Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back to School Blues

Who am I kidding? I’m not blue, and neither are my kids. They love school and were happy it was time to return. It actually felt late, since we normally start back the first Friday in August. And yes, we didn’t get out this year until June 1. Not quite as late as some of you, but later than a lot. So pretty much ten calendar months of school. My personal opinion is that they are slowly but surely migrating towards year-round school here. We seem to get more breaks than many of you during the school year --- an entire week in October, an entire week at Thanksgiving, two weeks at Christmas, an entire week in February and an entire week in April, not to mention the various holidays, long weekends, and teacher-inservice days.

Personally, I quite like it. After nine weeks of summer vacation, let’s be honest. My kids were done. They were sick of each other and sick of me. And occasionally the feeling was mutual, especially when they would start arguing and bickering, although I would never admit it out loud. I enjoy having the weeks off, scattered throughout the school year. It gives us a long-enough chance to actually go DO something and provides a nice break from the homework routine, but isn’t so long that we all get bored with one another. Although this summer, in between our Lighthouse Retreat, honors camp, soccer camp, and our three-week OK/AK vacation, there wasn’t a lot of down time, either. And of course the non-stop watching of Hannah Montana, Suite Life, Corey in the House, and my kids’ most recent discovery, Drake and Josh. Let’s not forget about THOSE fun-filled hours! ::she said sarcastically::

I thought I would share with you some of the more random, entertaining answers they gave during our annual first-day-of-school interview, and then I think I’ll log off for a while. The heat index today is supposed to be 114, and yesterday, unloading $406 worth of groceries from my car (the hell? How is it I can spend that much money and we’re not eating prime rib every night???) I felt my face melting off and my body pretty much spontaneously combusted, which makes it very difficult to type with tiny charred fingers.


What did you think of your teacher the first day? “She seemed nice to the people who treated her nice, but a little bit bossy to the other kids.”

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? “Asia sounds cool.”

What is your most embarrassing moment? “I don’t have one for right now, but sometimes Kellen and Kendrie in public are embarrassing.”


What was the funniest thing that happened today? “When Xavier saw me and Gabriella, and he said, ‘Hey! It’s the two tallest people I know!’”

The biggest problem I have in school is: “This new girl named Angela who talks a lot. I don’t want to be her partner. I’m afraid she might get me in trouble.”

When I grow up I want to be: “CIA Ninja”

What do you think of your bedroom? “Well, we *have* been living here a long time and I’m kind of tired of looking at all the same things.”


When I grow up I want to be: “I have no idea. I have a ton of things -- a vet, a doctor, a policeman, and a Mom.”

What do you think of your class this year? “It’s infected with meanie boys.”

Something you think is important about our world: “Don’t throw trash on the ground, and don’t smoke weed. I don’t know what that means, but I saw it on a commercial.”


Tracy said...

"Don't smoke weed" cracked me up!!

Well, I have mixed feeling about school starting. I am glad I don't have to hear the bickering, but this year I am going back to teaching after 6 years off. I am hoping those days off will come quickly!

The back to school picture is adorable. Have fun running errands without the children!!

Anonymous said...

The weed comment made me lol. My kids go back after Labor Day. I'm looking forward to it, but will miss the lazy days of summer. I'm enjoying not having to get them up early or pack lunches. My oldest will be in 7th grade and her bus arrives at 6:50 a.m.....that's early for a 12 year old who has to get up early enough to do her hair every morning. I think both girls are ready to be back.


Dayna said...

OMG I love the idea of back to school interviews, and the "Don't smoke weed" comment is hysterical.

Connie F-G said...

We had one year of year around school in TX and loved it. We had 2 weeks in October and that's when we traveled. One week was used to invite kids who were struggling to come in and work more one on one and help them get caught up. They did it again in the spring and fewer kids needed summer school. Sadly, they had to quit because not all schools in the district were on that schedule so it was too expensive.

School starts here next Wednesday and I'll be fine!


The Running Girl said...

I love the first-day-of-school interviews. I may have to do that this year with my kids. And I just cracked up at Kendrie's answer about not smoking weed. That's too funny. Next time my kids complain about school starting too soon, I'll remind them that some kids have already started. Hope it's a good year for everyone.

lizinsumner said...

Well, no school here until after Labor Day, and I'll miss having my son home during the day, because right now I don't have to wake him up (MAJOR HASSLE!!!!) and I can call him at random times throughout the day from work and say things like "have you taken the garbage out yet?" and "have you done the laundry?" etc., etc....kinda like having my own house elf!!! Love it!

Jamie said...

The kiddo's respondes are so funny! I love that Brayden thinks Kendrie and Kellen are embarrassing in public sometimes!

For those of us that aren't feeling that creative, will you share your full list of questions for us to use on our kids?

Tracy said...

I am so with you on the year-round school. I wish we had it. Here in Minnesota, schools aren't air conditioned, so nobody starts until September. But my kids are ready to go back. I could really be happy with a shorter summer break and more weeklong breaks throughout the year. I hear they do that in Las Vegas -- but who wants to live in the desert?

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness! I am typically a'lurker' here but I had to stop and tell you....I almost spit my coffee out when I read Kendrie's anti-drug message! LMAO!

Anna said...

So hey, looks like it might be a great idea to let tv educate your children - Kendrie sure is getting some good tips! (I love the "I have no idea what that means.' Did you fill her in?)

Lanny said...

Maybe Kendrie could educate my daughter. She told her preschool class we live in a crack house. Nice!

Cathy said...

Hey can I use the "Don't smoke weed" comment on my bulletin board?? I usually have the cheesey Owl take care of you poster with the owl dressed up as a nurse.....I like Kendries comment much better!!
T minus 4 days and counting!!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

I live in Henry Co (Georgia) and we already have year-round school and it is the exact same schedule that you just said your kids have. lol

Your kids look entirely too cute for their first day!


Staci said...

OMG.. dont smoke weed..


Good girl!! at least TV is teaching them something.. right??

Have fun Escoe kiddos!!

Leeann said...

ROFLMAO!!!! ROFL!!!!!!

Kendrie's reply is an absolute classic. I love it!!


Patty House, Jasonville, IN said...

ROTFLMBO! Kendrie cracks me up!

We start school next Tuesday. =)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the weed comment.....I took my 7 year old and 12 year old to see "Hairspray" today (they don't go back to school until the 29th here in New England) and there is a scene when Michelle Peiffer says something about "risking communicable diseases...." and my 12 year old leans over and says "is that when they use bad face paint on your face?" - I guess I love that she's still a little naive!

Enjoy running your errands alone! judi mitchell, franklin, ma

Pam Doughty said...

So... I am thinking that Kendrie is watching TV.. and they do the public service message about "Don't smoke weed". And she's thinking, "DUH... who would go pull up some weeds and smoke them? That's pretty lame...!!!" I love the innocence of kids; my son would say and think the same thing. May it be a looooong time before they know what weed really is! (starting school TOMORROW...tomorrow... I'll love ya.. tomorrow... wooo hooooooo).