Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Tis The Season


Kendrie -- Day 349 OT

Blaine -- OK. Not great, but better than lousy.

‘Tis the season, but first, a few guestbook responses:

Stephanie: Wow, you’re like the Queen of the Adjectives!! I’m going to remember those!

Erin: Thanks!

Kathy: See? People do that. Movies are proof.

Alayna: Not at Sonic. NEVER at Sonic.

Randy: That puts “catching raindrops on your tongue” in a whole new light.

Kris: Nasty. But thanks for the heads up on the Pepcid. Good to know!

Deb: You are NOT lazy! You are fabulous and you know I adore you.

Sandy: That *does* make me feel better, thanks!

Diana: Yes, I have, and OHMYGOSH!!! The. Absolute. Best! Can you believe we MISSED this years because we were in Seattle???? Boo-hiss.

Kristin: Me, too!

Amy: OK, at least I wasn’t *that* bad.

Renee: You, my friend, are a genius.

Marlene: Oh, that’s just nasty. PS. Ha!!

Kathy: Whaddya mean it’s not chicken?!?!?!?

Cate: The highest calorie count? Are you sure about that? Because it’s one of my favorite things! {Picture me, with my fingers in my ears, “La-la-la-la, no calories at all, la-la-la”}


OK, so, you can look at the top of this journal entry and see that we are bearing down on Kendrie’s One-Year Off-Treatment mark …. Pretty darn exciting, huh? Of course, the majority of relapses happen during the first few years off-treatment … so the reason this one-year mark is exciting is that while we’re not out of the woods yet with regard to worry and concern and anxiety and stress over every little bump and bruise and ache and pain, every day that passes is another day closer to an easier comfort zone. And the one-year mark feels like a pretty significant milestone to us! To that end, be looking for some changes here on this site to mark the anniversary.

In the meantime, even though this journal has veered precariously towards “normal” of late, or at least as normal as this crazy life gets for all of us, not a day goes by that I don’t remember when we were in the thick of things, while Kendrie was on treatment. I no longer think about her cancer every minute of every day (or every second of every minute of every day like I did at the beginning!) but every day I remember, and feel grateful for where we are now, and worry about the families and children who are still in the middle of their own struggles.

To that end, I want to tell you about a way you can help two families who are indeed careworn right now. Please take a minute to visit Ali’s site. Ali was diagnosed with leukemia as a teen, and is now a successful college student, woohoo! Her mother Marey is an online friend of mine who has done great works indeed, to raise awareness and funds for those fighting cancer. In addition to Relay for Life, TNT, Pennies for Patients, and many, many other things, Marey and her girls are currently making and selling adorable Santa-cookie plates for Christmas, as a fundraiser. They will even personalize them with your childrens' names ... and where else am I going to find a Christmas plate with "Brayden, Kellen and Kendrie" on it??? Their goal is to raise enough money to pay one month’s rent for two families, Noah and Baby Donovan, who are fighting their own extended battles against childhood leukemia. Plus, fighting those battles in treatment centers across the country, which means they are dealing with the extra costs of maintaining two households while their children are treated far from home.

I’m ordering two plates, selfishly, because I think they’re cute. Plus, it’s a great cause and I know the end goal will be much appreciated by those families. See? It’s so much easier to justify spending money when you know it’s going for a good cause!

Marey, I’m so proud of you and all you do for others. I want to be just like you when I grow up. If, you know, that ever happens.

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