Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our weekend, in numbers:

3 -- numbers of stores I had to go to, to complete our back-to-school shopping lists. Because neither Target nor Staples had refill packages of wide-ruled notebook paper. The heck? That's like running out of number 2 pencils, or paperclips .... not acceptable.

17 -- number of times I complained about the current state of young miss fashions. Because a year or two ago, when all the girls' fashions were of midriff tops, shortened to show off my daughter's mid-section, I did not like it. She was not a hooker then and we did not want her going to school half exposed. This year, she is still not a hooker. So although girls' shirts are plenty long now, can someone explain to me why they must be so fitted? As in, curve-hugging, skin-tight, why-hello-every-line-of-your-undergarments tight? And please don't suggest layering .... three layers of skin tight clothes are still skin tight. And she is still not a hooker. And I griped about it in 17 different dressing rooms.

1, 3, 5, and 7 -- The sizes of clothes that are either too small, or too big, or BOTH, for Brayden in the juniors department. Clearly I need advice from the moms (or dads) of girls who are slightly older and slightly bigger than Brayden. She is fast approaching the day that the pants, shorts, and skirts in the kids section no longer fit, and the size she currently needs is not always on the rack. So we made our first foray into the Junior Department this year ::weep, weep:: I so don't understand. We found 3's that were too small, and 3's that were too big. 5's that were too small, and 5's that were too big. 7's that were too small; most 7's were too big. Almost all pairs were so low-rise that when she would sit down they would gap out the back and her crack would show. Thank the good Lord above that SHE refuses to wear them that way. In the meantime, I guess she'll be like her mother and buy lots of elastic waist sports clothing. Thankfully, NOT like me, they still look cute on her and she won't have to fend off questions about whether or not she is pregnant.

1,742 -- The number of dollars I spent on fresh fruit this weekend, only for Kellen to tell me he wants to take a break from smoothies.

2 --The number of trips it took to Home Depot before Blaine bought the correct color toilet seats for our bathrooms.

1 -- number of dead animals found laying in the road in front of our house.

1 - number of times my bed was wet in this weekend, by someone sleeping

1 - number of times it was an animal and not a human

1 - number of times I wondered if that was normal or if I should call the vet

3 - number of loads of laundry it caused

2 - number of hours I was in church this evening helping set up for a breakfast before I realized my t-shirt had a bad word on it.

83 -- number on the scale at Kellen's football weigh-in

many numbers above 83 - numbers of his team mates

358,389,177,893,859,373,420 - number of cockroaches our renter left in our house when she moved out. At least according to Blaine, because I am FORBIDDEN (his word, not mine) from going in the house because he swears I would have a heart attack and die and fall to the floor and the (*#$(#*)$* roaches would carry my body to their den and eat me.

120 - number of photos of Kellen I took for my photography class this week. (And yes, I will be sharing them with you, because this apparently *IS* turning into a photo blog ... which is what happens when I have nothing else to blog about. Well, photos, and dumb lists like this.)


Anonymous said...

Try Aeropostle for Brayden. There jeans seem to fit well and their sizes are true? Maybe, sort of, I don't know we had luck there.
Christa Frantz

Maureen said...

I have to share a story with you... My parents have a house at the beach here on the East Coast, my Dad is retired and he spends the entire summer at the beach house while my Mom comes back and forth from DC. Anyway, there are a large amount if Eastern European and Russian college students that come to work at the beach for the summer. My Dad's church hosts an International Students dinner every week that my Dad volunteers to serve at every week because he loves to work in the kitchen, but mostly to ogle what he calls the 'Russian Cuties' but that's another story. So a few weeks ago he is all excited to wear a t shirt to the dinner that has some Russian writting on it, he thinks the cuties will be impressed. He asks one of the Russian cuties what his shirt says, and she tells him that his shirt repeats the phrase "There is no God!" over and over!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too big as in too long? Junior sizes have leg lengths. Short, average (or regular) and tall (or long).

At 11 my DD wore a 00 Short. At 12 a 0 short. At 13 she wore a 1 or 3 average. Now at 15 she wears a 5 average, but could use a long, since she is ALL leg.


Mad Woman said...

As someone whose daughter is only 7, it scares me to see what is out there for the girls these days. I actually went into one store that was selling THONGS small enough for my 7 year old. WTH??

Anonymous said...

Not a dumb list to're great. Eeewwww about the cockroaches.

hyzymom said...

I feel your pain about Brayden. We went through the same thing a couple of years ago. Too big for kids section, really too small for Juniors. Eventually she'll fit into the juniors better. I have a question... was Kellen's weigh in with pads??? I've always giggled along with your comments about Kellen skinny-ness. Since he and Zack are the same size and I am also raising a kid that looks like I starve him in the basement, but at Zack's last appointment he weighed 67lbs!!! Please tell me Kellen was wearing pads or give me your secret....

Tracy said...

I'm so with you on the clothes for young girls. My just-turned-13 daughter hates the skimpy fashions, too. I'm grateful for that, but it makes it almost impossible to find something for her to wear. You might try JCPenneys. They carry size 16/18 in the girls department, in clothes that are little more "decent."

Love Being a Nonny said...

DON'T go in the rental house. You might not be able to blog again and then what would we do? How would we laugh?

Check out my site today. I am having a Target Card giveaway because of a photography blog!

Beverly said...

Oh no...junior clothes! We're in the same situation with our 12 year old daughter. And we're having the same problem of things not fitting. So...she tries on everything before I buy it, and she's not allowed to whine in the dressing room (about the cutest pants in the world not fitting) or we leave the store. It's workig...a little!

Anonymous said...

