Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm Not Quite Sure How This Happened.

I woke up yesterday to the stark realization that one of my children was turning ten years old. Ten. T.E.N. As in, double-digits. As in, 1/10th of a century. As in, she has probably lived with us for over half of the time she *will* live with us. I don’t know whether that makes me delirious with joy that I only have eight or nine more years of doing her laundry** and cleaning up after her and buying her underwear and cooking for her, or if it makes me weepy at the thought that in just a few more years she won’t need me to do those things for her.

Yes, I do know. Weepy.

Brayden, on the day she was born, Feb 13, 1997

On the day she was born, and they placed her in my arms, all those cheesy catch-phrases about my heart exploding with joy and love, and how I didn’t know I could be so devoted to someone so little and new …… they all came true. She was seven+, long-awaited pounds of pure bliss and happiness. Even now, sometimes I’ll go into her bedroom at night and watch her while she is sleeping and my heart will hurt a little bit with the delight and elation that SHE is my daughter.

Brayden, 1st birthday, 1998

Other times -- a lot of the time -- we make each other crazy. No one can push one another’s buttons like she and I can, or make one another more frustrated. Every lousy, crummy personality trait that I have, Brayden unfortunately got. Which, considering she is adopted, should tell you exactly where I stand on the nature v. nurture debate. Impatient, easily annoyed, easily frustrated, quick to anger; she and I are like identical twins, born 30 years apart. Which is probably why as a parent, I worry that I’m doing so much of it wrong.

Brayden, age 2, 1999

Then I watch her, and am reminded of all the wonderful character traits she has. She is caring, kind, generous, and compassionate. She has been going to a weekly ceramics class for six months and has given away every single thing she has made. Blaine says he’s running out of places to put his ceramic ducks at work. She is always kind to smaller children (as long as it’s not her brother or sister!) She often spends her allowance on gifts for other people, just because. She is constantly drawing pictures and writing stories for me to send to her friends and family in other states. It is those moments that make me hopeful that I am doing some of it right.

Brayden, age 3, 2000

Mostly, though, I worry that much like these first ten years have flown by, faster than a sonic boom, the next ten will as well. I told myself that her first few years were so chaotic because Kellen and Kendrie came along in pretty short order afterwards and there was only so much of me to go around.

Brayden, age 4, 2001

All parents with more than one small child in the house understand the feeling of just barely getting through the day intact, let alone carving out tender, glowing memories of patty-cake and peek-a-boo and long nature walks and chasing shadows and silly naptime rituals. Shoot, with three kids under the age of two in the house, my mantra became: As long as Blaine comes home from work each night and no one is BLEEDING or HUNGRY, then I have done my job.

Brayden, age 5, 2002

Seemed reasonable at the time.

Brayden, age 6, 2003

Now, though, I know. One kid or ten, those are just busy years. And although you think things will slow down once they are out of diapers, and can feed themselves, and insert their own DVD, and help pick up around the house …. The truth is, they don’t slow down at all. Because playdates with toddlers are replaced by playdates with school friends, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody replaces Barney, and you add homework and soccer practice into the mix, and girl scout meetings, and basketball, and school projects, and the million and one other things that today’s hands-on family chooses to do, and well, there you go. Put simply, time flies when we’re not looking.

Brayden, age 7, 2004

I’m afraid I’ll look up and Brayden will be headed off to college.

Brayden, age 8, 2005

Slipping through my fingers. Just like the song says.

