Thursday, March 29, 2007


Ya’ll, I FOUND IT!!! Hidden underneath a huge pile of clothes I needed to take to Goodwill! (Which was stacked on top of my treadmill that I haven’t used in six months … I have no idea why I have a weight problem) I was putting the clothes in bags to take to Goodwill later today and when I picked up the last shirt, THERE was my black and white floral notebook underneath!!

I feel like a crack addict must feel when they take that first hit on the bong (or pipe, or spoon, or whatever it is crack addicts use) and that sweet, sweet relief flows through their veins. Aaaaaahhhh. Reunited with my notebook; it’s a great feeling indeed. I haven’t been this happy since I found out the new Harry Potter movie is finally being released this summer.

So, depending on your perspective, donating to charity either is completely worthwhile (because I wouldn’t have found the notebook if I hadn’t packed up the clothes) or completely over-rated (because the notebook wouldn’t have gotten lost if I hadn’t put the clothes there to begin with) --- take your pick.

And since I TOTALLY agree with Mary in the comment section, about how it’s not the end of the world, and a good reminder that I’m really only a legend in my own mind, I leave you with a copy of the things, THE VERY IMPORTANT THINGS, that were in my notebook on my to-do list. So you can get a glimpse into my everyday life, and see why I am such a loser who wastes all kind of brain cells (of which I no longer have that many) on silly, silly things. But you know what? Even though they are silly things, having them in a silly list, in a silly notebook; having that notebook in my grubby little hands once more, makes me very, very happy.

*Library - Check out Island of the Blue Dolphin. (Kendrie’s gifted teacher is reading it to her class and a child dies in the book. Because of her personal situation, and having lost friends to cancer, I want to read the book myself and make sure I can handle any questions that might arise in an appropriate manner. And I think it goes without saying that all these words in the parentheses??? *THOSE* words are not on my list. Just my explanation to you.)

*Write Brayden and Kellen’s annual birthday letters.

*Pull credit reports.

*Start investigating laptops.

*Find Pioneer Days dress for Brayden.

“Where do you Go” by No Mercy
“Beat of My Heart” by Hilary Duff
“Uninvited” by Alanis Morrisette of City of Angels soundtrack
Goo Goo Dolls “Better Days”
Dance Version of “Crazy”
Adam Sandler “The Wedding Singer”
“The Rose” Bette Midler
“The Flame” Garth
Aerosmith “Dude Looks Like a Lady” (come on, how can you NOT love that song???)
The Smiths

*Check into The Mitford Series by Jan Karon

*Write Amy

*Contact Tech Support Computer Services at 478-xxx-0049 for help with laptop information.

*Call and check on summer tours. Make sure credit cards are updated.

*Book Seattle hotel.

*Take clothes to Goodwill (oh, the irony!)

*Recycle center

*Toys ‘R Us -birthdays Jacob and Ryan

*Proctor at school Apr 23-24

*Buy Mom's airline ticket for Blaine's next surgery

*Return Surprise Island to library

*Bank - Get quarters (to blatantly bribe the kids to not whine when we are driving on vacation next week)

Although I’m a little self-conscious to admit this, what with me not being Catholic and all, someone sent me an e-mail this morning and suggested I pray to the Saint of Lost Things about the notebook. I didn’t actually say a prayer, but when I read the e-mail, I substituted notebook in my mind ---- and it showed up! Maybe I need to check into this Catholicism thing more seriously --- they can find lost stuff, AND they have the green light to drink wine whenever they want. Nothing like those stuffy Baptists around here.

I’m so full of joy. I pink puffy heart my notebook. I think my blood pressure just went down ten points.


liz in sumner said...

(((SIGH))) of relief - my notebook and I are so very, very happy for you and your notebook....way to go! Just curious - Seattle again?? Both of you?? Anytime soon?? We're actually having some warm, sunny weather - without rain right now!! Unfortunately, can't guarantee that it will last....

Anonymous said...

What the heck are "birthday letters"?? I may have to start this tradition with my kids!


Renee said...

Oh Thank God. Life can continue. Bobo left her "notebook" at our house in GA once and I had to overnight it to her. She had major anxiety and it wasn't lost -- just not in her little fingers. I'd be a goner without my "notebook". Sleep with it under your pillow tonight.

Briana said...

