Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Kendrie -- Day 174 OT

Blaine -- home, recuperating, watching a lot of the girls’ College World Series from his position on the sofa, which is actually very much NOT like him, so I know he still doesn’t feel very good.

The family that plays together, or in OUR case, makes a team effort out of Daddy’s narcotics injections, stays together.

KRISTIE’S JOB: Draw medication up in proper syringes, with proper needles, and administer. Complain that Blaine doesn’t have enough fat on his ass for me to grab properly. Secretly feel envious. Do NOT complain when he wakes me up at 1 am to give him a shot, because at least he has the decency to wait to turn on the overhead light until I am partially awake. Convince neighborhood kid, who walked in while I was giving Blaine a shot in the thigh a few days ago, that this is perfectly normal and we are not, despite appearances to the contrary, hard core drug addicts.

BLAINE’S JOB: Stand or sit stoically and receive injections without complaint, even when I did something wrong that one time and the medicine burned like the dickens going in. Take advantage of the pain-free period afterwards (well, it’s not pain FREE, but it’s pain BETTER) to go around the house collecting Sonic cups and mumbling swear words under his breath about his wife’s addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper.

Avoid the entire situation until we are done, at which time she collects the used needles (protective safety caps on, of course) and deposits them in the proper Sharps container. Not sure *why* she has claimed this job as her responsibility, but it saves me from having to do it, so I just say thank you and move on.

KENDRIE’S JOB: To stand by intently, eyes averted, with the Kleenex in her hand, ready to staunch whatever wound appears when I withdraw the needle. She is the official “Kleenex-applier-muscle-massager” and quite proud of herself, thank you very much.

KELLEN’S JOB: Squeal like a girl and run out of the room whenever he sees me get out the first needle. I guess there’s not exactly a career in neurosurgery in his future.

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