Brayden, age 9, 2006

I want her to look back on her childhood and remember a Mom who baked cookies and brought cupcakes to school for her birthday and helped with homework. I’m worried she’ll look back and remember the Mom who spent too much time on the computer and yelled really bad words when she would trip over toys in the living room. I want her to remember a Mom who always had a sympathetic ear, and good advice. I’m worried she’ll remember the Mom who threatened to “Throw that entire karaoke system in the trash if you kids don’t quit fighting over it!” I want her to remember a Mom who set a good example with her patience, and kindness, and by not getting frustrated or angry over silly things. I have no doubt she’ll instead remember the Mom who gave all three of her children permission to call the people who park in the no-parking lanes at their elementary school “Asshole!” when we drive by each day. (But they’re only allowed to say it if we are IN our car and all the windows are rolled up. Honest. They know they can’t just yell that word willy-nilly at anyone they please. But seriously, those people ARE assholes, and you would agree if you had to walk around their cars, and around the big giant NO PARKING signs every day. I like to tell myself that ultimately, I am teaching my children that it is not OK to think you are superior to everyone else, and that the rules don’t apply to you. If you park in front of a NO PARKING sign every single day, you ARE an asshole, and that’s the truth. See? Everything can be a life-lesson if you make it one.)

Brayden, age 10, 2007

Please, Lord. Help me do a better job with these next ten years. Because the first ten just flew by, and I'm really worried that I'm messing it up, what with my impatience and frustration and shouting the word "asshole" at people, and now I've only got eight or nine years to get it right.

**I told Brayden the best birthday gift I was giving her this year was a baby step towards her independence. As in, she will be given the gift of doing her own laundry from now on. At least one load a week, to commence as soon as her laundry basket is full. Wish me luck.


Marcia said...

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Brayden!!

Kristie, I can relate to so much of what you wrote. I can remember having my first beautiful girl placed in my arms as if it happened yesterday. There is no feeling like it!! And yes, the years do fly by! They change, but they are equally as crazy. I also had a house full of preschoolers at once, and now I have 5 girls between 10 and 13. We went from diapers to hormones. YIKES!! Still, I wouldn't change it for the world, and like you, I just pray I'm doing it right.
As for assholes, I will never forget driving with my best friend's 5 year old son about 20 years ago. He looked over at me and said, "Is that guy an asshole, too, Auntie Marcia?" Oops!! Of course the answer was YES!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

kim said...


Kristie--Isn't it spooky how fast time flies by? My stepdaughter and I went out for a Valentine's Day lunch and all I could think of was our first Valentine's Day when she was 13. She's now 32, and I could not begin to tell you where the years went. And about all those things you think you're doing wrong? Don't worry about it--by the time she's 24-25 or thereabouts, all will be forgiven and, then, when she has her own kids, that's when she'll really GET the greatness of her Mom in her younger years. It's said that if you really want to know how you were as a mother, look at your grandchildren...which comes around TOO FAST for words. Okay, now that I've completely depressed you...HAHA! As I've said before, you two Escoe parents did real good with the kids--looks, brains, humor, personality, all of it--REALLY!

Anonymous said...

Of all your entries I've read I never knew Brayden was adopted. Is that true? Are Kellen & Kendrie? My best friend adopted a baby and she looks and acts just like my best friend. It's amazing. Wow, you are such a funny writer! The valentine picture story is priceless. You are hilarious!!!
Kym Little
Mobile, Alabama said...

You know how to say things *PERFECTLY*... I too can relate - three sons in three years...
with my oldest also turning ten in May...
I too yell asshole - maybe far too often - and I hope he remembers all of those cupcakes I baked him and bowls I let him lick... and baseball games I sat thru and so on...
10 years in the blink, I hope that the next ten years don't go by in less than a blink!
Thanks Kristie
You always seem to make my day with your words...
and Happy Birthday to your baby girl.

With Love,
Jan in Oak Park, CA

Renee said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Brayden. 10 years old. No more single digits.

Kristie, your entry was beautiful. It is sad to think that 1/2 of her years living with you guys have passed. That makes me so sad. You are a fabulous mom, and your kids are going to appreciate you -- someday! You are amazing.

KathyA said...

Brayden, do you know how very lucky you are to have a mother that loves you so much?

Kristie, I've read your blog and your Caring Bridge site for over two years, and I have to tell you, this is the most beautiful thing you have ever written.

So often, I worry about cancer families - afraid that the children who do not have cancer somehow get short changed in the growing up process. I have never worried about that in reading your posts. Your love for all of your children really shines through.