I'm so glad you found your notebook. I have a planner that is kind of like your notebook (calendar, phone numbers, things to do list, etc.). If I ever lost that, the whole family would be in trouble and we wouldn't have anything to do either.

I hope you have a wonderful vacation next week, where ever you may go and whatever you may do.

Anonymous said...

ahh yes, St Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. I know that prayer well (thanks to DH's grandmom who is Catholic) and my Baptist self has used it many a times to find things!

Trish, VA

Tammy in Colorado said...

I've been a long time lurker, coming over from Kendrie's CB site and am not sure how I got there in the first place! I look forward to reading about your life every day, you just crack me up! I SO feel your pain, when I lose something I become totally NEUROTIC and can't quit looking for it or thinking about it until I find it...and I mean OCD NEUROTIC. I drive my husband NUTS. I'm glad to hear you found your notebook as I was hoping you would, I completely understand. I saw the note about the Saint of Lost Things...guess if I'd gone to church with my Catholic Grandmother as a kid like I should have, I'd have known that!

kim said...

Okay, so now you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I'm one of the ones who checks back periodically throughout the day. And, boy, am I glad I do! I AM SO GLAD YOU FOUND IT!!! I was feeling anxiety over it, so I couldn't imagine how you were feeling--HAHA! Now you will be able to enjoy your vacation...

Jennifer from AZ said...

WHAT A RELIEF TO HAVE THE NOTEBOOK BACK!!!! So glad you found it. Also Island of the Blue Dolphins is a good book. (or at least I liked it) I have read it several times. But yes read it first.

Natalie said...

I've decided to follow your lead and (not lose the notebook) GET a notebook instead of leaving my to do lists on post it notes all over the house. Then I won't lose the paper that has my grocery list on the front and our weekly menu on the back. Now I have no idea what we're eating this week even though I have all the food to make things. I wonder when it will turn up?

Natalie said...

PS--who is Bobo is Renee's post? I have to know! Can there be another Bobo out there? My nieces and nephews call me Aunt Bobo. Weird, I know.

Anonymous said...

Now...if you'd read The Secret (which I have not and will not) could say that you visualized the notebook and that's why it appeared.

Prayers, chants, visualizations, wtf ever, I'm glad it showed up because I could so totally relate.


Sally said...

My mom is a devout Catholic and her first words when something is lost "Did you ask St. Anthony?". I swear it always works for us!!

I too would love to know what a birthday letter is!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the notebook. Mine use to be the calendar. At one time I had all three children in different schools and of course two of our children each played three sports. There were nights when I went one way and my husband went the other. At one time, I sat down and figured out that I was going to have 16 years of bleacher butt. As it turned out the last child chose golf all through high school. And just how do you follow golf? So it ended up only 12 yrs. The first week we were totally done watching kids sports, we looked at each other and said, "Now what do we do?" I often said I wished I would have kept all those calendars from year to year and look back to see where my 20's and 30's went. But, I've moved on and the 40's are great. I told all my children that they all have to move away, but not more than 3 hrs. When one wants to come home, you call the others, and you all come home. "I don't want someone home every weekend." (he,he)I still have a notebook/calendar but it's just not as hectic.

Simply Jenn said...

Oh my goodness! I think if I listed my life out like that I would be so overwhelmed that I would crawl under my covers and never, ever leave. Then again, I would be WAY more organized so maybe it wouldn't seem like that big of a task.

It's weird, but I have a very strong urge to buy you a Palm.

And, "The Rose"? I knew you were the awesomest person on the planet. I love that song! My oldest daughter's middle name IS Rose.

Kristie, you ROCK!

Jennifer from Woodstock said...

You should definitely read the mitford books. They are really good. I was really sad when I got to the end of the series they were so good. It's been a few years since I read them. I may have to read them again. Hope you enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

So happy you found it! I love the Mitford Series. It is too cute and a very easy read.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record - I lost my 4 year old's VERY special stuffed dolphin (more special to me apparently than to him, cause it was missing for 3 days and he didn't notice) but it was only 2 weeks old, and special present from a friend who's mom had told me this was the ONLY thing her child had picked out on their trip to Sea World and it wasn't even for him, it was for his friend, etc.... so - very important to me because awwwwww....) and I SWEAR I prayed about it while I was at work (cause you know the whole day I was at work I was thinking about where it could be - why waste my time working? and it was driving me crazy that I was working and not at home looking in all the great places I was thinking of) but ANYWAY - I prayed about it and asked God to put it in PLAIN sight. and my hand to Him - it was ON the child's bed when we got home. Where it had NOT been for 3 days.

