Saturday, November 25, 2006


Ha, ha, ha! No, we do not yet allow our children to drink alcoholic beverages, although trust me, many are the day the three of them have driven US to drink. But to clear up a little confusion in the guestbook, Lager is our dog. That’s right, look up “Classy” in the dictionary, and there’s a picture of the Escoe family …. Definition: people who name their pets after beer.

Our first two dogs were named Fosters (a golden retriever we had for twelve years before she passed away) and Lager, the deaf, arthritic, gassy English Setter who will celebrate his 16th birthday next spring (please God, don’t ever let him die because my children will just melt into little puddles.)

Proving how high-brow we are, Blaine has already informed me that the next set of dogs we get will be named Sam and Adams. Although if I have my way, they will be named Bartles and James. See? Pure class, baby, pure class.

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Monica H said...

Ha! I have a relative named Sam Adams.