God bless you, my internet friend, and God bless your amazing, loving, gorgeous daughter.

Rena' said...

Happy Birthday Brayden. We miss you all.

Rena' and Kids

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brayden!

Anonymous said...

Eeek! Sorry, forgot to sign my post above! Happy Birthday again Brayden!

Colleen from Chicago

JoAnn said...

What a beautiful piece of writing. I feel the same exact way about my kids. I have 3- two girls 11 and 8 and a boy 4. I swear I just blink and they are a year older. I get weepy just thinking about it:( I am also a stay at home mom so I can relate to everything you say, but I can't put it in words as eloquently as you can. Brayden is beautiful and with the example you and your family have set for her.....she will continue to grow into a beautiful young lady. Happy 10th Birthday Brayden! Double digits- woo hoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girl! Your Mommy always has such wonderful words to share about you and your siblings. I hope the next ten years are enjoyed just as much as the first ten. Lots of love from Long Island!!


katy said...

I remember when my kids got to that age and the realization that the years were going by way too fast. Now they are 18 and 16...I must have had them when I was 5 or 6 years old. My worst moment was when I started thinking about when I was 16 on my daughters 16th birthday......uhhh gotta lock her up for a few years.Not that I wasn't a perfect innocent wonderful teen...

Patricia said...

Oh, I know. Our oldest is 12 and is sick tonight...our last night of revival. I was SO tempted to leave him at home for an hour so I could go to service, but Kristie, you're right...the time flies by SO fast. There WILL come a day when he doesn't even WANT me around when he's sick, probably when he's well!! I want to savor these days because I know they will be gone all too soon. Happy Birthday, Brayden!!

Anonymous said...

I remember my 10th birthday so well because my parents let me have 5 friends over and took us to a restaurant and LEFT US ALONE to eat all by ourselves. We tricked the waiter and told him I was 12 and he believed us!!!!! Oh my god, can you believe he believes us? Do I really look 12?? I can't wait until I really am 12!!! Ahh, the memories. That is one of my favorite birthday memories though. Too bad 21 was the last birthday I enjoyed.

I also didn't know Brayden was adopted. That's awesome. You all are a remarkable family! And there is nothing wrong with letting your kids yell asshole. My mom and a friend of hers once let my sister and I (me - 10, her - 5) and her friend's 2 daughters (same ages as us) have 5 minutes to say whatever words we wanted. It ended when my mom's friend's 5-year-old daughter dropped the f-bomb. But it was a fun 2 minutes!

Happy Birthday Brayden!!!

--Caroline Elliot, Chapel Hill, NC

woffiebear said...

Kristie, as the mom of a high school senior and sophomore I'm here to tell you that the next 8 years will FLY by. Enjoy your kids every single day, like I really have to tell YOU that. This entire school year has been a year of 'lasts' for us. Our daughter's last first day of school, her last Yuletide Band Festival, her last Parade of Bands. Yeah, she's going on to college and she'll have the best time of her life but she's going to be doing things with people other than me and with people who I may not know. Sigh. Didn't mean to turn this into a pity party for me. Just enjoy your kids while you've still got them. Oh yeah, I'm the mother who gave her children permission to call bad drivers 'morons.'
Susan in Minnesota

cakeburnette said...

wow...I bawled my way though today's entry. You sure do have a gift with words. Thanks for the laughs and tears today and tell Brayden the Burnettes hope she had a terrific 10th birthday. Did Blaine take her to get her first I.D. card yet? Mark doesn't want to take Austin in a couple of months, but the lady at the Peds Clinic said he has to (which is exactly what I said but he didn't listen!).

Anonymous said...

My son is about to turn 10...but I can stay in denial (my favorite spot) because he's so darn skinny he looks 8! BTW, my DH jokes that he has 5 boys (yikes!) and had to go halfway around the world to adopt a girl to finally get a child just like him...and they really are just alike.
Happy Birthday, Brayden.
OK, on the "word verification" are the letters case-sensitive??? or am I just incompetent?
Debbie E.
Peachtree City, GA

Loryn said...

