Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Predictions Week One

OK, I promise I'm not going to turn this blog into a Dancing With The Stars (heretofore known officially as DWTS, because I'm cool like that) blog. That would be ridiculous, especially considering I know bupkis about ballroom dancing. So I promise to only discuss it once a week. OK, twice, if you count the elimination show as well.

Katie, thank you for clearing up my prosthesis worries. I actually feel very relieved now that you've explained things and alleviated my concerns!! I'd be curious to know your opinion about her and what she's doing. Personally, she's lovely, but if they were looking for a role model with spunk and personality, YOU, my friend, should be dancing on that show!! (Actually, you would be perfect as one of the hosts!)

Natalie, duh! Of course they're sleeping together! If they're not, they should be. (Not that I'm endorsing pre-marital sex, ahem.) (PS. I am only kidding and in no way mean to disparage the character of either of them. But they're both so stinking cute, I wish they WERE a couple!)

So, my predictions for this week:

Who I think *will* get voted off: Leeza Gibbons (not that she did a bad job, but I just don't think she has the popular vote.)

Who *I* would vote off: Paulina P. (again, she did ok, and her personality is cute, but overall, I think she's the weakest female dancer.)

Who I think *should* be voted off: Billy Ray Cyrus. (He did great the second night and I was sitting on the sofa with a goofy grin on my face the entire time ... but the first night? He sucked.)

Let's see if I get it right. I've got an order of Pizza Hut breadsticks and giant Diet Dr. Pepper in the other room, and fifteen minutes until the show starts. Now THIS is what I call the good life!


Anonymous said...

I missed the part where I guess someone got voted off. So someone please, post it here!

Ok Kristie we are all also looking forward to your blogs about surrogacy and Kendrie!

jadine said...

(shakes head)

I so don't get it. Is it too late for me to watch the show (never having seen it)? Could I 'catch up'?

And I love the word bupkis. What does it mean, exactly? Does it actually have a meaning? 'Cause I'd hate to be using the word but be unintentionally saying something really bad.

And you know what else? Now I have to know who got voted off and I don't even watch the dang show! Thanks a lot to you and all of your guest-book signers.

Anna in IL said...


Paulina got voted off. She and Shandi were "the bottom two." Paulina was crying as soon as they said that she was in the bottom two, but Shandi just laughed and stuck her tongue out when they told her that she was in the bottom two.

It's definitely not too late to catch up, Jadine. I didn't watch last week, or last night, but I learned everything tonight on the "recap" show. If they do one of those next week, too, you'll be in the know.

Shannon said...

Okay, like Paulina, but she really isn't that great! I love DWTS! I am glad to know that Heather's leg won't fly off. I, too, can watch in peace!

Tracey said...

Missed the show tonight but my vote (I swear!) was for Paulina, she just didn't have that 'spark', even though she is sweet and lovely. Now I read the spoiler warning and see that I was right, ha! I don't think Miss USA is going to last too long and I have to wonder about Billy Ray, although he WAS much improved...anyway, I am sooo chuffed that you are going to be having a DWTS discussiong going on each week, too fun!!!

Chris Myrah, Rosemount, MN said...

The continuing adventures of Mr. Nibbles....

Have you noticed that I rarely comment on topic? That is because I can't seem to hold a thought long enough.

But I thought I would share with you, the continuing adventures of Mr. Nibbles.

So, last night he got out AGAIN.
It turns out we purchased the only smart hamster alive. Mr. Nibbles has figured out how to open his own cage.

After searching on and off all day, finally about 11:00 pm tonight, I saw a furry little body scurrying across the living room. It turns out, not only is he smart, he is also the fastest little bugger ever. I chased that stupid hamster for a good 20 minutes before I finally caught him. We finally had a show-down in a corner of the porch. Yup, that’s right, I got into a power struggle with a hamster.

I wasn’t sure what the best way to keep him in his cage would be. Where are the stupid little twisty ties-that-every-single-toy-known-to-man is attached to the boxes with when you need one? So for the time being, Mr. Nibbles is barricaded behind 2 quart size cans of baked beans and under two cans of pineapple tidbits. Because DANG-IT! I will NOT be outsmarted by a rodent!!!!! (Seriously? Who is looking like the smart one in this scenario? Unfortunately, I don’t think it is me…)

So help me, if I wake up tomorrow and that cage door is open and Mr. Nibbles is gone, the next time he gets caught he will be released into my neighbor’s backyard with their two cats. We’ll see whose fast then! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

All we wanted was a low-maintenance pet for the kids.

