Sunday, August 19, 2007




Anonymous said...

He just has to marry my daughter - as i know what a great moment this was!
mary cron schulman

Tracey from Calgary said...

That boy has the BEST hair, so thick and beautiful! (just like Mom's!) Oh, I remember how fun the Po Go stick was!! Happy bouncing, Kellen!

ps good luck to Blaine with the upcoming surgery, all fingers, toes and other appendages are crossed.

Haley said...

I love how his hair flies in the pictures, as if in that moment gravity has escaped him. He looks as though he is having a blast! I will definitely be praying for Blaine's surgery (will he be in Augusta or Seattle?), and your survival of the spending of the dollar bills. :)

kim said...

He is one incredibly cute boy--really! Yes, the hair is great, and his smile is incredible--for such a young kid, he's already pretty much the total package. But what I like the very best? His knobby knees. SOOOO cute!

Natalie said...

Why do kids pull their socks up like that at this age? My nephew--same thing. Declan--same thing. I try and try to push them down. They pull them back up. They'll look back in pictures in 10 years and regret it. I keep telling them this, but no one is listening.

PS--personally never had the skill to pogo at all.