Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Flattered. And a little Frightened.

Um, seriously??? I thought, like, seven people read my blog.

My mom.
My mom's two friends from high school (you know, the grown ups whose very presence keeps me from dropping the f-bomb as much as I normally would.)

A few random friends and strangers.

I just figured they hit the refresh button a lot to boost my site counter and make me feel good. (Kidding. You know you shouldn't do that, right? It incorrectly inflates the site counter AND my ego.) :)

But all those comments bowled me over. I loved hearing from you and I read every single one of them. Twice. I'm humbled and flattered, and yes, a little frightened. Because now there is all this pressure to post interesting and entertaining stories about my life, which to be honest, is not always that interesting or entertaining, unless you count the story about how when I got home last night at 9:30, Kellen had thrown his new squishy toy, a disgusting black mouse, against the ceiling in our living room and it was stuck there, and Blaine had to get a broom and his extension ladder to get it down, and this squishy black mouse left a big squishy black stain on the ceiling and Blaine pinched Kendrie's fingers in the ladder while he was throwing a hissy-fit and slamming the ladder closed because he was angry with Kellen for throwing it up there after he told him ten times not to, and he did it anyway, so Kellen was pouting and Kendrie was crying and Blaine was cranky, and I walked in the door after four days away and none of them even noticed I was back ..... ahhhhhhhhh, it's good to be missed.

But anyway, my POINT is, I just got back last night and I swear I'll post tonight, after my day of taking the dog to the vet and volunteering at the school and soccer practice tonight. Because I'm sure somewhere, somehow, there is an interesting and entertaining story about my weekend away. If you consider taking naps and gossiping with my friends to be interesting and entertaining.

For now, I need to go buy some white paint. I have a squishy black stain to cover.


Deborah said...

Thank God you're back. And glad to know you were missed at home! You need to post some of your scrapbooking creations too. Crafty people want to know!

Pammy said...

YAY!!! You are back!! I didn't sign before because I honestly thought you wouldn't read all those comments..But I can't wait for the next Escoe installment!!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!!, my life was so empty without reading your blog (really, I don't have a life, well, I guess I do, I have 3 kids, 3 cats and a dog, oh, and yeah a husband. anyway, so glad you are back. Hope you had a great mini vacation.

Anonymous said...

What a relief! The world is back to normal....well, my world is anyway! Welcome home!!

Amy said...

I feel better all ready just knowing you are back and we can resume regularly scheduled blogging!!! :)

Welcome back!


Amy said...

Omigod. I can't believe I spelled already wrong. It's gonna be a great day. :/

Jessica said...

Ah - now I can resume normal normal surfing while I should be working. Thank God for distractions or I would actually get something done here. Can't wait for the next installment!

Anna in IL said...

Get some Killz for that ceiling stain. Otherwise, you'll be re-painting it every week. That mouse sounds like he meant business.

Tracey said...

Welcome home! Let me know how that 'white paint' matching goes, I put some candles on the top of the tall entertainment cabinet a few years ago and now there are nice brown smoke marks on the ceiling...still there....scared the white won't match....how tall is your ceiling anyway?? Extension ladder and broom??? Must be cathedral :-) I passed your link onto my sister because I was telling her all your stories anyway..and then when you started talking about your fertility journey, I told her to pass it on to her friend Adrienne, as she would be interested...so if EVERYONE does that sort of thing, well, not surprising you have literally hundreds of people reading your blog...but no pressure, or anything...now tell me something FUNNY!!! AHAHAHAHAAAA , totally kidding!!!! :-)

Donna said...

Oooh, kids toys can be such a PITA!!! A well-meaning mommy friend got all the kids at her son's birthday party those cool huge hoverdisc things. We didn't have helium but it looked fun just as a giant frisbee. Blew it up and turned the kids loose in the family room. Lots of crinkling (made of mylar you know) and sounds of it bouncing off the walls and ceiling. Didn't think a thing about it until I sat down the next day and saw black lines on the painted walls. Black lines that don't come off without wrecking the finish on the wall. AARGH!

Glad you are back and apparently well rested. And you know they really did miss you!

kim said...