Great, make the pregnant woman cry. Couldn't you say it's been 10 LLLLOOOONNNNNGGGGG years instead of confirming what I already I stare down the barrel of Kindergarten approaching for my eldest. Who let him grow up, anyway???

Happy birthday Brayden!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie, I also didn't realize Brayden was adopted but that's not why I am writing. Your comment that she has already lived with you half the time she probably will really hit home. My 25 year old daughter just moved out on her own in January. I still tear up just writing about it. We all did it to our parents and thought nothing about it. But when it's you own it's not fun. Of course you want them to grow up and be happy, productive and able to support themselves. But the missing is hard. I guess I am just glad that we like both of our children enough to be upset that they are leaving home. So, enjoy every moment, even the frustrating ones, as they grow up and leave home all too soon.

Happy Birthday Brayden! Elaine

Anonymous said...

Kristie - after I wrote the other post I realized that I forgot to say something. When I first read your post and saw the picture of you with Brayden "on the day she was born" I was like, Holy shit how does Kristie look that good when she has just given birth??? The fact that she is adopted is so comforting now. Otherwise you would have set a very high standard.

Caroline Elliot

P.S. I also have trouble with the word verification thing - apparently I don't know all my letters or something? It always takes me 2-3 tries.

Leeann said...

What a great entry today. I have the same song as my email signature, because I feel the same way about my 11 year old firstborn daughter. Love her, adore her, she drives me nuts, how am I affecting her, what will she remember, am I giving her what she needs etc etc etc.
I hope so, Dear God, I hope so.
Happy birthday to Brayden, one of many more to come.
God bless,

Connie F-G said...

Thank you for writing the entry I should have written last May when mine turned 10. You even included such details as a long 7 year wait, adoption, pushing buttons and yelling too often. I had a very very hard time with 10 which suprised me. It was a bigger milestone for me than when she went off to kindergarten. I did the happy dance when she went to school full days 5 days a week. We both needed that!

By the way, the word at our house when driving was "idiot." That changed on our second day of driving from Alaska to Texas for our move. She wanted to go back to our old house and live there, not Texas. When I told her that we weren't going back, she told me, "Mommy, you're an illiant!" Within 5 minutes she was asleep so I didn't take it too personally, once we stopped laughing, but I am much more careful about what I's different when they call YOU the word that you use on others.

Happy Birthday Brayden!! Happy Birthday Mom and Dad; each one is precious when you remember thinking there may never be a child in your arms.


Donna said...

Kristie, those words could have come from my heart--except I have a boy not a girl, and he is 7, not 10, and we live in Kansas, not Georgia...--oh hell, it's exactly the same! Especially spending time on the computer (what the heck else am I supposed to do for fun when I don't get to go out alone???) and threatening to destroy whatever toy is the topic of the current blood feud. I just keep thinking that I don't have a lot of really concrete memories until after third grade--just the general fuzzy ones. So I figure if I minimize the damage until then, I may still have a fighting chance. As for you, you have come through the fight (nay, several fights) or your life with your sense of humor and your love for one another intact. THAT is what they will remember, and THAT is the legacy they will pass on to your grandchildren (hopefully much later than sooner!).

Amanda J. (Glendale, AZ) said...

Ah, a fellow February 13th birthday girl! Happy Birthday, Brayden. I always enjoyed having my birthday on the 13th, because it meant that occasionally, it fell on Friday the 13th. And I thought that was cool. I have no idea why, other than I was weird. lol.

You're a great mother, Kristie and your kids know that and will remember that.

Melinda said...

Hey there! I confess... I have become a blog groupie! I became a caringbridge follower a few years ago through Julianna Banana... and began following Kendrie's journey.

I have always admired your surrogacy experiences and appreciated your humor.

Is Brayden really adopted? I never can tell if you are kidding??? Please tell! My brother and sister are adopted and I am in the process of beginning to adopt a child.

