Monday, August 24, 2009

Copy Cat

So you might have noticed that over in the sidebar of my blog, I have a running list of other blogs I follow. Some for the great writing, some for great photography, some for humor .... etc.

One of my faves is Gorillabuns. I started reading Gorillabuns because I had met Shana in person and she is honestly, funny as all get out. Then, tragedy struck their family earlier this year and now I read her blog, wishing beyond wishes that I had something wise or profound or even remotely helpful to say.

Anyway! Tonight a new blog entry popped up at Gorillabuns titled "Jake? Jake Ryan? He doesn't even know you exist!"

Here is the comment I left on Shana's site following that entry:

Oh. MY. Gosh! When I first saw the title of this post, I wondered why on earth you were quoting Hannah Montana ... because her boyfriend's name? Is TOTALLY Jake Ryan! Then, a nano-second later, I thought to myself .... no, wait, that's from that Molly Ringwald movie. CLEARLY Disney is stealing material from past generations. Need more proof? The high school principal on Wizards of Waverly Place is named Mr. Larritate. Get it? Larry Tate? The boss on Bewitched???

And also clearly? I have way too much time on my hands. In fact, I might make an entire blog post out of this topic.

And now I have.

So you tell me, can anyone think of any other instances of current Disney shows where they have sneakily underhandedly copy-cattingly extremely creatively used named of characters from other shows and other eras?

Because I'd love to know how many more there are.


Sharon C said...

Hmmmm...that'll take some thought. Personally. I've been too caught up with Disney's tendency to kill off the mom's. Ever notice that? All those poor kids in those Disney movies don't have moms! (cinderella, pinnochio, mermaid, nemo, bambi, etc.) My boy was playing with his toy animals...big one and a little one. He said it was the Daddy and his kid. "Where's the mom?" I ask. "Oh, she's dead." I rest my case!

LINDA said...

On one episode of "Wizards of Waverly Place," there is an art teacher named Ms Majorhealy. (After Major Roger Healey from "I Dream of Jeannie.") I love it when Disney sneaks in these clever character names! I also agree with Sharon C that Disney does seem a bit too eager to kill off moms. Even Hannah Montana does not have a mother.

Kristie said...

I didn't catch the Majorhealy name ... that's funny.

And yep, I've noticed the absent mother thing, too. The mom on "Cory in the House" disappeared, and the mom on "Suite Life on Deck" didn't follow the boys "on deck" ..... No mom (or dad) on iCarly, although that's Nick and not Disney. No parents at all on Sonny with a Chance, or Zoey 101. I'm hoping the mom on Wizards of Waverly Place doesn't disappear, too.

Hope my kids don't figure out that according to Hollywood, it's normal and a-ok for kids to raise themselves!!

Anonymous said...

I always chuckle when Jake Ryan is on Hannah Montana, because OMG SIXTEEN CANDLES IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE!!!!! Sorry, a little excited there. I agree Disney is totally trying to pull the moms in by re-using names, but then why kill the moms off? Also, I have noticed 80s music (or remakes) in movies to try keep the parents interested (as in Monsters vs Aliens).

Rachel in ND

vgsmom said...

My daughter pointed out that all the episodes of Hannah Montana are rip offs of Full House. Which I then pointed out the ALL DJ/Kimi,
Hannah/??, Miley/Lily, Raven/? are complete rip-offs of Lucy and Ethel.

Love the references mentioned about Wizards--I had not noticed those. That's more of a tribute than a ripoff in my eye.

Jenine said...

On Nick, Jimmy Neutron's best friend is "Sheen Estevez" - a la Charlie Sheen and his brother Emilio Estevez.

My boy is 3. He isn't into the live-action Disney shows yet.

gorillabuns said...

Quite honestly, i try not to pay attention to the Disney shows though, i am concerned why the mother is always missing in them. just like in Max and Ruby. Where the hell is the mother?

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, in the Toy Story movie, there is no father. I always wonder if she's a single mom or what.

M&Co. said...

I have a theory that all movies and shows are just a remake of Gilligan's Island. Maybe I can work this into that theory.

Anonymous said...

I am so far out of the loop...don't have little kids anymore...don't watch TV- sheez! Look what I am missing...wait...come to think of it, I have all that at work :) And it all starts tomorrow!


Renee said...

When I worked at The Disney Store, people would ask quite frequently about the missing mom in Disney movies. Very odd. To add to Sharon's, Belle is also missing her Mom! What happened to the good ol days when everyone had a mom AND a dad???

Jenine said...

101 Dalmations and Peter Pan are the only Disney movies I can think of that have two parents.

Anonymous said...

Were you passed out in your car, or what???