Friday, September 15, 2006


To the millions and millions of people … ok, thousands of people ….. well, maybe hundreds ….. OK to the HALF DOZEN people who have commented that Kendrie looks just like her dad, I offer the following photographic proof that she is indeed the fruit of my loins (in case my twelve hours of labor wasn't proof enough):

Kristie and Kendrie. Both photos taken at age 3. Hmmmm, notice I am eating cake? Not much has changed in the past 37 years. Notice also the complete incongruity of my mother's faith in me and my eating skills: I am eating my birthday cake off a crystal serving plate, but forced to sit on cartoons from the newspaper so I won't spill cake crumbs all over the carpet.

Who do I think she looks like now? I don’t know for sure, but I **DO** know she is one happy girl. So take THAT, big fat poopy head cancer.

PS. Amy in the guestbook: No, I'm not six feet tall, although I wish I were so my height would (then) be appropriate for my weight, unlike the disproportionate mess I am now. The tiny pixie-fairy standing next to me is Nicholas's mom, Susan ... my short neighbor and friend ... and possible potential mother-in-law! Er, wait ... she would be *Kendrie's* MIL ... what the heck would she be to me???

Tracy in the guestbook: Thanks for the nice comment, but the sign hid the bulk of my ass and thighs. Too bad "Eating" isn't an Olympic sport ... that gold medal would have my name written all over it.

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