Monday, May 12, 2008

The Phone Call

Here is a synopsis of our conversation, keeping in mind that they *knew* I was planning to take a home pregnancy test, but not until a few days later. Not until right before the blood test, in fact:

Me: “Hi, have I caught you at a bad time?”

Her: (gracious as always) “No, this is fine. We’re just sitting here at the restaurant having dinner with our family.”

Me: “Oh, family?” (trying to play coy) “Who all is there?”

Her: “My father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister and brothers-in-law, etc.”

Me: “And it’s your in-laws anniversary?”

Her: “Yes” (probably wondering why I think it’s any of my business)

Me: “So, what sort of anniversary presents did you get them?”

Her: “Well, they’re adults, so we just bought flowers and are having a nice dinner.”

Me: “Weee-eee-llllll, would you like a nice gift to give them?”

Her: (sight pause) “What do you mean?”

Me: “Are you sitting down?”

Her: “Yes” (at this point, I could tell she knew something was up, but was either too afraid, or too hopeful, to put it in words)

Me: “I took a home test ……” pause

Her: “No!”

Me: “YES! It was positive!”

Her: “Oh my gosh! Are you serious?!?!”

And at that exact moment, in the perfect timing that is my life, our cell phone connection started breaking up!

She called me back a few minutes later and filled me in on what happened next, which was touching, and funny, and wonderful. She was trying desperately to hang on to the cell phone connection, so she got up from the table, without a word of explanation to anyone, and ran out in the parking lot, hoping for a clearer signal. She said hearing the news completely took her breath away, and her husband saw this. He thought she was choking, and ran after her! So there the two of them were in the parking lot, jumping up and down, crying, laughing, and trying to get me back on the phone. I would have given a million dollars to have witnessed this personally, and to have seen how excited and happy they were. When she called me back, she was ecstatic, and kept saying, “Are you sure???” I told her as sure as we could be, with two positive home tests.

It was hands down, the happiest, most gratifying phone call I have ever made in my life. I felt like the Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol guy, who people are always thrilled to see. It also felt a little voyueristic, honing in on their happiness in this way for myself, but I was simply thrilled to hear the excitement in their voices, and was so excited myself for what was happening for all of us.

Apparently they went back into the restaurant to make the announcement to the entire family, and it turned into quite the celebration. She called me the next day to tell me how thrilled everyone was, and even hearing it second hand made me happy.

Anyway, a few days passed and it was time for our “official” blood test, which confirmed I was indeed pregnant. Thank goodness, my biggest fear had become that all the home tests (Because yeah, you know I took another one the next day) were defective and the lab would tell me I wasn’t actually pregnant.

I got to make another wonderful call to tell my IM the good news. “Are you sitting down?” became our kind of trademark question. At this point, we knew we had to wait about two weeks before the first ultrasound, which would let us know whether one, or both, of the embryos had implanted. My initial beta hcg was a 633, which indicated a good, strong pregnancy, but didn’t necessarily mean twins. The higher the number, sometimes, the more likely it is a multiple pregnancy. Or not. It’s really a crapshoot. The numbers game, which is played a lot by excited new moms and excited new surrogates in IVF pregnancies, can be pretty vague, but it was still fun to wonder which it would be. I think, deep down, we were all hoping for twins. That week was my birthday, I found out I was pregnant ……. Really, how much better could things be??


CAT said...

Hey Kristie,

All I can say is WOW, I can't even begin to imagine all of the emotions that each of you experienced! Such an amazing story....

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that entry made me cry! How exciting!
I have been thinking of you all weekend. Our new Minnesota (St. Paul) Sonic is opening in 28 days! My daughter is so mad, she absolutely loves Sonic and is leaving the day before the opening to spend the summer in Sweden. I guess I'll just have to go a few times for her. I may even have to drink a DDP (even though I'm a diehard Fat Coke girl) in your honor!
Sheila in Minnesota

Alice said...

I am so glad you are still sharing this story. It feels like we get to be a little bit a part of the process, too!

Grandma J said...

Why do I cry every time I read one of these updates? I really need to get a hold of myself!

Georgie B said...

I'm sitting at home in my kitchen drinking my morning cup of tea and the tears are pouring down my face.


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! I love this story. I hope you'll tell us all of your surrogacy stories. You are such a great story teller and have such an interesting life.


Lisa C.

Anonymous said...

I got excited just reading about it. I can't imagine how you felt being a part of this wonderful story.
Sandy in Edison, GA

threehandprints said...

Jumping up and down too! Yeah!

Dianna in Louisiana said...

OMIGOD Kristie---- What a BEAUTIFUL entry into your blog/life diary, just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

lynne said...

Your story is really making me think of the selfish life I am living and what life is really about.

Don't worry I am not holding you up as a paragon of virtue as I know you go out of your way on your blog not to sound like you are, but reading your story and thinking of the other woman out there who have been and are in the process of being surrogate's takes my breath away.

Anonymous said...

Um......hoping you're not too busy today and will have a few minutes to post?? :)

Can't wait to hear what's next!


Tricia said...

I am reading this post with my four-year-old baby by surrogacy sitting on my lap. He wants to know why I am crying..."Because I am remembering one of the happiest moments in my life," I explained.

utahsweeney said...

The story has been good from the beginning, but now it's REALLY getting good. I can't wait to hear about the birth (I know there's a lot inbetween, but I'm still excited).

Anonymous said...

Crying at work - not good! I am loving this story! 1 baby or 2? I know from previous posts that you had twins in one of your surrogacy journeys, but was it your first one??? Can't wait to hear more!
Diane in Cincinnati

Karen said...

I have chills from reading this entry. What a beautiful thing to do for a childless family. I wish I could have done something like that for someone else before I got to be my age, but I am a grandmother now and much too old at 46 to start doing something like this now. I will live vicariously though you. Thank you for sharing your story.

Brandi from NC said...

Kristie, Im sittin here with a big ol' goofy grin on my face, bouncing in my chair lol!! How exciting!! Love the story, girl!!


Your words really make this come alive.

So Poignant and Beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! It was meant to be this time wasn't it? Even after the whole meds mess up, it was meant to be!

Can't wait to hear more!


Stacie from MN said...

Oh, that is so exciting! I can imagine how excited they were! Even better that you were able to tell them when their family was around!

Sandie in MN said...

I feel like I am reliving the whole event! I feel like jumping up and down too!

On another note, Sheila, where in MN is the Sonic opening? I hope the pellets and D. Coke are as good as DDP, which, sadly, repulses me.

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Yay! I've been waiting for this moment since you started the story!!!!! :-)

Tara said...

This entry made me cry!!! And reminded me of when I found out our surrogate was pregnant--I was also in a restaurant eating lunch with my sister. We both ended up talking to my surrogate throughout the whole lunch and when we got up to leave our waiter said "Well, I hope the next time the two of you have important calls to receive you'll do it here. It's been a pleasure to serve you." LOL

Wow...I can just picture them jumping up and down in the parking lot. :)

joanne said...

Hey Kristie,
I don't comment very often but I feel compelled to do so now! This story is amazing, I feel like I am right there watching you go through this....all the ups and downs........i'm on an emotional rollercoaster with you. Thank you so much for sharing it and opening my eyes to what surrogacy is truly about.