Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Still here

Well, last time I left Kendrie long enough to update this journal she had a reaction to her IVIG infusion and I returned to a room full of activity --- Blaine was with her but I still felt a little neglectful. This time, I left her alone, eating a bowl of Froot Loops, and the update will be even quicker. (I doubt she will notice that I am gone!!!)

We're still here, obviously, and probably will be for another day or two. Her counts aren't coming up as quick as we would like (as quick as *I* would like) but things are going fine. She's still getting IV fluids and antibiotics, and a breathing treatment for the cough, and the general consensus is that it's nothing more than an annoying virus. But we wait and see, just to be sure.

Thanks to everyone for the calls and notes in the guestbook. I don't have e-mail access here, so I'll be way behind, at least until we get home. Which hopefully will be sooner rather than later.

She is mainly sleeping. When she's not sleeping, she is whining and crying that she wants to go home. When she's not doing either of those two things, she is watching Cheaper by the Dozen on the dvd player. Over and Over. And Over. If I have to watch it one more time I will slit my wrists.

Keep us (and my wrists) in your thoughts.

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