So, I'm glad you found your notebook! and don't feel self conscious about the prayer! God doesn't always fix the big things the way we'd like but every once in a while, he still shows us the little miracles to remind us He loves us.

Ya'll have a FABULOUS time next week and want to take mine? You probably wouldn't even notice him in the midst of all the chaos! (HA!)

Sherry - Fayetteville

Jean said...

Just in case you want a heads up, I'll tell you about Island of the Blue Dolphins (I'm a teacher.) It's pretty much a 5th/6th grade book.

Spoiler alert: It's about a brother and a sister who get accidentally abandoned on an island (it takes place a long time ago and I think they're part of an Indian tribe or something.) Anyway, the brother gets attacked by a pack of wild dogs and dies, and the sister ends up having to survive on her own and befriending one of the wild dogs. I never liked this book. I found it to be sad and depressing.

bac71861 said...

You should SO check out the Mitford series by Jan Karon. I love Father Tim and the whole gang. Great books!!!!! I also wrote birthday letters to my kids. Which by the way they are 27 and 22 years old.

cakeburnette said...

Austin loved the book when his class read it together last year. He is not particularly sensitive though, so you might want to take his recommendation with a grain of salt.... He remembered that somebody died (his words: "oh yeah some brother or something got killed.")

ryna95815 said...

Okay, I admit, I haven't read all of the comments, so someone may have already mentioned this . . . your attachment to your notebook (which by the way, I wish I was organized enough to have a notebook instead of ten million, yes ten million, post-it notes all over the place) as I was saying, your attachment to your notebook reminds me of an episode of Wife Swap - the organized wife had a calendar which she called "The Brain" which contained every single solitary event her family had scheduled (I believe right down to the menu for each day), well the new wife who was not so organized, burned "The Brain" so that the family could have freedom, or something like that . . . needless to say, the organized wife was less than thrilled to hear that " The Brain" had been burned, I think she may have even cried!

Come to think of it, does this coment have anything to do with this post? Or am I still wishing I had a notebook like you? Oh well, take it for what it's worth and have a great day!!!

P.S. Glad you found your notebook, I would be lost if I suddenly misplaced my ten million post-it notes!!!

Ryan (the girl)

Anonymous said...

So so happy that you found your notebook. Couple of things.. you should absolutely read the Mitford Series, they are wonderful. Also noticed grandma is coming back for Blaine's next surgery. If you don't mind please let us know what is going on with Blaine. I have had cancer on my tongue and I always keep Blaine and his struggle in my prayers.

Laura in Michigan said...

Not only will you love the Mitford series, you should also try Tales From Turnham Malpas (it's a series) by Rebecca Shaw. Very, very similiar to the Mitford series. I get my fix from Amazon. I guess they are hard to get in the States. They are "G" rated, but wonderful to read.
And I am totally with Ryan about Wife Swap and The Brain. That was the first thing I thought of with your notebook. But in a GOOD way....

Sue said...


I have read the Mitford books, and they are incredibly comfortable reading. You just grow to love all of Karon's characters with all of their idiosyncracies. In my mind, the Mitford are similar to the Elm Creek Quilters series: books where you get to know the characters as if they lived next door. Enjoy your reading!


P.S. Haven't read the Island of the Blue Dolphin yet.

katy said...

Yes you must read the Mitford series. Most libraries carry the entire series. Read them in order so you can follow everyone the way you should. I just read These High Green Hills for about the 5th time. Father Timothy is exactly what a church leader should be. It is a good series that you can leave laying around without the fear of what your children will see if they pick it up but it isn't preachy, it is really entertaining. I was so sad when Ms. Sadie died.
My childrens school did a talent show and the male teachers did "dude looks like a lady" from Mrs. Doubtfire with the oldest, grumpiest teacher dressing up as Mrs. Doubtfire. The science and history teachers were Aerosmith complete with long wigs and ripped t-shirts, drums and guitars. The kids thought they were awesome

Lisa said...

