Friday, September 01, 2006

“Summer of ‘99”

Seven years ago today, I looked like this:

Big. Fat. Pregnant. (And yes, that strapping young lad on the horse is Kellen.)

Expecting our third child; a baby we *thought* would was a girl but the ultrasound tech wasn’t 100 percent sure ….. so we had the boy’s name “Brooks” as a back-up, just in case “Kendrie” grew male parts at the last second. Didn’t happen, and hasn’t happened yet, much to her disappointment.

We had taken the kids to a Labor Day festival and they wanted to ride ponies. Being only ages one and two themselves, Blaine and I didn’t trust Kellen and Brayden not to take headers right off the ponies … so we walked along with them. Since I was almost two weeks overdue (Ha! I guess Kendrie’s been over-staying her welcome in my bed for longer than I even realized!) I hoped waddling, er, walking around might help.

I guess it did, because less than twelve hours later, I woke up in bed, thinking, “Eeewwwww! I just wet the bed!” only to realize my water had broken.

Later that next day, after two hours of pushing, the doctor finally grabbed the salad tongs and our third littlest blessing made her arrival. 8 lb 10 oz. Red faced, bald, alien-ish, beautiful.

We love you, Kendrie Dawn, and can’t wait to celebrate your birthday with you tomorrow!

PS. I had the most awesome song ready to play on this site …. “Summer of ‘99”, a parody of "Summer of ’69" off of the Camp Sunshine CD we got at Family camp a few years back. All of a sudden today, I couldn’t find the cd anyplace. Anywhere. So naturally, I blamed my kids.

Turns out, do you know where it was?? In my cd player. That I sold. AT MY GARAGE SALE A FEW WEEKS AGO!!! I’m so annoyed with myself!! It’s not a cd that can be bought at a store or online anywhere ---- it was made especially by Jon Allmett for Camp Sunshine; I’m just sick about losing it! If any of our fellow Camp Sunshine families have it, and could burn me a copy, I would happily buy the cd and pay for postage and shipping and shoot, I’ll even pay you for your time and effort or buy you dinner or send a thank you gift --- I’m desperate! (Well, anything but give you a foot massage. That, I will not do.)

PSS. Do you know what is unfortunate in that picture up there, even more unfortunate than my ginormous belly and outdated bangs? The fact that I not only still have that maternity shirt, but WORE IT during this last pregnancy! Obviously, I need to shop more.

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