Blessings to you!

California Friend said...

Hi Kristie, I've never signed in, but am a long time follower. (Sounds like a 12 step program!:-)
I had to write this time though...
Brayden is adopted?? And all this time I've (seriously) been marveling at how much she looks like you! Wow........

Pat in CA

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday, Brayden...I don't know how it's possible, but you get more gorgeous every year! I love that our birthdays are only one day apart, that makes us both Aquarians! That means you are an independent spirit who likes to be 'different' and you're artistic and oh my, does that quick anger thing come with being born under that sign? LOL
We are just back from holidays and I am catching up on Mom's news and rantings :-) (teasing! You have no idea how relieved I am to hear that I am not the ONLY Mom who swears in front of her kids during times of stress! Phew!)
Do you think you could maybe draw a cool picture of a shark and the ocean for my buddy Chase? He's having a really hard time right now and I know he would just love something like that from a sweet, cute girl like you....and say lots of prayers for him too, ok? I'll send the address to Mom.
Tracey xo
ps I hope Dad is doing well, keep him in my thoughts lots.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brayden!!!!!!

Oh ya....can totally relate to those feelings. My oldest is a HS Junior this year (UGH!!!). Have I taught him all the life skills he'll need at college? NO!!!!! Better show him where the start button is on the washer today.

By the's a new phrase for the kids for the idiots who park in the NO PARKING space.......

$h!t for brains!

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Cathy in DC

Pamela Earley said...


I, too, did not know that Brayden was adopted and had always thought that she looked so much like you!

When my oldest turned 11, my youngest, who is 4 years younger, announced to everyone at the 'party' that her sister now had run out of fingers to show her age. She said that now she would have to hold up all 10 fingers and stick out her tongue to show that she was 11. Then she stated that she guessed that when she turned 12, she would have to hold up all 10 fingers and stick out her chest to show how old she was! Much laughter ensued. Except from her sister. She was slightly red-faced.

Anyway, tell Brayden that many birthday wishes are being sent her way.

erunginung said...

Happy Birthday, Brayden!! I feel like I'll blink and Alexis will turn 10 :(.

Ok, and seriously I'm a dork. I didn't catch that the candles made the number 10 and couldn't figure out why she had 11 candles on her cake. :D I'm slow, really slow aparently. :)

Tracy said...

I had no idea that Brayden was adopted. I think it is funny how much of your personality she has. Your post could have been my post in 4 1/2 years. My daughter and I push each others buttons like crazy. Our frustation level with each other just makes my husband shake his head. All of you wishes of how you want her to look back at her childhood are mine. I guess I need to start working on that since I have 4 extra years to work on it.

I thought it was a little funny when you didn't want her to remember you at the computer. As I was reading your post, I yelled to my children in the other room to "cut it out or you will both be in time out." Great parents skills, huh?

Jeanette said...

Happy belated birthday Brayden! You know Lauren sends a HUGE hug and kiss, cause you are her "idol". Kristie, I once read that God only grants us a certain number of opportunities to spend time with our children, so we shouldn't take any of those times for granted because one day, those times will pass, and boy is it true. At least you have made sacrifices to stay home with them during these fleeting years. And Brayden couldn't have been a cuter little girl!!Those pictures are so sweet.

Briana said...

Happy Birthday Brayden!!!! You are a beautiful young lady and I'm sure your parents are proud of you.

Time does fly way too fast. Madison will be 12 this year (in November) and will be going to middle school next year. Yikes!!! Enjoy the time while you have it.

Sue said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAYDEN! My oldest child, Serena, will be joining you in the double digits in just one (very short) month!

Kristie, I often look back and wonder just how my children got to be so big! One minute I was trying hard to stay sane at home all day with a baby and a toddler; now I am trying to stay sane as we navigate the waters of school and social activities. You put it so eloquently!