Run, do not walk to the nearest library/bookstore/friend who will let you borrow and get the first book in the Mitford series to take with you on vacation! You will not be sorry. If you're a fast reader, get the first two or three (my kids are 7 and 2 and 1/2, so I don't get much reading done on vacations yet.) You will love these characters so much and be sorry when you finish the last book. Ok, enough of my thoughts...have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

okay, this old and out of the loop grandmother wants to know who is singing the song Joy. I've googled every single lyric and cannot find a match. I will be as JOYful as you are now that you have your notebook back just as soon as I get an answer!

Love the site and your style.

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

I am a deserted catholic.... but i really do believe in St. Anthony or whatever saint it is. or the true desperation that makes your mind shift out of current panic mode that you are in and just "do things" = get stuff to good will = and then voila! it appears.
thanks also for the book insights for the kids. Have a great weekend! I hope you can relax and have some family time.
mary c.s.

Rachel said...

So glad you were able to find your notebook! St. Anthony always gets the job done at our house. :O) We use the ole saying "Tony, Tony turn around something's lost and can't be found" and then say what's lost and usually we're able to find it shortly thereafter.

And the Mitford series is EXCELLENT!
The Island of the Blue Dolphins however I cannot recommend as I thought it was most depressing when I read it as a child.

Catharina said...

Hi Kristie,

I found your blog through Amalah's Daily Dose and have been eagerly following your story ever since.

I just wanted to say that I can absolutely understand the way you must feel after finding your notebook again. Finding something you thought you lost for good is one of the best feelings ever. I myself have several notebooks, plus a calendar and would hate to loose any of them. Plus, I just love going through all the pages and pages of hand-written notes, even long after. I still have notebooks from years ago!

Also, I wanted to say that your summary of your up-coming family vacation made me laugh so much. I have three younger siblings and our trips went EXACTLY the way you described. The last time we went to Disney World, we all left in tears (even my poor mom) and, I swear, my Dad was THIS CLOSE to driving all the way back to DC right that minute. My poor parents, all they wanted to do was make their kids happy by taking them to Disney World...

Anyway, I love your blog! Thanks for sharing all your stories. I wish you and your family all the best.

Anonymous said...

Will you be my friend? :) Seriously, you've got to be the coolest person. I love that you want to read the Blue Dolphin book! I also appreciate the response re the lovely lady who asked when I was due!!! It bothered me all night. Not enough to get moving with the diet and exercise plan I had planned five years ago after my last child....but it was bothersome all the same. Then I read your blog and wal-lah....I feel better. You have the uncanny ability to see the humor in just about everything while still being sensitive. Thanks! I shared my sauna story with my co-workers and it's made for many laughs. Amy

Amy from St.Pete said...

I'm so glad you have your life back!! I'm great at writing lists but not so good with following through. What I need is a notebook like yours so I can keep track of all my lists. so thanks for the idea.
I sure hope that I'm the Amy on your list to write!! I know there are quite a few Amy's that your friends with, but I can always dream.
I hope you have a great weekend and vacation. At least you'll know what to do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kristie,
I'm glad you found your notebook! I have one too and like you I sometimes even write things on that I have just done (but they weren't on my list) so that I don't feel as though I haven't done anything, crazy or what?!!! I tend to leave my book in the same place most of the time, near the 'phone, then I don't lose it often! I don't take it shopping, I write my shopping list on an envelope or something! I liked the note somebody left you where she lost all the info in her palm and all her mobile 'phone numbers and felt liberated, how wonderful!! It's tempting just to wipe them all out and just talk to the people who call!
You write the 'thankyou' letters for your kids? (Or are these invitations to birthday parties?) I never did that but spent weeks telling them to do it or people wouldn't give them gifts any more, it is not easy, kids are a bit lazy about writing their letters and much to my embarrassement they didn't always get done!
How is Blaine, any news on how his tests went? I hope and pray that he is ok, I loved the picture of him with that huge (stripey) fish, what kind of fish is that? My husband is a fisherman, he fishes for trout mostly, but here in France I've never seen a fish like that stripey one!
Take care,
Love Angela

Elena said...

