Thursday, June 02, 2005



194 Days to Go (but how many of them will be rainy???)

So, as you can tell from the whining that has already begun in this journal entry, it is still raining and gloomy here. Five days in a row; not insignificantly, I might add, it's also the first five days of summer. Does that bite or what?? So, we’ve made a list of the "Top ten fun things we’ve discovered to do on your summer vacation when it’s rained every single day":

1. Watch a lot of tv and eat a lot of junk food.

2 through 10. See number 1.

Well, kidding. Sort of. The kids have also been busy playing “Stuffed Animal Baseball” and cutting and coloring lots of pretend money for their pretend toy store. I think even *they* are sick and tired of Kim Possible re-runs. I’m just really annoyed because I spent a good portion of winter and spring sucking up to my girlfriend Renee who has a pool in her backyard and what good has it done me? Absolutely none! (Kidding, Renee, you know we’ll be there the first sunny day!)

Thanks for all the nice e-mails and guestbook entries asking how Kendrie is doing. In between coughing her head off and the Hershey Squirts, she’s managing to find time to fight and play with her siblings, so I think she’ll be fine. She’s been running a very low temperature which we are keeping an eye on, but her oncologist says the antibiotic that her pediatrician gave her for the “early, pre, maybe, possible, early, pre-pneumonia” in her lungs should do the trick. She was complaining last night that her ear hurt, but again, the antibiotic should take care of that, too. The clue that she’s not just faking it all is the fact that last night she (gasp!) slept through her T-ball game! Didn’t matter, though, because (can you guess?) it was rained out! But for her to take a two hour nap before dinner means all is not completely well yet. So, its probably just as good that it’s raining since she wouldn’t be able to get out anyway. And, the humidity from all the rain has made my hair so big I don't think I could fit in the van to drive them anywhere, anyway. So perhaps this is one of those “blessing in disguise” things … you think?

OK -- all of you who author a CaringBridge site need to go to Julianna Banana’s site and sign up for her dad Terry’s Monster Link Page. And whether you’re an author or a Caringbridge visitor (or lurker, if you’re like me) if you’ve never heard of The Monster Link Pages … like, say, you’ve been held hostage in Bolivia these past eighteen months without internet access, then you definitely need to go to Julianna’s site and check it out!

Like Terry said, thanks to Caring Bridge’s new policies regarding linking on our sites … or the prohibition against linking, I should say ... well, that bridge isn’t much more than a footpath now. And not since Roosevelt’s Army Corp of Engineers showed up to get the job done in the Tennessee Valley (or whatever) has someone strapped on a hard hat (virtually speaking, of course) to fix the problem --- Enter Daddy Banana Terry! His Monster Link page is going to become the glue that holds Caringbridge together from this point forward.

Don’t get me wrong … Caringbridge provides a fabulous service and I will be grateful for it for years to come. How else would I have met all of YOU?!?!?!? I even donated today to help them with their current fundraising campaign, as I know providing a free service like this to millions of people don’t come cheap. But if I can’t link from site to site anymore, then I plan on book-marking the Monster Link site and bouncing around from there. So a huge shout out and thank you to Terry for making it happen! Don’t forget, be sure to visit Julianna’s site and sign up to get your child represented on the Monster Link Page!

Have a nice weekend. We plan on bike riding, playing outside, flying kites, exploring a park and wildlife area, using sidewalk chalk, and charcoaling dinner on the patio. Or, maybe we’ll just look out the windows and watch it rain.


WORST PART ABOUT HAVING CANCER TODAY: Today’s worst part is not really cancer -related, and is a tad too delicate of a subject for me to discuss publicly. Desitin, anyone?

BEST PART ABOUT HAVING CANCER TODAY: I heard my mom on the phone with Nurse Mary up in Atlanta this morning and I got a little nervous …. But I guess they were just discussing who is hotter, Brad Pitt or Jesse Metcalfe, because Mom hasn’t mentioned me having to go up there any time soon. Good thing, too, because my Curious George monkey is rounding first and really turning it on now … he’s not letting up at all he’s going to try for second ….. the ball is bobbled out the center and here comes the throw and what a throw ……….

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