Saturday, August 25, 2007

Odds and Ends

First of all, thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and well wishes for Blaine (my gosh, I should macro that phrase, since I seem to need it every few weeks on this site and could save myself the trouble of typing it over and over.) We got home yesterday afternoon and for the most part, things went smoothly. It wouldn’t be “Blaine”, of course, without at least a little bit of excitement --- he already had the teeth yanked because they were rubbing on the skin graft and the surgeons don’t want anything touching the graft for four weeks, to allow it to heal properly. Anything. As in, at all. He is on a total liquid diet for four weeks; Boost and smoothies. The nutritionist did say anything I cook for dinner can be put in a blender, but gag. Can you imagine drinking chicken pot pie through a straw? Blaine said no, thanks, he’ll stick with the nutritional supplements and hope for the best. And in the meantime, we had a quick moment of thankfulness that he got the flu last summer and we didn’t have this surgery when the doctors wanted to, right before the cruise. Can you imagine going on a 7-day cruise and not being able to eat an entire thing???

He also blew out an IV and got a forearm full of Demerol --- imagine that, him with his butterfly fairy princess veins and all. It did provide a little levity to the moment when they decided to put the next IV in his foot and tape it to his leg. Blaine is not exactly a hairy, hairy man, but that tape hurts when they rip it off, so he asked for a minute to have time to shave away some of the leg hair first, before they attached the tape. He proceeded to shave several bald patches into various spots on his leg, and looked a bit like a dog with mange …. Hair here, hair not there. When I asked, “Why don’t you just shave the whole leg?” he replied, “Because it would look funny.”

Um, yeah. Because walking around with bald patches on one leg looks sooooo normal otherwise. Add to that the bright red, raw patch of flesh where they *took* the skin for the graft, and you’d think one leg had been caught in a house-fire.

He’s out of the Mick Jagger phase, and now looks like he lost a bar fight, or perhaps had a car accident and hit his mouth on the steering wheel. The doctor talked to us about the *next* surgery they can offer, a very high-tech event where they get 3-D images of his head, getting a sci-fi mold impression of the side of his face that is healthy. They would then build an internal mask, a mirror image of the side of his face that is normal, and then peel back his face and insert it under the skin, like an implant. The goal, of course, is to have the right side of his face look just like the left. Blaine admits he is self-conscious about the dent (for lack of a better word) where his cheekbone and gums used to be, and where all the radiation atrophied and contractured (is that even a word?) the muscles and tissues of his face. I told him he’s just as handsome to me now as he was when he first got cancer, and if people are so rude as to stare that’s *their* problem, not his, and geez, aren’t you ready to be DONE with all this stuff???? He agrees that yes, there reaches a point where you just have to say enough, and he thinks he is there. So I think we’ll take a wait and see approach to further reconstruction. Maybe in a few years, when he has recovered better physically and mentally, he’ll be up for another go at it.

In the meantime, I wanted to address a few things in the comments section:

Marie, you’re exactly right, I hadn’t even thought to include that four and half years of Blaine having cancer is long enough for his daughter to be diagnosed with leukemia, go through her treatment, and be off treatment for almost two years, kicking butt and taking names in the meantime. That is perhaps the best marker of all, that she is preparing to be a participant in the Survivor’s Clinic at Scottish Rite, something we can do when she hits the two-year mark. Go, Kendrie!

Rita, I’ve actually done three surrogacies, and the second one I carried twins. Hence the six kids. I’m probably going to share more about this soon, since several people have been kind enough to ask. I’m still mulling it over in my head, since I don’t want to do anything to violate anyone else’s privacy, and surrogacy stories are pretty intimate things.

I can’t remember who asked, but that butt-ugly orange fish in Alaska was called a Yellow-Eyed Rock Fish. Hideous, wasn’t it?

And last but not least, to Anonymous in the comment section --- Blow me. First of all, yes, this site is all about me. Guess what? It’s my blog, I can do that. It’s why I play the song “All About Me” so often; I don't care that you think music on a site is obnoxious. It’s why when I sign off here I think I’ll check to see if I can buy the domain all about me dot com, and why I erect billboards and shrines in my honor up and down the eastern seaboard. If you don’t like it, don’t read here.

