Sunday, November 05, 2006

Safe and Sound

Well, I'm here, safe and sound, despite some pretty constant turbulance between Dallas and Seattle. I kept expecting to hear that "Sorry for the bumps, ladies and gentlemen, give us a second to get over/below/around the turbulance and things will calm down" announcement, but it appears today's pilot was more of the "just plow right through this stuff" variety. Fine, whatever. What's a few more gray hairs???

I was a little annoyed that I couldn't get a direct flight (like normal) from Atlanta. The layover in Dallas added almost four hours to the trip, and Lord knows I always need something to whine about. But ...... what a great airport! Comfortable chairs in the gate areas, nice television screens in each area, and an Au Bon Pain just across from my gate. So at least I got to spend those extra hours in comfort, eating the world's best ham and swiss cheese sandwich, watching Texas spank OSU. Not that I was rooting for one team over the other, but it sure beat hanging out reading an out-of-date People magazine like I normally do.

And, the best news of all, American Airlines offered Diet Dr. Pepper with their beverage service!! I know, you're thinking, "that chick and her crazy obsession with DDP" but I'm telling you, it's heaven in a can. And best of all, had the plane actually fallen from the sky and plummeted me to a fiery end, I'd least I'd have died with my thirst satisfied.

Blaine and I had big sightseeing plans tomorrow .... but apparently there's a typhoon blowing in as I type this, so it looks like we'll probably change our ferry trip for a movie and dinner at the IHOP. Because Lord knows we're all about exploring local culture and I'm sure the Seattle IHOP is *so* different than our IHOP at home ::rolly eyes::

Thanks for all your well wishes; Blaine seems to have survived whatever that bug was. Although, the Security Nazis confiscated my Purell at the airport today, so if Blaine passes the germ on to me, and I don't have my front-line hand sanitizer to defend myself, I'll be really upset. Guess after IHOP tomorrow I'll be headed to a local pharmacy, as well, to pick up some more Purell. AND Diet DP :)

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