Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pathetically Dull

Grandma Betty flew back home today. For the first time, in almost five years, she arrived and left in one piece, with no calamities or ER visits during her stay. She didn’t catch the flu, pull a muscle in her back and lay in bed for a week, slice off part of her thumb, pass any kidney stones, or have surgery. ALL of which have happened the last few times she has visited. We didn’t have to change her flight plans because she was vomiting, or laid up on muscle relaxants, or because I had an epidural headache, or because Blaine got a staph infection. Her dog didn’t die while she was here, my grandpa didn’t die while she was here, none of my kids went in the hospital while she was here. (Yes. All of those things have happened before, too.) She came, she stayed just as long as we planned, and she went home right on schedule.

I have a feeling this trip might go down in history as the most boring visit ever.


scanmom said...

There is nothing wrong with boring, you know that!!!

Anonymous said...

This must have been Grandma Betty's one-in-a-million lucky trip! This might be the perfect day for her to buy a lottery ticket!


Grandma J said...

Let's clap it up for Grandma Betty!

So glad the gods were all in perfect harmony and agreement this time around.


Sherri in NC said...

As much as we have enjoyed Grandma Betty's ummmm.... "exciting" visits in the past, I think it is finally time for one that actually goes exactly the way it was planned. Should we spit three times and throw some salt over our shoulders or something, to insure ther her future visits (and Blaine's recovery) also go as planned??

Sherri in NC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with us. I came here tonight because I was depressed - 2 weeks ago I took my youngest child to college,1 week ago I had a hysterectomy (you know the kind where they cut you open and take it ALL out...)I knew that I needed something to make me smile or laugh, and I can always get that here. I love reading about your boring life (LOL)and your stories about your kids tug at my heart and remind me of my own, but older kids.... Thanks for being a wonderful writer and for making me smile, laugh, and cry! So glad that Kendrie is doing well, that Blaine is ALMOST there and that Grandma Betty had an uneventful trip, at least this time. I think about you every time I go to Sonic too - even though I get a Diet Coke instead of a Diet Dr. Pepper. Guess I need to get a life too huh...I knew when I came here tonight I would leave smiling. And I only signed as Anonymous as I am too lazy to set up an account.

Renee' said...

Yeah Grandma Betty!

We miss you guys!

kim-d said...

Okay, maybe "Pathetically Dull" to YOU, Kristie. But to Grandma Betty? "Oh Happy Day(s)!"

I can't even tell you how glad I am that Grandma Betty's chances of being around for another trip to see you gave grown--HAHA!

And, really, I don't think your life is pathetically dull at all--it's just that post-awesome-trip-of-a-lifetime letdown!

Anonymous said...

Glad GB had a safe and uneventful trip. How many dollars did she spend to keep it that way???? :) Hope Blaine is in full recovery and enjoying those liquid meals (yuck).


Anonymous said...

Dear Kristie,
Well that's great! I'm sure Grandma Betty was happy about that wasn't she, or does she enjoy the excitement of the unexpected?!!! Ha, I bet she was happy that things went well!
Take care
Love Angela

Amy said...

How much $ did it cost her?

Anonymous said...

How much did it "cost" in uneventful??? I always tell my husband that "FREE IS EXPENSIVE" especially those trips to gambling resorts. Wouldn't it be nice if boring was your new normal??? Then you could just entertain your cyber fans with your imagination, sarcasm and observations on the stupid little things that just appear everywhere!!! We can skip the drama - especially at your mom's expense - glad she helped you and got home safe - in one piece - if not a little broker:)
Have a good one too.....Randy

Anonymous said...


Love Grandma Betty