We had a female lab mix that started to wet the bed while sleeping. Turns out it was a hormone problem, and she was on hormone therapy for awhile twice in her 15 years. It took care of the problem immediately and was only a problem twice in her life. Might be worth checking out. :)

Gayle in AL

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Misses Petite department for Brayden? My experience with "Junior" size clothing was not only did they look trashy, the quality was trashy. Target actually has some cute junior clothes and Women's size XS that might work. I just love seeing these 12 year olds in the "extra low cut" jeans bend over not only to reveal their butt cracks but their $22 Victoria Secret's thongs. I was in Victoria Secret's recently, it was the busiest store in the mall and it was all pre-teens and teens buying $50 bras and $20 panties.

Denise said...

Kristy -

For pants and shorts you might want to try, I know you don't want to hear it, the 0's and 2's in the women's dept.

They tend to gap a little bit let as the waist is a little bit smaller!

Just a thought! (Had to do this with my daughter!)

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to shopping woes with the preteen....I can say though that my Alyssa finally found jeans at Old Navy sweetheart cut, petite size that fit her...and I don't know if you guys have Children's Place stores but they are trendy yet not sleazy and are reasonably priced. What I hate about shopping with Alyssa is she gets so discouraged when nothing fits and ends up buying whatever will fit only to inform me the next month that said clothing is stupid and ugly and "I have nothing to wear.." and shoes let's just say 6 stores and 45 pairs before we found appropriate ones that actually fit...grrr...I think this year she will go eco-friendly and wear potato sacks ;-)

Bridget from Canada

Anonymous said...

I busted out laughing about the t-shirt with the bad word while at church set-up! You're so funny!

Anne in GA

Jeanette in GA said...

At least Kendrie has saved you from dealing with two girls in the Junior'd department and their hooker fashions.

With you on the roaches. I could deal with a snake better than I could a roach.

Sue said...

Buying clothing for preteens stinks! My daughter is more, um, curvy than most 12 year-olds, who are usually pretty small or flat on top and have little in the way of hips. We wind up in the Misses section, looking for about a size 6, and desperately searching for clothing marked petite. Then the trying on game starts. My 12yo hates trying on clothing, hates clothes shopping, and would prefer to wear old t-shirts and stretch pants to school. Comfort, not fashion, is her priority. I'd like her to at least wear a blouse and try a pair of jeans here and there.

Renee said...

7 - number of days until school starts here! When's lunch?

Brittany said...

I'm glad to find someone else who finds it unacceptable that a major retailer is out of a basic school supply! Our Target was out of crayons and paper.... 2 weeks before school starts. I had everything in the cart but since they didnt have crayons, I put it all back. If I have to go elsewhere for CRAYONS and PAPER, I'm just buying everything elsewhere! Target infuriates me!

Cindi said...

As I am only able to parent BOYS, I'm of absolutely NO HELP with the clothing. However, I can tell you that I needed a good laugh today and I want to thank you for supplying that.

Lollyblogger said...

The clothes for young girls are RIDICULOUS. And MIley Cyrus had a pole on stage at the MTV awards. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

I wish they could wear Gymboree until college.

Catherine said...

I am at the point in my life where I have limited brands in certain styles that I can wear. I don't even bother to try on pants/jeans or anything fitted outside of those brands because the chance that they will fit are too small and a waste of my time.

Part of the problem is that I do have a "curvy" body. Not bombshell curvy, but just I have a very defined waist, and things have to fit very specifically or they look funny and are uncomfortable. Can't wear low rise pants, for instance. Always was that way, even at Brayden's age.

s-peak said...

If I had a blog this would have been a post from me!!

*our walmart (only place in town to shop) sold out of paper too, a friend had to buy us some.

*clothes, ugh that is a pet peeve of mine. The fashions of today are insane. My daughter is not fat by any means but trying to find clothes to fit someone who is not a toothpick is pure torture for her and for me. Any suggestions for places to shop would be helpful!!

Jenny said...

Ok, so I am laughing my behind off trying to figure out what could have been on your t-shirt that you wore to church!

Hope you guys are good! Wish you could come to Quiet Heroes -- any chance????

Anonymous said...

Trying to figure out what t-shirt you could of had on, was it ASScrappers??

And my comment on the girl clothes, everything is WAY to TIGHT and LITTLE. You know I'm having a very hard time fitting my girl.

katy said...

We went through that for years. We could usually find clothes at Aeropostle, Kohls and Pennys. She usually had to layer because the tops are so thin you can see through them.
My daughter is 18 now and starting to enjoy the tight shirts and low cut jeans....I had hoped that wouldn't happen.

Alisa said...

*Oh the cockroaches. I have nightmares about them.
*The clothes- I am right there with you.
*You have convinced me we will not be getting a dog or any other animals. I have enough human waste to deal with.
*You did not mention how many times you have had to go back to the store to get new items that are now on the "revised" school list. grrrr
*How did you realize what your shirt said?

Amie said...

My Target really was out of #2 pencils today!

Sorry I am no help the jrs clothes, but we will soon be getting there so hopefully you can figure it out and let the rest of us know :-)

Lissy said...

Try Old Navy for the jeans...they have a variety of styles and sizes that usually fit pretty well!

ErikaM said...

Regarding the dog pee- whichever dog is doing it, it is most likely a hormone imbalance issue (low testosterone if it's Brew, low estrogen if it's Barley). Either way, you should get it checked out. The office visit and the meds shouldn't be very expensive (maybe you can barter some of that extra fruit you'll have laying around) so get it done, because you'll probably get sick of washing your pee-sheets all of the time. I'm a vet tech in Minnesota and we see this issue fairly often, although usually in older pets. With your younger dogs, it's hopefully a temporary issue and easily resolved. Good luck!