Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Belated Valentines Gift to You

Part One is to tell you about this fabulous site: PostSecret Sundays. I only recently discovered it, and the nosy voyeur in me loves it. LOVES it. It’s like having permission to read someone’s diary, or innermost thoughts, and not even having to feel guilty because they put it out there voluntarily. This week, it’s all Valentines secrets. Go read, you won’t be sorry.

Part Two is to tell you about the adoption, since so many of you asked. It’s such a non-issue around here, that I forget not everyone automatically knows. So, give me a day or two to catch up, and I’ll fill you in on the whole “She wasn’t expected, she was selected!” story.

PS. Yes, eleven candles on the cake …. One to grow on, don’t you know that???


Anonymous said...

I knew about the candles, but I can't wait for your next post! I didn't know that! Brayden is so lucky to have you and Blaine as parents, and you are lucky to this daughter! Your post was beautiful and in the years to come I know Brayden will thing so too. Good luck with the laundry Brayden!

Postcard Cindy

Lisa H said...

My sister recently told me about post secret...the first one I looked at was the valentine one but she also told me about some of the others too. We are totally addicted to it now!

Lisa H

Tracy said...

I knew about the candles also. We always do that. I use regular candles for the age they are turning and a special candle to grow on. It drives my husband crazy because I usually have to go searching for it.

I can wait to hear about the adoption. How lucky Brayden is to have been selected by the two of you. And I know from reading how blessed you are to have her in your lives.

Anonymous said...

I forget that my DD is adopted, too. It's rather obvious as I am blonde with green eyes and she is Chinese. Once at the Dr. we were discussing some developmental stages and I kept attributing them to either myself or my husband. It took the Dr. and me a few minutes to realize that the issues we were discussing really didn't have much bearing with our medical history! Looking forward to the story, our adoption of Liza has been one of the greatest blessing of our lives :) Now wish me luck with "word verification"!
Debbie E.

Kristin Hicks said...

I had no idea that Brayden was adopted either and I thought I knew everything! :0) I read the post and still didn't catch it. Had to go back and read it again. I loved the birthday post. Brought tears to my eyes.

I've known about postsecret for a while. I had no idea that you didn't know about it or I would have told you. :0)

Can't wait for the adoption post. You've peaked my interest, yet again.

kim said...

"She wasn't expected, she was selected"--I LOVE THAT! I am so excited that you will share your adoption story/experience with us. My Dad legally adopted me after he and my Mom married when I was 11; whenever people told us that we looked alike--which happened quite often--we would look at each other, smirk, and agree with them. Adoption is a wonderful thing, I think. How special is it to be SELECTED! It's right up there alongside being EXPECTED. I also believe that we get the children we are MEANT to have, no matter how we get them. And all of this, I guess, is just my wordy, long-winded way of saying I can't wait for your next post. Have I told you lately YOU ROCK :) HAHA!

Sam Gleason said...

We adopted our daughter from birth also. I love that "she was selected, not expected". Our daughter is 21 months old, and looks just like my husband. He loves it when someone tells him that she looks just like her daddy!

I come to your blog everyday, but have never posted. You really need to write a book or something. You are a wonderful writer.

Thanks for the laughter!!
Sam Gleason

Anonymous said...

My family does the one to grow on candle, too. we also do one for good luck and a pinch to grow an inch! lol! I never would have guessed Brayden was adopted- I always kinda thought she favored you! Well, there goes the nature theory, huh? Anyways, can't wait to hear the "selected" (what a beautiful thought!) story! For now I am off to Post Secrets.

Leesburg, VA

Brenda said...

You wrote a post wayyyy bak when once in Kendrie's journal that made me wonder. In the post you had written how many pregnancies you'd had and how many children you'd bore, and as the numbers just didn't add up with how many children lived in your house. But, I figured "who am I to argue with how many times a woman has been pregnant" and "it's really none of my business anyway" and "just well, Kristie has been a surrogate mom..." followed again by "it is none of my business anyway!"
But now, I know. Thanks for sharing! And not only is Brayden a lucky and happy girl...the whole rest of your family is lucky and happy, too!

Anonymous said...

I too would like to hear about the adoption. Is kellen adopted too? He and Brayden look so much alike.

Mom on Coffee said...

I'm really looking forward to your next post. Like the others, I had been following your family's story for so long, I was caught off guard when you mentioned Brayden's adoption. To look at her and all of you, one would never guess in a million years that she was a chosen child.

debbie in ny said...

I too have been following your sites for I don't know how long. I am hooked and get a laugh everytime. I don't even think I ever left a comment, but I am so honored that you are willing to share your life with us, I had to write. I have grown to love your family through your words, and I too cannot wait until you post the adoption story. I didn't catch on when I first read the post either. I couldn't figure out what the comments were talking about. You are a true inspiration to all of us. Please hurry. I can't wait much longer.


Anonymous said...

Ok so I don't know why I noticed this... but is Blaine wearing the same shirt on Brayden's 1st birthday as he did on the day she was born? Did he do that on purpose? Too cute!

I also never knew that Brayden was adopted and I've thought she looks so much like you!