*Whew*!! I'm so relieved!!!!!!!!! Yesterday, I was thinking that I was reading my OWN nightmare and wondering how I would survive I lost MY notebook! I was wondering if you could see into my head and didn't comment because then I would have to admit that I got up at 1am when I read it and make sure that MY notebook was still in my HUGE bag that I carry around, right where I left it. Or that my second grader is picking up on this habit, and...not even joking...came in the other night in the middle of the night to tell me that she'd had a nightmare. She dreamed that she got to school and her folder that comes home every night and the parents have to sign and has their homework in it wasn't in her backpack. The child was practically hyperventilating! She wouldn't get a sticker! She might have to change her card color from green, which has been on green since her first day of school ever! Her life would be ruined! You'd think that something terrible and life changing had happened with as upset as she was and wanting to sleep in our bed and all. With her backpack. With the folder safely inside. As funny as it may be now, at the time, I also had the strange urge to check for my notebook. Maybe it's time for a support group. I'll put that on my list to check into.

Stephanie said...

I am so glad you found the notebook! It's awful when your lifeline gets lost...been there, done that. Now you can breathe easy again...and tackle that list of things to do! Have a great vacation!

Elena said...

Oh, and I LOVE The Birthday letter! Do you give them to your kids (as my parents did), or are you saving them for when they grow up? My husband's mother wrote him a letter every year, but he never knew. She passed away in November 2005, and when we opened her hope chest, we were surprised at what we found. He'd never been in there before, and it was a testament to his entire life. Each year, she wrote him a letter telling him how much she loved him, the things he had done that year that she was proud of, how he'd grown, what her wish for him in the next year would be, etc. They were each inside of an envelope, inside of a large manilla envelope with little momentos from the year. He had 40 years to sift through, and though it brought a lot of tears, they are in that chest, at the foot of our bed, and now are among his most prized possessions. It was one of the greatest sources of comfort for him. It also had a lot of stories about his adoption and what they went through to get him. He's always known he was adopted, but never really knew how intense the wait for him really was for his parents. In his most recent letter, she told him that he was her greatest work of art, and she could peacefully go knowing that she had contributed such a wonderful man to the world.

Anonymous said...

Good deal - glad you found your lifeline again! As far as getting quarters to bribe your kids on vacation - this is what I did when my kids were young:

Ann from St. Peter MN said...

Oops! Somehow that got sent without me finishing - here is the trick: We always spent summer vacations up at my dad's lake home, where the kids knew there was a candy store and arcade. Before we went on the five hour drive, each kid got a roll of quarters (heck - I knew I would be giving them the money eventually during the two weeks). Anyway, every time a kid would ask "Are we there yet?", "How much longer", etc. - it cost them a quarter. It also cost them a quarter whenever they had infractions against the rules we set up before we went, such as squabbling with each other, whining, generally being a pain in the butt, etc. You can change this up as you see fit. Because each kid starts out with the same number of quarters, they spent great effort trying to hang on to more than their siblings, and nobody lost more than a few. Greedy little bastards!

Anonymous said...

Kristie, Because I know you have nothing better to do with your time PLEASE add to your to do list "update blog with more pg and surrogacy stores!" :-)

Becky said...

So hilarious. I'm reading this and suddenly I feel the need to run to the store and BUY a notebook. As if this will help me to magically organize my life. You might think as a mother of five I am a very organized person - but as my many, many, many trips to the store to get forgotten must haves will testify otherwise (yes, like today for ketchup and trash bags - because how the HECK could we possibly be OUT of ketchup at the beginning of spring break??) I really am not.
And although I'm setting myself up for the day I will absolutely lose said notebook, I want to have a nice, tidy list to check off so I feel like I'm accomplishing SOMETHING!!
I love your blog Krisite! Someday, I promise to see you at a crop!
:) Becky

Tammy said...

Amen! Praise the lord! Kristie found her little book, thank you Jesus, enough said!

Anonymous said...

Liz, I think Steve Pool mentioned the "r" word coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Of course we don't know when Kristie and Blaine will be here or we could do a sunny day dance.

Kristie (and everyone else), while a notebook does sound like a good idea I know I would just lose it (or leave it at home rendering it basically worthless) if I had one. I'm a sticky note person and even those have about a 50% chance of making it out of the car.

But, you are a notebook person so I'm happy you found it. BTW, when are you coming to Seattle.

Elaine in Lynnwood who actually remembers her google password but who can seldom get posts to actually post when I do them that way so I will stay forever Anonymous.

D said...


How is it that you make losing and finding your notebook so friggin entertaining. I've been on vacation and have had such fun getting updated on the Escoes.