Sunday, November 26, 2006


Kendrie -- Day 346 OT (Hey, have you noticed how close to "The One Year OT Anniversary" we are getting?!?!?)

Blaine -- Gimpy, but getting there, slowly but surely

Can someone please explain to me…….

How three reasonably bright children …..

Who think nothing of hanging Christmas tree ornaments onerightontopoftheother …..

Or hanging five ornaments from the very same branch, sideways, so that none of them show ……

Can then turn around and miss the HUGE empty spots they have left all over the sides of the tree???

So, a show of hands. How many of YOU will be waiting until your children go to bed tonight, to sneak into the living room and furtively re-arrange the ornaments on the tree? Not that *I* am. Not because I’m OCD or anything. I’m just saying. Maybe.

And yes, Thanksgiving is over, so you know what this means. The official beginning of Kristie’s annula holiday musical obsession with Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I can’t even tell you the happiness this music brings me. Me = Happy!

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jadine said...

OMG! If *you* don't furtively rearrange the ornaments, *I* will! And if I were to do that, it *would* be because I am OCD :) ...and would do the same at my own house. One way I've found to avoid the blank spots? Have a BAZILLION ornaments so that there can be no blank spots. I WIN! :) (vehement field-goal gesture).

And I'm so happy that it's time for the "annula" holiday musical obsession! (Mixing letters is WAY better than omitting them, in this case :) I *love* the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. (And, apparently, my parentheses and asterisk keys.)