Secondly, if you choose to not only read here but leave rude comments, for God’s sake, have the courage to sign your name. And for the love of pete, purchase a dictionary or thesaurus or perhaps even better, a Hooked on Phonics course you could complete. Because your mis-spelling and improper use of ALLCAPS and excessive application of exclamation points are annoying. So blow me.

Third, this is *my* personal site. I do not have advertising on this site because my intent was never to make money here, or try to lure readers in from anywhere. It is a personal forum which began with my daughter’s Caringbridge site, a wonderful service that allowed me to share and vent and purge during one of the most difficult times of my life. It then segued into this blog, just for fun. I write for my own personal enjoyment, and if a few people enjoy reading it, then all the better. But I do not put my personal life out there for your criticisms and critique. I didn’t ask you to come here and read, nor do I need to know that you think “IAM FUL OF MYSELFF!!!”

Lastly, I am tired of deleting you. So, here. I’ve mentioned you, and you’ve gotten the attention you so obviously want. But, in fact, you are quickly taking the fun out of this blog for me. So blow me. Buy yourself Hooked on Phonics. And then go away.


Jeanne (moose's mom) said...

I could never in a million years write anything negative about you or your site. I wake up each morning and check it and before I go to bed each night I check it. You have helped sooo many of us to realize that we have sooo much to be thankful for, the happiness & the good health of our children and our families.
Don't stop !!
You Rock !!
Jeanne in Philly
Yeah! I am finally first to comment!

connie f-G said...

Sorry to hear you are being trash talked. I hope that person will stay away although it's fun to read you when you are riled up! You go Girl!!!

Glad to hear Blaine is doing so well this time around. Keep loving on him!

Have a great weekend.


Grandma J said...

I'm so glad that Blaine is over this bump on his journey. I can't imagine what this has been like for him and your entire family. Grandma Betty is going to have to take a nice vacation to some exotic shore since the ones in GA (to hold down the fort) are coming to an end. That doesn't mean she can't take the kids with her :0

As for Anonymous....GET A FRIGGIN LIFE! Honestly, it isn't enough that this family has spent a good percentage of their time in hospitals, clinics, labs, vans, and hotels treating family members for cancer and cancer related issues. I can't imagine a life where a barf bucket and purel are everyday necessities. So come down from your ivory tower and quite judging others. Volunteer at a children's hospital, nursing home or animal shelter, but stay away for here.
Oh, one more thing, blow yourself.

Sorry, Kristie, people like that just get my blood boiling.

My best to all the Escoes and Lager too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry and shocked to hear that some people don't appreciate you and feel the need to tell you so. But, you can rest assured that there are more of us that love to read what you write and look forward to checking out your blog each day.

I've kept Blaine in my prayers - glad that things went well. I am one who will look forward to hearing about your surrogacies,

Lisa Conway in CT

Kimberly Andrews said...

You Go Girl!! Glad to hear Blaine is on the road to recovery - Ya'll are all in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

It makes my blood boil that some idiot felt it necessary to leave a comment like that!!! So F**k you Anonymous, go crawl in a dark hole.

I am so glad Blaine is on the mend.

I personally am looking forward to whatever you feel like writing about, so please don't stop.

Postcard Cindy

Natalie said...

Oh my. I have periodically 'lurked'/slash/posted since caringbridge times...and even then there were creeps like this popping up on the kids' pages, of all places. Do people just surf around and leave negativity?

This is a blog about you and what you want to post here. 'Its all about me!' Hello?! If they don't like it, don't come by. I personally love reading your posts, and how your family is doing. Don't let the minority discourage you!!

We are praying for Blaine's speedy recovery!!!

Elizabeth Spehr said...

You have been through so much and you deserve a site about you! We have much in fact you'd probably laugh I had to check and see if my boobs when East & West as I am 46... mercifully they don't - but I only had 2 kids not 6 - so maybe I gotta couple years left :)

Amy said...

Good rock! Not original but sincere. Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear about Blaine's recovery this go around! I hope the progress continues in the right direction....