YAY--all is now right in this Virgo's world...hehehe...YOU'RE BACK! AND YOU HAD FUN...ANOTHER YAY! I'm not yelling, that's just me being excited for you. I am so envious of your girls' weekend; I want one of those, but I don't have any girls! Thanks for the warning about your Mom's friends so I can watch my language, too; I do love me a good f-bomb! It makes me feel so rebellious--HA! Gosh (yeah, how's that for a word!), can you tell how happy I am you're back...positively giddy here in Minnesota! But, hey, no pressure. Friends don't pressure friends. But hurry with your next installment. HAHAHA!

Kristin Hicks said...

Yay - So glad you are back! I am looking forward to WHATEVER you have to say. Ditto the person who said buy some Kilz. That tends to work best before you try to touch-up the paint.


Kristin in NC

Anonymous said...

Ok next time you go on a vacation, you need to give a 2 week notice so that I can go on vacation too... LOL Seriously I hope you had a great time and I cant wait to hear about your weekend...

Anonymous said...

Ok, sorry, but save the "how my scrapbooking weekend went" story and please, continue with the, "how we became parents and then surrogacy" story. Uh, not to make you stay on topic or anything, but wasn't that what the poll was about, anyway??

Now you know, I'll read whatever you post and probably laugh like crazy but I really do want to hear the rest of "the story".


Anonymous said...

I am SO glad you are back - I know I "upped" the count meter a few times over the weekend, just checking back to see if by some chance you returned early! :-))
So - I am glad you are back safe and sound, slap some white paint on the spot and FINISH THE STORY!!! Ok- I am ok- not yelling, just strongly encouraging you :-))
Waiting impatiently!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is AMEN!!! After a weekend of the flu taking over my house, I need something to smile about. Like maybe..The Escoe familys never, ever boring life. I'm better now, so bring it on Sista.lol..Hope you had a great time with your friends.

Anonymous said...

We missed you! :)
Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I too am so glad that you are back! Can't wait to hear how the weekend was and of course the rest of the story!

Waiting in MN~
Shelly O'Reilly

Staci said...

Hey welcome back!!
I very much enjoy reading about your life and what is happening.. probably because i am so boring!! haha..

Anyway, if there is a day where you dont feel like blogging i am sure i speak for everyone when i say we would love to just see some PICTURES of your beautiful babes..

Im glad you had a peaceful trip!!

Staci C

Amy from St.Pete said...

Welcome back!! We ALL missed you very much. I can hardly wait until the next blog. I'm sure you could make paint drying seem like fun!!

Kathy (in Alaska) said...

Hi Kristie,
Ohhhh what a relief... you are finally back! In the future, I really think you need to request time off and run it by us. You just can't take it upon yourself that you are going to "be away" like this and leave us hanging!
We have anxiety, panic attackes, withdrawls, and for some of us, going a week without an
"Escoe Fix" is like finding out the Earth just ran out of Chocolate !!

Welcome Home... we LOVE you !

Kathy (in Alaska)

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back...

Anonymous said...

my husband took our three kids away this weekend and i had the house to myself...did i turn on the computer and "surf" in peace? NO! i knew you weren't updating so i didn't see the point! :O)

glad you're back; i'm sure the kids missed you as much as all of your "stalkers" did!

santa clara, ca

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! Waiting not so patiently to read the next update..... :)

Mary in Illinois

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!!Kristie is back! Can't wait to read some more!!!!!!! My sad, depressed life has some sunshine!!!!(yes, I know, overuse of exclamation point, but I'm happy) Hope your trip was refreshing. Sandy in GA

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!!Kristie is back! Can't wait to read some more!!!!!!! My sad, depressed life has some sunshine!!!!(yes, I know, overuse of exclamation point, but I'm happy) Hope your trip was refreshing. Sandy in GA

Alice said...

I have loved reading your caringbridge site and your new blog. You have made me laugh, cry and a few times stand in my seat and cheer!

I've always just been a lurker, but today I just had to tell you how much your stories have touched me.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back :) Glad you had a good time.. Black spot.. just paint wings on it and pretend it is a halloween bat.. LOL

Woohoo we are back to our regular blogging. :)
Sue TX

liz in sumner said...

Well, someone actually put you up there with new episodes of Grey's Anatomy......nothing like a little pressure, huh???!! I'll ante up and say ditto to the Grey's Anatomy (I love that show) and raise you new episodes of Survivor AND the final season of the Sopranos!! That's setting the bar pretty high, but we all have faith in you. So glad you're back!!

