Friday, August 21, 2009

Still not as bad as 2005

First day of school:

Child #3 forgot both her water bottle and her snack.

Child #3's best friend needed a baggie to hold her extra pencils.

Thankfully we live so close to the school I could run home and get everything the girls needed and bring it all back to school before the day had really even started.

But then I left my umbrella there in the classroom.

It was raining.

Second day of school:

I forgot to ask my children the night before if they wanted to buy lunch at school, or pack a lunch from home. (Hush, I realize my children are old enough to pack their own lunches but I'm still trying to play the "good mother at the beginning of the school year" shtick.)

This morning, after looking at the cafeteria menu for today, all three informed me they wanted to pack a lunch. Of course they did.

Kendrie wanted a ham and cheese sandwich, but informed me there was no more lunchmeat. I told her she could have pb&j.

Kellen informed me the cheese had been left open by accident and was hard. I told him HE could have pb&J, too.

Brayden said she would actually PREFER pb&j, but that Blaine had finished the last loaf of bread a few days ago and forgot to tell me.

Blaine confirmed this to be true.


So, Blaine ran to the store to buy lunch meat, cheese, and bread, and hey, while you're there, we need another gallon of milk and the kids would probably love if you'd buy some of those individual bags of cheetos that I am always too cheap to buy, thanks, honey.

He came home and I rushed to make the lunches.

Which Child #1 AND Child #2 walked off and left sitting on the kitchen table.

When we realized it, half way to the school, I told them children not to worry. I would bring their lunches to the school this morning and leave them in the office.

At which point Kellen said, "Never mind, I don't want to eat it anyway."

At which point **I** said, "Oh. You WILL eat that lunch, and {insert scary demon voice} YOU. WILL. LIKE. IT."

But hey, at least they all three made it to school, unlike my nephew, who missed his first day of middle school ever, thanks to some mystery "summer virus" that rendered him home in bed with a high fever and sore throat on the first day.

Something tells me that the weeping coming from my sister's house yesterday morning wasn't from happy baby angels ....

And still, NONE of it was as bad as this year.


Karen - Mommy to four sweeties said...

Sounds like a day in my life with my 4 kids who don't appreciate anything.
I especially like the demon voice because sad to say I have one too.And it comes out often!

Anonymous said...

I still make my kids lunches...that way I know they eat...and besides, I have to make my lunch too :)

Alisa said...

My favorite line?
"At which point **I** said, "Oh. You WILL eat that lunch, and {insert scary demon voice} YOU. WILL. LIKE. IT."

Please let the summer virus not be traveling around, and be known as the "back to school virus."

Anonymous said...

I still pack my kids' lunches and they are 15, 12, 10 and 8. I am sick in I actually enjoy it. It was one of those real "mom" things I looked forward to doing pre-momhood.

I hope your nephew doesn't have swine. I heard it is gearing up with school back in session and quite frankly it creeps me out.


Missy said...

Our first day is Monday. And omigod am I thrilled. I still make lunches, too, and at least 20% of the time, they get left at home.

Fever & Sore throat = symptoms of swine flu (and of course, many other viruses). Just a thought.

Mandy McMahan said...

My mom made lunches for my dad, my brother and me all the frickin' way through high school. :) We truly didn't EXPECT her to, she just did it. She had to make her own lunch so she just did it four times so we could all have lunches. We definitely had other chores and responsibilities -- but I still feel grateful and loved when I think of how my mom took the time to make our lunches for so long.

Also, I'm so proud to say I've been reading your blog for so long that I remember reading that 2005 back-to-school post when you originally posted it. And I still laugh picturing how horrified Brayden must have been when that squishy toy exploded all over her. :) That was one rough morning!