And, to that poor unfortunate soul that was so nasty to you... I hope they fall in a hole!

Jan R.
Oak Park, CA

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Blaine to doing well! Definitely take the time to heal before he/you/the whole family decide about the next surgery. You never know how you might feel in the future.

I also wanted to say thanks for sharing so much of yourself! When I sent you an email - you were considerate enough to respond back. That doesn't always happen - thanks for you kindness! I love reading about you and your family AND since you are the author, you can d@#m well pick the topic you write about. Please don't let negative Anonymous posts convince you to stop.

Julie in Madison, WI

Wilson said...

Kristi - So glad to hear Blaine is healing so nicely, and that they can "fix the dent." It makes me wonder if medical science can build the perfect man!

Sorry you have been subjected to an anonymous idiot. Don't know what that person is trying to accomplish by putting someone else down. Perhaps he/she should just start their own blog and let their world be "all about me" on their own.

Yes, please tell us what you can about your surrogacy experience. After hearing your escapades in the adoption world, it will be nice to hear how you brought a miracle to another family.

I enjoy your blog so much, I think you deserve your own paid column somewhere. I get to start my day with a smile thanks to you and Pioneer Woman - it puts my day in perspective. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (to the tips of my toes and onward).

Sue said...

It's good to hear that Blaine is recovering so well! I hope he is able to ditch the liquid diet soon, and taste real food again!

By the way, on the first day of school, parents and kids had to fill out a questionnaire about themselves. One item was, "One day, I would like to..." All I could think to answer was, "see Glacier National Park in Alaska." You have planted a seed in my tiny little brain, lol.

Take care,

Sue (Rachel's mom from ALL-Kids)

Melissa in CA said...

You know WE love you, Kristie! I've been following you since the Caringbridge page. I've seen Kendrie go through ups and downs and ups and downs, and eventually to the OT point! You write about your family and everything that's going on with them, which is one of the reasons we keep reading ~ even if they're not, you make your family sound very interesting! Anyways, we know who you are and what you're about, and that's why we keep reading. If people don't have anything nice to say, than they can just stay away. Some people just need to get a life!

Anonymous said...

First, thank you God for answering the hundreds of prayers on Blaine's behalf! I hope he gets to eat only the good stuff from now on! Did you know Trader Joe's has sugarless chocolate bars and that they're really good.....but I digress!

As for Anonymous A$$hole Lurker, don't let him rain on your blog. There are several hundred of us who live for it every day. Sadly the internet has brought out all the kooks and idiots and otherwise mentally ill folks with no lives.

Have a great home...all in one place!


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry that an anonymous twit is taking the fun out of this for you - believe me YOU ARE LOVED and APPRECIATED by all the rest of us! Imagine us - all in different time zones logging on in the morning to see what you've got to say - if I am anything to go by you are loved by an army of fluffy warm dressing gown wearing, coffee addicts - but you're our girl! Great to hear that Blaine is on the mend too. Just ignore the anonymous idiot - we all have them in our lives in one way or another - delete and move on. Love and prayers to you all.
PS...the warm fluffy dressing gown thing...that is NOW...says a lot about this years British summer doesn't it!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!
People are so rude - I read your blog to accomplish many things.... #1 - because somehow I have become attached to a family in Georgia that I have no relationship with but "feel" like I know because of this blog
#2 - make sure Kendrie is still in remission as at times I forget she was ever sick looking at her.
#3 - side splitting laughter
#4 - tears
#5 - to gain the knowledge that all children behavior similiar and that mine are acting normal even though they drive me NUTS..
so if people don't like this blog...use the red "X" in the corner!

oh, btw, I would love to hear more about the surrogacies!!
Brookville OHIO

Leesa said...

Way to go!!! I love reading your site.. your sense of humor is something I am able to appreciate since I am blessed (cursed?) with a very similar outlook on life. So keep writing, and we'll keep reading, and those naysayers be damned! lol

Melissa said...

