Thursday, August 16, 2007

Clone. Because really, there should be two of me, so I'll have two mouths to stick my feet in.

As per Websters: Clone -- “a thing that duplicates another in purpose” meaning when I paid for the computer guy to clone my old hard drive to my new hard drive, I just assumed it would *be* the same, and work the same. How silly of me.

Somewhat embarrassing: Having to return to the computer store and ask for a replacement power cord since I left mine lying there on a table when I dropped the hard drive off. In an attempt to cover my moron-ness as they handed me a new cord, smiling cheerfully and saying, “The clone is working great! I mean, ummm, I’m sure it will once I can plug the thing in! Thanks!” and then slinking out the door because hmmm, should I have offered to pay for this cord?

Somewhat more embarrassing: Trying to use my disc-burning software for the first time today since getting the machine back and discovering it doesn’t work ---- and having to call the store and confess that I have no earthly idea why it’s not working and that I thought “cloning” meant exactly the same and if the software worked last week shouldn’t it work now? If it is, indeed, exactly the same? Still, smiling cheerfully over the phone.

Somewhat even more embarrassing: Having to call back -- again -- and tell the tech support guy that his first suggestion didn’t take care of the problem, can he recommend anything else? Anything at all? Because seriously, this cloned version does not appear to be the same. Maybe I do not understand the meaning of the word “clone”. Smiling weakly through the phone line, wonder if it’s not perhaps time for some kind of adult ed computer class.

More embarrassing, still: OK, you know what? This phone crap isn’t cutting it. So getting in your car to drive to the store to talk to these people in person, and explaining to them that YES, you downloaded the most recent update of the software, exactly like they suggested, but you still don’t understand why that matters because the old version worked last week, and this is supposed to be a clone, why do you people not understand that??? Clone means the same!! At which point the tech support guy asks you if you’re positive you actually installed the update after you downloaded it. Hmmmm. Is that step important? This time, as you walk out the store, there is no cheerful waving or smiling, although you are pretty sure you heard smirking behind your back, at your expense. Consider stealing another power cord just to get even.

Most embarrassing of all: Loading up the computer and dragging it back to the store, flouncing in a bit of a huff, because you have done everything, EVERYTHING, you can think of to do, and if those people are so damn smart they can just fix it themselves. Only to have the tech support lady hook up the hard drive and start messing around with the software herself, and discover that yes, it really is dinked up and doesn’t work for her, either, no matter what she does. Feel somewhat vindicated, then begin to worry and wonder what ELSE about this clone is not exactly clone-ish. I mean, you paid a lot of money for the cloning and it should be EXACTLY THE SAME and it obviously is not, so what else is wrong?

That’s about when you notice her scrolling through your C drive, and there are all kinds of folders you have never seen before on there ….. folders with the names of musical artists on them, some artists you know and some you don’t, and you are hit with the realization that somehow, someone, some way, loaded a bunch of stuff to your computer and obviously -- duh! -- that is why it is not working in a clone-like manner. So in an attempt to point out that NONE of this is your fault, you launch the following comment: “See? What’s all that there? All those folders on my hard drive? Those aren’t mine -- I don’t listen to that crap --- I don’t even LIKE 50 Cent! You sure as heck didn’t clone THAT off my hard drive! I mean, that is NOT mine and I’m not taking the blame for this!” At which point the tech turns to you and says out loud …. “That music is mine. I have my thumb drive hooked up to your computer and those are my files.”

Oh, yes. Well, of course it is.

Sooooo, extra power cord, anyone?


KirstyB said...

HAHAHAHA...oh...I mean....I feel your pain!! Ugghhh...what a pain in the you know what!! Hoping it's all good now!! Computers stink!!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I sure didn't predict that ending!

But your story is exactly why, after many failed attempts to talk to those computer gurus on the phone, I now pay way too much to make them come to my house and I hold them hostage until it's all fixed and I have asked every question I ever thought of.

Dixie in CA

Mixed Up Me said...

Well she shouldn't have had her thumb drive hooked up to your computer!! I say the joke's on her! Did that make you feel better? Heck, I don't even know what a thumb drive is!

Eloise said...

Oh, yikes. I was all ready to take my computer in and have the memory increased. Think I will tolerate its c: drive warnings a little while longer until you tell us yours is running as well as(wasn't it supposed to be better than?) before.

Your experience reminds me of a funny incident. We have one of those "Geek Squad" computer repair stores here. They were new to town a couple of years ago and entered their logo-painted VW bug in our downtown Christmas parade. Many floats were paired with a band and majorettes. The Geek Squad entry was accompanied by a cadre of their employees carrying a banner reading, "We don't need a marching band. We WERE the marching band."

The Running Girl said...

That's why I let/make my husband handle all of the computer issues. All I need is for it to work - he has to make it work. Although I do finally know how to download my photos from my digital camera (although I have no idea how to put them on the external hard drive) and I finally figured out how to make video slide shoes with music. I'm so proud of myself! Ha!


The Running Girl said...

Oops. Meant slide "shows", not slide "shoes".

Deb said...

Ha! That is something I would totally do! thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

We've all said stupid stuff - although I think it was more her fault than yours lol
Can we have a confession thread for all the stupid things we've said/done??? lol Mine alone would be long :)


Melissa said...

Sounds totally like something I would do. I'm computer illiterate. Allow me to shift subjects though--on your last Alaska update you said something about one of your days being 'Pukefest 07' and I must admit that I am horrified yet strangely intrigued by this...I once had a bad experience on a boat tour and am eager to know if yours tops mine. Like passing a bad accident, I know I probably don't want to know, yet I must....

Joy McCarthy said...

I feel your pain. I just recently learned how to load music onto an iriver player. I am pitiful when it comes to tech stuff. So, were you treated to High School Musical 2 tonight as well? What did ya think?


Anonymous said...

Being the computer geek I am ... I do have to admit that even when you know a lot about computers something *something* will happen that you cannot explain. My parents always call me for computer help and can never explain what their problem is ... so last time I was home I installed a program where I can login and fix the problem from across the country ... much better than yelling at my dad from 1700 miles over the phone ;)

I hope everything is back to normal and running smoothly for you!

Have a great weekend :)

Jen in Texas

WendyK said...

LOL that is too funny!!! My husband is my Geek Squad, so all I have to do is tell him it ain't workin', and when I get back on the next morning it is. He built the one we have now to avoid problems with the ones at the store. That is totally what would have happened to me if I were to need to take it in though.