Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Kendrie: Hey, mom, guess what. We made New Years Revolutions in class yesterday.

Kristie: Oh, really? What's that?

Kendrie: It's when you make a promise to do something for this new year.

Kristie: No, I know what a revolution is .... (too cute, how could I correct her?) What I mean is, what was yours?

Kendrie: I am going to read more, and I am going to make sure Barely always has food in her dog bowl so she won't be hungry and so she quits eating stuff around the house she shouldn't.

Kristie: Well, I think those are both really good plans.

Approximately five minutes later, Barely ate Kendrie's new mechanical pencil. ATE. IT. We were able to pry a sliver of orange plastic and an eraser nub out of her mouth.

Looks like Kendrie's New Years Revolutions aren't going any better than my own.


Coachblogger said...

I have a dog that will eat anything he can get a hold of... he ate all my children's swimming floaties this summer and I was constantly running to Walmart to get more. Maybe I need to start making sure there is food in the bowl from now on.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Bitter Apple? You can buy it at most pet store or Wal-Mart. If your dog won't stop chewing on something you just spray it on (chair leg, rug etc...) and then the dog gets a horrible taste in his mouth. Or if you catch him eating something he isn't suppost to just put some on your finger and stick it in his mouth. It is a good way to train. It is made for dogs and not very expensive!
Good luck!

Mel said...

Perhaps you should consider writing a book about the antics of know...Barley and Me? Ok...too close...but something!

Tina S. said...

Our 7 month old beast just ate another hole in the dry wall in the garage. The thing is she doesn't even have to stay in the garage, she is free to roam outside. We tried the bitter apple spray too. Worked great on the leash, but did not work well on the wall, depsite the fact I soaked it on the patched holes that she keeps going to. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Barely? Like Barely Able to Live With Her? :P

We have three dogs like that...

Anna in IL

dena said...

Kristie....did you get a new dog in the house.....Barely?? Can Barely wait to see what she eats next? LOL......I LOVE your blog so much......and your dog sounds like a hoot. Of course..I just saw Marley and Me......sounds like the two may be related:) Kendrie is such a doll...she comes up with some of the cutest things. Hey...I wanted to share with you too......there is magic coming to Wisconsin....rumor has it my little town will be getting the first EVER Sonic of our state. I can BARELY contain myself:) I cannot wait to experience the pebble ice:) Keep it up it:) Dena

Kelley said...

Gee I barely noticed that it happened not once, but two times!!