Friday, November 24, 2006

THANKFUL FOR ………. (words uttered round the dinner table)

Blaine: “My family”
“That I’m not in the hospital today”

Brayden: “My family”
“People that protect us”
“Teachers, Food, Friends, God”

Kellen: “The five of ya’ll”
“Lager, My Gameboy Advance, Food, Coke, Chocolate Milk”
“Electricity so we can watch TV”

Kendrie: “Doctors”
“God, My Family, Lager, Dogs, Food, Grandma”
“That we live in America from the Pilgrims”

Grandma Betty: “One dollar bills”


“That I have daughters who enjoy helping me cook, even the yucky chores like peeling potatoes”

“That I can pass on the old family tradition of making the best-cornbread-dressing-recipe-in-the-world-from-Grandma-Dallas, even when smushing it up with your hands is a little icky. And hairdressers, because obviously Kendrie is in serious need of one.”

“For being able to start new family traditions, like our Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve fondue fountain adventure; what better way to justify chocolate, then by dipping fruit into it and pretending that its healthy?”

“For being home from Seattle and able to spend today with my family”

“For my family, especially for a seven-year old cancer survivor who still likes to dress up in her Indian costume on Thanksgiving Day. And for an eight-year old boy who will sometimes agree to dress himself for a holiday dinner. And for Goodwill, since it appears all his clothes come from there.”

“That no-one in our family was diagnosed with cancer today. Trust me, for us, that’s quite a holiday challenge!”

Happy Thanksgiving, and what are YOU thankful for?

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