(And seriously, I can’t be the only one to see the humor in a 230 pound woman chasing after an 8 ounce hamster….)


Anonymous said...

I'd be ok with a dancing with the stars blog...love your random thoughts on the show...Personally, I thought Clyde would be waltzing out of there.

Caroline in NC said...

I know Paulina wasn't that good, but Shandi and Leeza have got to go. That whole "Barbie and Ken we're the American couple" thing makes me gag! Paulina at least was elegant and graceful while Shandi just put on a bikini. Anyway, I just hate it for Paulina... she looked so sad

Kati said...

Can I say how cool I feel that you mentioned me by name? Glad I could clear up some of the prosthesis worries. Now, how do I feel about Heather? Well, this could become a bit of a tangent that would fill up your guest book, so I'll just say that I think she is riding this one legged thing as far as it will take her. I don't think she's a great role model for other amputees, but unfortunately she's all we have at the moment. The entertainment industry isn't exactly pushing us cute one legged girls out there. I think that a person who is disabled should look up to people like Mark Zupan (http://groupbenefits.thehartford.com/usp/athletes/zupan.html) or Ron Williams (www.ronswilliams.com) or Bethany Hamilton (http://www.bethanyhamilton.com).

Thanks for the compliments! Send ABC letters saying you'd rather see me as the co-host. I'm sure my cute hubby would love to quit his job and live off of me for a while.

Robbin said...

This comment has nothing to do w/DWTS but I didnt know where else to put it. Anyway I was reading one of your blogs that you like to read...Pioneer Woman. I think she is your long lost twin, the diet dr pepper comment in one of her posts convinced me. Thanks for sharing that blog link w/us.

Liza said...

While I was peversely glad that Billy Ray was spared - yes, I secretly enjoy Hannah Montana - I was sad to see Paulina go. Would've liked to see Shandi or Clyde go first. But my friend commented that she thought they were making Paulina look old - and I looked up her age and she is only 41! Only a few months older than ME! I would've put her in her late 40's! Surely she could've pulled off Shandi's bikini and given herself an extra week?

Sue said...

Hi Kristie,

I only rarely watch DWTS, so I can't comment on that. However, I'd like to comment on Chris's Mr. Nibbles story. I had a similar hamster as a kid. We put the fluffball in an aquarium with a sheet of screen fit over the top, and secured the screen down with rocks at each corner. Unfortunately, the fluffball escaped again by climbing its water bottle and squeezing through a piece of screen that wasn't weighed down. It crawled into the inner workings of our dryer. I had a dead hamster and a very angry mom the next laundry day. My brother wasn't very happy when he fixed the dryer, either.

Hope I didn't gross anyone out too much!


Anonymous said...

What is this show? Never watched it, don't know anything about it.

Staci said...

i have a confession.

I no longer have to go to Kendrie's caringbridge page to come here.. Yes. thats right, i typed in the url all by myself..

im addicted.

I hope you enjoyed your pizza hut breadsticks, diet dr pepper (my fridge is stocked) and DWTS

Anonymous said...

why is it called "sleeping together"...its not like they are really sleeping!!??

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I dont watch DWTS, Im busy watching Idol. Did you see Sanjayah's (sp????) hair??? I mean, I feel bad for the poor kid with everyone ragging on his singing, but, I wanted to reach through the screen and shave his head!

As for DWTS, Im a Leeza Gibbons fan, was a guest on her old talk show once, and she was very nice.

TO KATI: We have a one-legged friend named Jill, (osteosarcoma resulted in an amputation way up at the top when she was a young teen.) We met her through Team in Training, she does century rides, triathlons, is a black diamond skiier...just an awesome gal!! She is so inspiring, showing the world that, legs-shmegs, there is a lot of living to do!!

BTW, thinking of Blaine...praying that the shoulder/cancer situation is doing better.


Anonymous said...

This is so off topic.. Today at the gym, in the sauna, some lady goes..."When are you due?" Holy crap, that sucked. I thought of you and smiled. Amy

Cheryl and Angel Haley said...

Being attracted to the underdog, I was SO pleased to see Billy Ray Cyrus still on the show.

And, being attracted to nerdy, smart men, I was DO disappointed when Tucker Carlson was voted off first thing last season.

Good thing my husband happens to be a nerdy, smart underdog. :)