By the way, we walk to school, so Serena, Rachel and I just mutter the word "moron" under our breaths when yet another person uses the crosswalk as their own personal parking space. If there wasn't a chance that a teacher or another mom could hear us, I'd be using stronger language myself.

Take care,

Sue (ALL-Kids)

Lorianne said...

WoW! Three babes under the age of 2! How did that happen? hee hee
I felt the same way when my only daughter, the oldest of 3 brats entered the world of double digits, and this year she becomes a teenager! Not sure how I will deal with that!
I purchased my black back drop last night, so wish me some of your photography luck!

Cisca said...

haha first i was looking at your pictures and thinking , hey, how does she look so great after just having a baby! then i read the part that brayden was adopted, wow, never knew , she really does look like you and Kellen is a carboncopy of her! the brains are for a thinking today!

Happy birthday Braydon, big 10, wow, have a faboulas day! from your moms blog fan in Amsterdam! The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

kristie? why 11 candels on the cake?
jumping the gun?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Brayden was adopted. Are Kellen and Kendrie also adopted? I know you say something about adoption in the intorduction to your blog but I have never heard you talk about it before.

Debbie said...

Happy birthday, Brayden. You have certainly grown into a beautiful, poised young lady.

Kristie: We had the same problem with the people parking on the sidewalk at my son's elementary school. We (myself and a neighbor)complained to the principal and got no where. We complained to the school board, same story. We even flagged down police cars and asked them to issue tickets, which they did. It still didn't stop people from parking on the sidewalk. Now that my son is in middle school, they are suddenly taking it seriously. New signs have gone up at closer intervals and they are being enforced. I guess it just takes time. (I wasn't the most popular mom at school for the police thing, but the correct path isn't always the most popular and there wasn't another parent in the area that would dare to debate me on the issue.)

I have 2 boys, ages 17 and 11. I still remember the 1st time I laid eyes on them. So small and sweet. Now the older one is BIG and HAIRY! His hair is longer than mine, he has this annoying chin beard, and I've overheard many a bad word coming from his mouth in the last few years. Despite that, I'm already getting weepy at the thought of him going away to college. At least I'll have the younger one still. When he goes to college, the older one will be coming back home (I hope).

Also, I got laid off several years ago from a job I poured my heart into for 13 years. Whenever we drive by the building, I let my kids flip them the bird. My youngest takes absolute delight in doing this. I doubt it will warp them too much (hope).

Abby, MN said...

Wow! You are an amazing woman. I didn't know Brayden was adobted, and yet you gave life to others through surrogacy. You amaze me! I read your journal a lot, but don't get a chance to sign in that often. I hope Brayden has a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristie,
Not sure if you remember me, but we met at Catie's visitation and talked about the journal entry you had written about her. Ever since, I have been reading this blog, and usually have a good laugh. I love it that you are so honest about the way you feel, and that you can find humor in almost everything.
As for today's post, let me tell you: time only gets faster as your kids get older. My daughter Katie will turn 21 in Sept. (I used to cry every year on her birthday.) I swear just a couple of years ago she was 4 yrs old and going to her first dance class. Just last week she was starting high school, and now she's in her 2nd yr at UGA. And of course I have all the guilt about not slowing down enough, spending enough time with her (and she's an only child!!), etc., etc. The very few times she's said anything negative about her childhood, I just tell her to save her money for the therapy she'll be having later on! As a mom, all you can do is try your best -- and yes I did screw up, did things I shouldn't have, didn't do things I should have, you name it.
Don't know why I felt the need to share that with you, but what the heck :)
I do have to tell you -- and don't hate me for this -- I won my school spelling bee when I was in 6th grade. And was happy until I found out I had to go the county bee and compete against 7th and 8th graders. I even tried to get out of it. When I told my teacher that practicing was taking time away from my studies, she asked me which one. Since I'm not very good at coming up with something off the top of my head, I told her -- get ready for this -- that it was affecting my SPELLING work! What an idiot! That was MANY years ago and it still embarrasses me to think of it :)
Happy birthday to your girl -- hold on to her as long as you can.