Kristie,I live vicariously through you because my life is so boring, so please ignore the passive-aggressive asshat who left something negative for you; like a previous poster said, I've seen hateful comments on sites for sick kids, fallen police officers, you name it. Mentally ill people with passive-aggressive tendencies just gravitate to sites like that. Ignore them, and keep the rest of us happy!

Brenda said...

So, if anonymous doesn't think you should post about you inthe blog, what then ARE you supposed to blog about? I didn't know blogs had rules...

I love your blog Kristie.
I'm thrilled that Blaine is well enough to be home already and on the mend. And I'm even more thrilled Kendrie is coming up on two years off treatment!

Anonymous said...

Kristie - I've never met you and I most likely never will but I LOVE to read your blog! You make me laugh!!
And I'm thrilled to read "all about you" and your family too. Why don't you just leave those nasty comments on for all of us to read - your faithful readers will take care of berating the scum for you.
Linda in NJ

Anonymous said...

OK - CYBER YELLING AT YOU (in support of you)!! Although gossip that I am, I was a little disappointed in not reading the asshole alert first hand. The cause for the CYBER YELLING is that you should have considered the ignorant source without being agitated at all -BUT - hopefully you consoled yourself with your very warm and fuzzy response...
"Bite me" was good for starters. Given your competitive nature i.e. Dancing With The Stars - let's just say ANONYMOUS was most definitely booted out by the masses:)......Frankly I LOVE the song - enjoy the lyrics especially when reading "All About YOU",love the honesty and share the joy when you have good news - as in Blaine's making progress.. and taking a medical break to either recoup or adjust/accept that he is your handsome loving husband as is - no more improvements necessary!!! Way to bite back Kristie!!!
Cyber hugs - Randy

Stephanie in Portland said...

WE ALL LOVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! "Blow me" doesn't begin to cover it when it comes to the idiots who comment negatively on a personal blog site. I, like everyone else here, think you and your family are amazing human beings and I pray for you all daily. You have made us all laugh - what a truly blessed gift you have given us! You have made us all humble - what a truly treasured lesson you have taught us! You have made us all, everyone who visits this site, a family - what a truly remarkable legacy you have nurtured. Thank you for your honesty and your insights. Thank you for helping us learn to know ourselves through learning about you and your family. You are truly one of God's angels.
Stephanie in Porland, Oregon

LA said...

Good for you...telling that person to go to hell! Really, you don't have to come to this site now do you! Asshole!
Anyway, are you playing music on your site now? I don't seem to be able to hear your tunes anymore and don't know why! I hate technology!!

Kim, TX said...

First of all-- Anon doesn't deserve the space it take to write a comment, so...............

Love ya Kristie-- have followed Kendrie's site for 2 years and am so happy the family is doing great and that Blaine is on the mend-- sending tons of get well wishes and hoping that those smoothies are wonderful!!
Hope school has been great for the kids so far!

Anonymous said...

Can't you look atthe time the comment was posted and then consukt your sitemeter to get an idea where this freak is living??

Leave the comment up next time, I'm hungry and would love an idiot to sink my teeth into :P

Kim said...

I am so glad it is all about you...'cause frankly I get tired of "all about me"!! I am really glad to read every day that there is someone out there that is going insane slowly, just like me. How reassuring to know you're not alone!!

Thanks for always being honest, and anyone who doesn't get that - well - ya know.

Rita said...

Ahhh, wow, you were aurrogate 3 times? Wow, what a wonderful priceless gift. And twins! I bet that couple was THRILLED. I hope I wasn't crossing the line on nosiness asking. It IS a personal story, but of course I'd love to read the details, lol.

I am sorry some asshole has nothing better to do than read your blog and bash it. I didn't see the nasty comments, but please don't let one freak ruin something you obviously enjoyed. There is always some ass wanting to rain on someone elses parade, but so many more who enjoy your writings.

I am so glad Blaine's surgery went well and he is recovering OK. Lord knows that guy has been thru enough. I also think your DH is quite handsome, and I'm not saying that in a "I want your man" kind of way, just in appreciating physical looks kind of way.

How are the kiddos enjoying school? We still have 1 last wonderful week of vacation left here. Has Grandma blown thru her dollar bill stash yet? Will she babysit me? I would be SO very good so I could earn LOTS of money, lol.

