Thursday, June 29, 2006


What, exactly, constitutes a happy face? Well, here are a few examples from our vacation, in case you aren’t sure:

PS. I'm sure those of you without high speed internet do NOT have happy faces right about now, as you realize this is less of a journal entry and more like my own personal vacation photo album. And you dial-up people are basically screwed.

Although you can’t really see it, Brayden has a happy face here, since she is enjoying her life’s passion -- collecting every single solitary water bug from the pool:

The happy faces here are pretty evident:

But just in case you can’t see them, let me show you a close up:

And not to be outdone, here are a few more happy faces:

Here, we’ve pretty much crossed the happy line, into “gleeful” territory (Well, the girls anyway. I think their cousin was getting a little bored):

Here, not so much. This is more of a “Crap, now that I’ve gotten up, how do I keep from falling?” sort of face (and on second thought, the look on my face right now is pretty much horrified, as I realize I've just shared a photo of myself in a bathing suit on the internet):

Here, the face isn’t happy, but trust me, the spirit was. Overjoyed, in fact. But the face was concentrating, really really hard:

Here, there is slight anticipatory happiness because we think it will be fun. Quickly, we (and by we, I mean ME) realize our error:

Ok, this was basically a look of sheer terror that my brother in law was going to flip me right off the innertube. I wasn’t worried about my daughter at all. At this point, it was all about self-preservation:

Oh, wait ….. now I remember, this is fun!

And here is the happiest face of the entire vacation. You think she isn’t proud of herself? Think again. Neither her brother nor sister had gotten up yet in their attempts, and she wasn’t about to let us forget she was FIRST TO SKI, BABY, FIRST TO SKI!!! Essentially, we didn’t need to worry about a life preserver, because her head was swelling up so big I have no doubt it could have served as a flotation device in the event it was necessary. Which it totally wasn’t, because not only did she get up, she didn’t fall either.

And here’s another close up, in case you had any doubt:

Two thumbs up, everyone!!! (Which is sign language for "I totally rock, people!"):

And although there is no picture, you should see the smile on MY face, now that it appears I have (finally!) figured out the webspace/host issue and can once again play music on this site. Not only play music, but store both music and pictures on a site with plenty of bandwidth. The happiness I’m feeling has no equal. Picture me doing the cabbage patch around my office, spinning in happy circles, arms outstretched, throwing myself a ticker tape parade, giddy with joy …. No, wait, that’s certainly not an image you need burned into your retinas. Just trust me that I’m SO glad to have it all figured out finally. And if you’re here, and not hearing music, and not seeing any of the pictures above, then just forget the whole thing, because I will formally give UP!!!!!


PS #1: Close your internet ears, please.

&**$#^$(^$#^$#^$&#*^$*&#^$&#^$ !!!!!!

IHATETECHNOLOGY!!!! I spent hours, HOURS, figuring out (and by "figuring out", I mean "harrassing the tech support people at my new web host server") until I got the music to work. So you'd think, wouldn't you, that the pictures would be done the same way? But apparently they are not. Or maybe they are, and I'm just too dense to make it work. Because heaven forbid it make sense, or work in a logical fashion. NO, that would be too easy. Because then what would I complain about, if not for the level and depth of my hatred for internet technology that is over my head??? But I can tell you I'm not wasting another minute’s sleep trying to understand it. Oh, no. Now, granted, I'll waste all the sleeping time in the world, logged on here, bitching about it, but as soon as I'm done loading the photos up the OLD way, it's off to bed for me!!!

PSS. Really? There are that many of you that watch The Real World? Well, ok, if you say so. I have no idea who it was, since I stopped watching MTV about fifteen years ago, when they stopped showing music videos!!! :) But according to the guy next to me, it was a male participant (sorry, I just can't bring myself to say "actor" or "celebrity") from the San Diego series. (Was there a San Diego series?) He looked to be medium to big build, with short, curly dark hair. From the back, he totally looked like Peter Brady. In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and say, YES, it was Peter Brady!!! (except I think he's on a VH1 reality show, so what the heck do I know?)

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