Saturday, June 25, 2005


Hi everyone, this is Blaine. Kendrie was admitted to the hospital last night for F&N (fever and neutropenia, which is the medical definition for "feels like crap itis.") For all you CBC junkies, her hemoglobin is down to six, platelets are 100 and her A&C is 50. But, hey, not everything is low -- her fever is 103!

She is in Children's Hospital in Atlanta hoping to be moved to the oncology floor when a bed opens. They have started her on IV fluids, IV Antibiotics and a blood transfusion, and are doing blood cultures to check for various infections and virus'.

Thanks for checking in. I'll update again when I hear from Kristie. And, yes now I regret not buying her a laptop for Christmas, since she is the most beautiful, intelligent, sexy woman on the planet (Kristie made me say that!).

Love to all


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