Tuesday, September 26, 2006


There are many late term effects from chemo and radiation for which cancer-kids have to watch once treatment ends. Apparently, the most prevalent for Kendrie appears to be: extreme un-coordination. **

After tripping over her own feet at soccer practice tonight and poking herself in the eye, her coach thought she had gotten dirt in her eye so he poured water over her face to try and wash it out. She came over to where I was sitting on the sidelines to get a Kleenex to dry off her face, and asked me, in the most pitiful voice possible, “Why did God give us fingers, if he knew we were just going to poke ourselves in the eye with them????”

Well, honey, I’m not sure. But I’ll put that question on my list for someday when I see him, right behind questioning him about war and famine …. Why, oh why, must we have fingers?

**If you think I’m going to admit fault in this situation, you’re crazy. My nickname in high school might have been “Klutz”, but my genetics and DNA will NOT be taking the blame for HER lack of coordination. I’m blaming chemo, and nothing you say can change my mind!

PS. Thanks to all of you who ate at your local Chili’s for lunch or dinner yesterday. The kids and I met friends there for dinner and had a really nice time. And I would like to publicly say THANK YOU to the anonymous person who bought our dinner for us. {I think it was you, kind lady in the lavender scrubs who recognized Kendrie and came to the table and said hello, although the waiter wouldn’t tell us, so I can’t be sure!} You probably didn’t know this, but the other little girl at our table (Haley from middle Georgia) was a fellow cancer patient as well, recovered several years from treatment for Wilms Tumor ….. so your picking up the tab was a kindness to both of our cancer families, and we really appreciated it!! I know St. Judes did, too! But I still would have liked to say thank you in person!

PSS. Don’t forget that Thursday is a fundraiser day for the Make-A-Wish Organization at Cold Stone Creamery ..... eating ice cream is a sacrifice that I guess I’ll just *have* to make …. for the good of the children .... (sigh)

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