Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Conversation of the Day

Location: Arcade of our local pizza parlor; lunchtime.

Kellen: Look, I just found these four tokens sitting on the skeeball machine! Just sitting there! Woo-hoo!

Kendrie: Oooooh, that’s like stealing. You just stole somebody’s tokens. You can't do that.

Kellen:It is not! It is not stealing! Somebody just left them there and I was a finders keepers!

Kendrie: You can’t finders keepers somebody else’s tokens, that’s stealing.

Kristie, aka, The Voice Of Reason: Kellen, they probably do belong to someone else.

Kellen: Well how am I supposed to know who? There's kids all over the place. They should have taken better care of them. Now they’re mine.

Kendrie: You are a stealer! STEALER!

Kellen: Here, you want two of them?

Kendrie: Oh, ok. Thanks.

Kristie: So ..... what was that? Now it’s alright to keep them?

Kendrie: Well, duh.


Amy said...

Aaahhhh Kendrie, YOU, my friend, are a girl after my own heart! LOL!

I just love you Escoe's!


PS..anything new with the Blainester?

mamaerin said...

So FREAKIN typical of kids...I was starting to think it was just my boys. They are all out for themselves arent they!!!! ;) Too funny. Thanks for sharing Kristie.
Love your stories. I try to tell them to Joe and they just arent as entertaining as reading them for himself. :)

Anonymous said...

kind of like the time I found a $100 bill on the floor in the restroom stall in Las Vegas. Sure, I will take it to "lost and found" and maybe they can make an announcement like "Attention!! If you lost $100 bill in the casino ladies room, please come to the conciere desk to claim it". Kellen, they are yours, basically..sort of.
I love all the family dialogues the Escoes have. How is Blaine's shoulder thing?
Janice LeDoux, so ca

Anonymous said...

I keep meaning to comment and then my internet stops working.... oh so frustrating.

Laughing at the story... Not using the tokens would have been my choice (as an adult) but if a kid left them behind I guess Kellen and Kendrie were right...hehe

kim said...

There comes a point in everyone's life when they start to learn about "gray" areas. Congrats to Kendrie on being a quick study. While Kellen, on the other hand, sees no "gray" shades whatsoever quite yet. FINDERS KEEPERS, indeed! It's all in how you look at it--and, as for me, I look at it as being darn funny!!! Gotta love the way kids look at the world...

briana said...

Thanks for the laugh. My kids would have done the exact same thing.

Anonymous said...

I have been lurking for a while but i never miss a day checking in on you to see what funny things are going on ! Sounds like my house with four kids.. a circus!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Kendrie wasn't worried abouther brother being a thief- she was just bummed that she hadn't spotted the tokens first! Way to go, kiddo, on getting Kellen to split his booty with you!

leesburg, Va

Anonymous said...

OK. I know this post is late, but I remembered you said try anonymous. So here goes. Your infertility post so reminded me of the beginning of our friendship (nearly 10 years and 8 kids ago). We were sitting in your living room and discussing our infertility woes and just as Blaine walks in from work(and again, this was soon after I had met him) and you said "Oh yeah, the samples. Blaine could be in the Materbating Olympics he has had to give so many". Blaine just blushed and said "I'll be in the kitchen". That still makes me pee my pants when I think of it. He is such a good sport. We should all be so lucky! Maybe I should just leave this as anonymous! :)K

Anonymous said...

Darn could I have possibly mispelled masterbating...I use that word in print so often! :)K

deborah said...

Stealer stealer pumpkin eater! My daughter did the same thing to me the other day (mind you, she is 18). She asked if I needed any jeans washed, and when she collected them out of my room, she found a $5 dollar bill in one of the pockets. She yells "look what I found! It's mine!" I said nuh-uh, it came out of MY POCKET so it's still mine. We have a rule if we find money in the washer, we can keep it. But if you pull it out of the pocket before it goes down the chute, it's still mine. Anyway. I digress.

Anonymous said...

Being the anal speller that I am, it's actually 'masturbating'. :)