Tracy Waldhour
Springfield, GA

LIBSMOM said...

Your kids won't remember isolated incidents of insanity rather they'll just remember you as a great Mom overall.
The best gift you can give is that of independence. My almost 20 y/o is moving out at the end of this month and he indeed knows how to do laundry, cook and clean!! And yes, it's a bittersweet time but I'm definitely going to throw us a "You Made It" party. I actually succeeded in getting one out of three kids grown without catastrophic injury to either of us :) Now if I just make it through the 12 and 5 year olds growing up years.
Happy Birthday Brayden!!

Debbie said...

I posted earlier, but wanted to add this:

I once heard it said that kids are like pancakes. You always screw up the first one.

Don't worry about it. We all get through it and most of us turn out OK. You're doing the greatest service to your children by letting them have a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

I can relate as my oldest will be turning 11 in 2 weeks. Last year when he turned 10 I could not believe it...double digits...where had time gone? I get my words of wisdom in to children and they look at me like I am nuts...but I tell them the same thing my mom told me..."When you grow up I hope you have a child that acts JUST LIKE YOU!!" Thanks Mom!
Brookville, Oh

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAYDEN!! Kristie, It's been awhile since I posted but I come faithfully each day for my Kristie fix. Yes time passes to quickly, yesterday my son was a toddler and today he's a 15 yr old with enough hair on his legs to make us all wigs when we loose it on top from old He has been told the news that he's not getting married until he is 92 and then he has to live at home. All I got for that kind gesture was a roll of the eyes and a shake of the head.I some how got the feeling that he has plans to get rid of me long before I turn 140+ years. Can't he see that I love him and I am just trying to protect him? lol. As for the no parking nimrods..I just call out POOTIE BALL ASS WIPE as I pass by. Hope Blaine is feeling better and you all had a nice Valentines Day.:)

Stephanie said...

It looks like Blaine is wearing the same shirt in the picture from her birth as he is in the picture of him holding her when she was one year old! Happy (belated) birthday, Brayden! Another wonderful post!

Ginger said...

So true, so true.....the years do fly by!! My "baby" is now almost 17, and instead of worrying about starting high school, or starting to drive, I'm realizing that next year at this time, I'll only have a few months left with her until she moves away to college. It scares me to death, and makes me want to lock her in the house and spend every waking moment with her.......and then she pisses me off and I realize that SO wouldn't work. ;o)

I too was surprised to hear that Brayden is adopted! Do fill us in if it's something you're willing to share. I emailed you once (when you were still on Caringbridge) about surrogacy....which knowing your history with that makes the adoption thing even more intriguing!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL celebration for Brayden's birthday. You all deserve it for making it 10 years together!! :o)

Kristin Hicks said...

I hope your birthday was FANTABULOUS beautiful Brayden!!

judi mitchell said...

I, too, did not know that Brayden was adopted and I only mention it because I often think about how much she looks like you when I see her pictures. She is such a doll!

Two things - I have to tell you that when my daughter turned 10, I was a mess because it just seemed too monumental for me to handle. I was in a funk for days remembering her early years just like you have done here. At her annual doctors visit, her pediatrician walked in and said "wow, double digits!" and I burst into tears. My daughter was mortified and the doctor thought I had gone off the deep end because I couldn't explain why I was crying. This past August, when we went in for her 11 year physical, she quietly whispered "Mom, please don't cry and maybe Dr. Lyons won't remember last year!" At least now I smile when I remember my behavior.

Second, let me warn you about the year to come!!! This is the year when door slamming is OUT OF CONTROL!!! My daughter lost her door last April after slamming it one time too many! (She was given fair warning by my husband!) She has yet to earn it back - earning it back consists of going one week without swearing or torturing her brothers or me and she just hasn't been able to do it. I highly recommend the door removal because even though it has not been a deterent to her preteen behavior, at least it's quiet upstairs!!!

Love your blog and agree with others that you should be publishing! Judi Mitchell