hear her excitement about this pregnancy.


Grandma J said...

Your journey is getting exciting.

And off subject to Blaine:
Thank you for your dedication to serve your Country all these years. I appreciate the freedoms you and all our servicemen have afforded me.

Marisa said...

I am excited for you and IM !!

Also ditto Grandma to Blaine for serving our country !!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, dear Kristie, for continuing to share this beautiful, amazing, wondrous journey of a most generous gift of life.

In loving light,

Eloise said...

More thanks to Blaine for his service to our country. We owe all servicemen and women a debt beyond expression.

Back to the story... as we get further down the road, it becomes more and more apparent than the experience would not have been as wonderful if you didn't have the underlying 'connection' with the IPs. I'm so glad you didn't end up working with that first couple.

Anonymous said...

I'm a faithful follower of your blog and a prayer warrior for Kendrie, Blaine and the rest of your family.

Today, I want to say a big "thanks" to Blaine for his military service to our country. I appreciate your willingness to serve and the integrity and commitment you demonstrate.

With Gratitude - Lynne B.