Amy said...

Don't ya just love how anonymous people always are too chicken to actually acknowledge their ignorance? AND GEEZ KRISTIE, YOU COULD HAVE ATLEAST SPELLED "HUKED ON FONICS" RIGHT!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, couldn't resist throwing an extra exclamation point or ten in there! ;)

Don't stop sharing with us, you are the bright spot in my day sometimes!


Karalyn said...

Glad everything went well with Blaine.
I personally find you to be very funny. Anyone who doesn't agree is just a butt-hole.

Kristi said...

Okay so I've been reading your blog for a while but never commented. Here goes....I can't imagine people trashing you on your blog. :( I love what you write.
I feel a kinship with you. My husband is prior AF (he's now a law enforcement officer), my name is Kristi and I have just been through leukemia with my mom.
I admire your strength. It's been hard going through this with my mom and unimaginable to think about it being my husband and my child. Bless your heart. I wish you, Blaine and your children nothing but great health and lots of happpiness from here on out.

Anonymous said...

Kristie, I've tried to post to the blog four times now---I hope this one is the charm!
I am so glad to hear that Blaine is doing good, even if he did have to postpone his teeth for a little while.
Don't let that crazy "a-non-oh-miss" person make you feel bad at all! They have no idea what they are talking about.
We love you!...........Regina and Madie

Sherri in NC said...

I'm so glad to hear Blaine come through this surgery and is doing well. Would it be funny or cruel to ask to you to post a picture of his partially shaved legs? Who knows? Maybe he'll start a trend! Or.... maybe not. Hope his recovery goes well and keep us posted.

Sherri in NC

PS. I haven't seen a blog that doesn't occasionally have a troll or two, so maybe that just means you've finally "arrived" in the blog world and you should take it as a compliment?

Kathryn Campbell said...

Let's think about this just a second. Do you really want this bag o' hag to blow you? You might catch something really itchy, and then have to scratch in public which would probably bring down the wrath of the tweens upon your head and all. Thank you for continuing to share your journey. I delight in reading of your day.

Jeanette said...

I agree- you could have much nicer people blow you....and I wish Blaine knew that his "dent" is not nearly as noticeable as he feels it is. I realize he is very self concious (spelling?), but honestly, he is still quite a handsome guy if you ask me. Not that I am checking out your husband or anything. But he is cute! Glad you are back in the "hood"!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Blaine is doing well! Prayers for continued healing for your very handsome DH! :)

Kudos to you, Kristie, for this post!!! We love you, loving reading your blog, and look forward to many more Escoe escapades.

Mary in Illinois

Michelle, Al. said...

Hi Kristie, I, like so many others, read your blog everyday. I don't always leave a comment but I really look forward to my morning coffee with your good reading. So glad to hear Blaine is on the road to recovery. And since I'm from Alabama I'll have to add another.. You GO GIRL!!! Tell it like it is!

Stephanie D. said...

OK Kristie, was out of town this weekend so just now reading the last two posts. SO glad to hear Blaine is recuperating well and I agree with you guys - the next surgery could wait awhile. Believe me, it's not about how our loved ones "look", it's about the fact that they are near us for us to love! :)

As for your anon nastygram poster...I love your post...BLOW me! I mean really.....if people don't like your blog...then don't read it. You have enough dedicated readers like me (shoot, I've been around since Kendrie's CB days) - that you don't need nastygram messages from anyone. Sheesh, life is too frigging short to worry about this troll!

However, Kristie, you will have to worry about ME and a whole bunch of other readers if you ever stop posting. I love your blog and hey, I live in GA too so I would come down and beat you senseless if you stop posting. YOU ROCK! :)

Anonymous said...

I have read your site for quite a few years now, starting with Kendrie's caringbridge site. Please do not let jerks who have nothing better to do than leave crappy remarks on your page, discourage you from blogging. I read your site almost daily, and truly enjoy your writing and wit. Stay full of yourself if thats what it takes, who cares about the nobodys (anonymous) in this world that have nothing better to do then bad mouth the good people in this world. Keep up the great posts.