The Other Elle said...

My mom is a "fixer-upper" and swears by the use of Zinsser BIN instead of Kilz. She says to make sure that you wash the area with a strong detergent first, to get rid of surface grime or smoke or whatever. Ventilate the room while you're applying the primer! She uses a small roller instead of a brush because it gets better coverage, she says. The BIN will keep any stain from seeping through your new paint.

Can you tell that she had four kids who liked to draw on walls with crayons and markers?

WELCOME HOME! We missed you!

Tammy said...

I have followed Kendrie's site forever, but only signed her guestbook a few times. I AM TOTALLY HOOKED ON YOUR BLOG!!! I don't read other blogs, sometimes I won't even get on the computer all day, until in the evening when I have to check for your latest post before I go to bed. I AM ADDICTED! Please keep the stories coming. You are absolutely hilarious. Now, since you are back, can you please continue the parenting saga so my withdraws will go away!!

Jessica said...

Thank the good Lord above you've made it back! I can always count on you for writing something interesting to make my day pass by faster. I can't wait for the next Escoe adventure story!

Dagny said...

Yeah! You are back!
I am fairly certain you will go down in blogging history. My pathetic blog hopes to be yours one day...

Renee' said...

Friends of Kristie,
She missed you guys this weekend as much as you missed her blog. By the end of the weekend, she had the shakes and needed a computer so badly.....

Kristie, it was fun!

Anonymous said...

OH GEEZ! How funny!!!

California Friend said...

Oh how I would have LOVED to have seen the look on your face when you logged on and saw 249 comments waiting for you!!! :-)

Welcome home....you WERE missed!!

Pat in CA

Anonymous said...

Ummm..Is it tonite yet? lol..Dont feel the pressure.

Sherri in NC said...

Just look at how many people are glad you are (finally) back, and be sure and include me in that list as well. I think there's no question as to what the "popular vote" turned out to be regarding you continuing your adoption/pregnancy/surrogacy story. And of course, no pressure at all, but please, HURRY UP! What's taking so damn long?? Your millions of fans are waiting, can't you hear us all out here tapping our feet impatiently? Looking forward to hearing the rest.

Andrea said...

You know what? Your loyal masses read your site because we like what we read. So there's no pressure to post to higher expectations just because of a high number of comments. We love you the way you are and I for one don't want you to feel pressured.

I didn't read all the comments (because HOLY MOSES!) but the ones I skimmed through all seemed to ask for the rest of the story, including the surrogacy. I hope you do. (Just my way of voting twice. I'm sneaky like that.)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Kristie!
Is it a problem that as I was checking a few CaringBridge sites tonight I literally said (out loud, to no one in particular, since I am here alone) "Ooh it's Tuesday, Kristie's back!!" ?? Should I be concerned that I am this excited to read about the life and times of someone I have never met??
Can't wait to hear about your trip and your next installment of the "how we made our family" story!
~Kristen in NY

D said...

WooooHOOO!!!! It's great to have you back Kristie!

I guess I should officially come out of the closet and admit that I have been following your family's story since Terry posted Kendrie's link on Julianna's site. I guess it was just shortly before Kendrie threw her chemo pills away for good. (Boy what a great pic that was!) For some reason (laziness, awkwardness, whatever), I never signed Kendrie's guestbook. After you stopped updating Kendrie's site, at first, I didn't realize that you provided a link to this blog. Once I found this link, I was hooked.

Ya wanna know why I am compelled to read your blog? Because you, my friend (though you don't know me at all!) have such a knack for summing up what we, as moms, infertile couples, etc., really feel. The strength and humor which guides you even in difficult times is really awe inspiring. And, it's really nice to laugh my head off every once in a while!

Okay, enough sappiness. I'm off to read about your girls weekend!


cancermom said...

I have 4 bright colored squishy sticky frogs on the ceiling of the boys bedroom.

They took up residence there about 6 or 7 months ago.

I am not taking them down.


If I take them down, I will then have to look at the ugly grease marks they leave behind, and the boys will just toss them back up on the ceiling in a different place.

I like to think of the squishy sticky things as "Ceiling Decoration". It just makes my life easier.

Glad you had a good time on your trip.

Hugs to you,